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    • Mighty

      I know it’s a tough ask but can you tell me what you say when someone says “So can you quickly explain to me what all these Facebook posts you are sharing are about, sounds interesting but WHAT IS IT?” And you want to get it right but you want to keep it short and sharp so you don’t lost their interest?

    • Loxodonta locus

      I’ve yet to try and explain FREEDOM to anyone because I’m still coming to terms with it. However, I thought I’d have a go anyway:

      The term ‘human condition’ can have a very specific meaning. It’s the psychological conflict that arose about two million years ago as consciousness emerged in the minds of the ape species that was evolving into us humans. Until quite recently no one had realised that there had to have been a psychological conflict between our instinctive ‘animal’ self and our emerging conscious human self. This conflict has had profound consequences including that every aspect of human knowledge and behaviour to date has been adversely affected by ignorance of it and humans must come to learn what our condition truly is.

      A first attempt, be gentle!

      • Golden

        Gee Oliver, you leave my 1-liner in the dust, I wonder if I can memorize yours!

      • Golden

        I like that you focus on the science AND the psychological and that you explain this is a new concept. I think when I do it, I try to explain too much about the horrors on the planet and that we need to go ‘Up River’ (like those new videos on the homepage do) but by the time I’ve said all of that it all sounds a bit negative and then I get tangled explaining this is the solution so find myself trying to go into Adam Stork which, depending on the audience, can go 1 of 2 ways.

        I also find that I can be ‘too honest’ about the ‘pain’ in me and in everyone which, until people have the defence and compassion of this biolgical understanding to be able to be honest themselves, back fires because all they then think is that I had a horrible childhood (I had a wonderful childhood in the scheme of things), which then might make them think that that is why I ‘need’ a new-age solution (WHICH OF COURSE THIS IS NOT!), instead of realiZing that all children/humans growing up in a world ‘infected’ with the human condition are ‘hurt’ and ‘insecure’ as a result of having no understanding.

        Sorry for the rave! I’m really impressed with your 1-liner Oliver!

    • Conrad

      maybe something like this….? This information is about the resolution of the human condition. The human condition is the underlying insecurity that we all humans have of being unable (until now) to properly explain that we are worthwhile/deserving of love. And, being unable to answer this question about ourselves we devised many different ways to go about proving to ourselves and the world that we are in fact worthwhile/loveable. This pre-occupation with trying to prove ourselves all the time is so big that it prevents us from caring about pretty much anything else. Making ourselves feel good is our number one goal. This is our human condition. This is the underlying problem in all human affairs. And it is this explanation that frees us from this predicament, by providing a biological explanation for why we are in fact loveable. And hence making it possible to be completely free of selfish preoccupation to allow us to begin the real repair of ourselves and the planet.

      it’s hard to get it into one-line that’s for sure hahaha!

    • Richard

      I find a “one-liner” near impossible due to the magnitude of what this explanation entails, but this may be helpful anyway (I sent something similar to a friend recently which he tells me has helped him)…
      This is about understanding the implications of the highly developed Neocortex region of the human brain, which is associated with reasoning and thinking, on the much older (from an evolutionary perspective) ‘Reptilian’ part of the brain, where the instinctive decisions are made.
      Naturally, as one ‘learning-system’ developed over another, a power-struggle emerged. It’s important to understand that these are two FUNDAMENTALLY different operating systems: the Reptilian Part of the brain is a gene-based, instinctive operating system which is ‘perfectly orientated’/adjusted to it’s world (through the process of natural selection); whereas the nerve-based, consciousness-driven learning system must learn through trial and error and build upon that that learning through memory. When it first emerges there is no way to appease the conflict between the ‘newer’, more sophisticated operating system, and the older ‘perfectly-orientated’ – but ignorant – system.
      Griffith uses the analogy of a migratory bird – “Adam Stork” – to explain how this conflict plays out in a species. When applied to our primate forebears, we can understand the conflicted nature of humans was an UNAVOIDABLE result of our developing mind.
      This does not justify or condone the ugly side of human nature, rather now that we can appreciate that there is a logical reason behind our ‘evil’ nature – that this was all just part of the evolutionary process (which is part of the much bigger journey called the development of order of matter, or ‘integration’), the underlying insecurity about our sense of worth as a species subsides.
      We can now appreciate that we are the ‘absolute heroes of the story of life on Earth’, as Griffith puts it. Quite a statement!!, but true nonetheless.

    • Mike

      I agree it is pretty much impossible to explain all this information in a short one or maybe two liner, so I try not to explain, it, I go directly to the big question and make them curious of the solution.

      For me, the idea is to get people to ask the questions. Remember people are either afraid to talk about the human condition, or they suffer from the Deaf Effect. I’ve learned that trying to tell someone something is a lot easier when they are asking the questions; let’s face it, by default they have to listen. Then you are not “preaching” you are educating.

      I have identified three groups that I talk to, the religious, and the non-religious, there are of course those that sit on the fence which are the same as those of the New Age spiritual movement, however they generally tend to have a leaning one way or the other to some degree, they just choose not to let you know what that is, and that’s fine with me.

      You will find the religious group are the most difficult to work with, it’s not that they don’t see the benefit of what you’re asking, they’ve been conditioned to believe in only one way, their way. Often they will argue they have a “better book”, and I understand why they take this approach after so much conditioning, so I will generally respond by confirming what I have asked (see below) is not challenging the bible. In fact this book often respectfully references the biblical story.

      So this is the question I currently ask: – (Shorten this as you please)
      “If there was a way that human beings could find peace on this planet, end hatred, greed, discrimination, wars, environmental issues and hunger by being able to identify and understand why we are the way we are and how we got to where we are today, only to now learn that in reality we are by our very nature loving, compassionate and selfless creatures, and that all of us, are more than capable of changing the world to the peaceful one we all want, would you be interested?” (Answer – “Yes”)
      “Read this book (Refer them to it), in it are all the answers you have ever had about the human condition.”

      At this point you have left them to make a decision; usually one of three things will happen

      a)They become interested and will start asking questions

      In this case I will tell the Adam the Stork story, leaving them with a curiosity that can only be satisfied by reading the book. (I’ll tell them it is free to download or, if their old fashioned like me they can buy it)

      b)They claim they are not interested (Deaf Effect)

      This is a normal and somewhat typical reaction to those in the religious group. I have come to understand that this usually means they are afraid that the solution will undermine their belief systems. In this case, I play it by ear, I may ask the question again, using their tactics by asking them to confirm that what they are saying is they do not want peace on earth, and when they say “yes they do” then I will refer them to the book again and leave it at that. If they say they don’t want peace on earth I move on.
      On the other hand they may now be curious, and it does happen, then I will do as before and tell them the Adam the Stork story and take it from there.

      c)Those that genuinely don’t have the time or inclination to talk about that which frightens them (The human condition)
      This group usually says yes they would be interested but not right now, and I respect that, so I refer them to the book and invite them to take a look at whenever they feel comfortable to do so. There are times when the lack of pushing them brings on their curiosity, and then of course I’ll repeat the steps above.
      This approach works for me, if you find it works for you then go for it. As long as they ask the questions, I continue to answer, always referring them to the book.

      As long as I remain honest and open and don’t fall for the trap of becoming an evangelist trying desperately to prove my point, then I’m happy.

    • Stefan

      When we humans developed our fully conscious thinking mind about 2 million years ago, an unavoidable battle between our newly won intellect and our already established instincts broke out, which in itself is already an almost unbearable burden, but since our instinctive orientation is to be unconditionally loving and altruistic because of our unique (apart from bonobos) love-indoctrination situation, our apparent behaviour was at such odds with our soul (manifesting itself as our moral conscience) that we eventually had to block it out completely and become alienated, upset and hollow beings – but now that we know this and we can understand why we had to become selfish, we can finally stop our soul-corrupting search for knowledge and make a conscious decision to live fully integrated and unconditionally selfless in an effort to confront the actual truth about reality.

    • KCdeeah

      I think I came up with the one liner explanation. ~It’s all about finally finding out the true purpose and meaning of your life and it will set you free & change your life.~ That in a nutshell would grab my attention as did the title of the book.

      • bkelly

        I really like that. If someone told me that it would certainly grab my attention. I have found in discussing these ideas with fellow travellers that the more I am upfront about the magnitude of these ideas, the more they are intrigued and want to know more. Thanks for sharing.

    • bodandme

      A butterfly outgrew it’s past and realised that all must pass, we too must grow and shed this skin, to release the all we are within

    • Tess

      I love that bodandme! That is really, really beautiful and so, so true! Once you understand this biological explanation of the human condition and understand that the logical solution is to shed your old skin you realise that that old skin, that you thought was the only way to live your life and that you thought made you feel good, was actually chains entombing you in such a shallow life… and the real world, that is full of so much meaning and wonder and love and that is within us all, is released!
      It all sounds a bit wishy washy and new-agey but it is the furtherest thing from it but the truth really does set you free. And this truth is all logical, first-principle knowledge – anyway that is another story that is explained everywhere on this website and I just loved your 1-liner (unlike mine!).

    • bodandme

      I came upon this-” God’s language is silence,the rest is mis-translation” It’s quite an adventure

    • Zzantor

      It’s a scientific explanation and potential cure for the battle, the fundamental battle inside every man, between the me that loves and the me that kills…
      Sort of like religion, but, with no god or priest to pay or fear.:)…
      The first scientific explanation that explains and makes sense of human behavior and in doing so, reconciles the conflict each one of us has about our worth and are we good or bad…
      It’s a breakthrough in understanding about why war happens and now a way to end it…
      This information is a “vaccination” against the Wetiko Virus…
      This is the answer and remedy to the “Flyer” problem as written about by Carlos Castaneda…

      • Susy

        I like it zzantor! The only thing I’d change is instead of using the word ‘potential cure’ for humanity’s battle, I would say it’s the ‘absolute 100%’ cure for the battle! What an incredible world we legitimately move into now that the human condition is solved, where it has explained the ‘fundamental battle inside every man, between the me that loves and the me that kills’ and all the wonderful phrases you have used there. Humanity really is free and it’s so unbelievably exciting!

    • Zzantor

      Thank you Suzy! I wrote potential cure, because, we still are attempting to get humanity to take THE CURE, but, you are right, IT IS THE CURE, the potential is us, as in, we have the potential of getting the Cure, to everyone, within say 5 years. Yes Suzy, I am excited like I have never been, my life has finally started, I have a goal I can fully pursue, without any reservations(like I had with “worldly” goals like getting more and more and more). I can think of no greater undertaking than this!

      • Susy

        I knew what you meant zzantor and it’s right too, you are just so infectiously excited I couldn’t help myself! And oh yes the ‘potential is us’, well said. There is nothing more fulfilling and meaningful than doing everything we can to get this info out there to the whole world. I really love the mantra of the new world that Jeremy has in Freedom, para 1191, you might fly to the moon and back when you re-read it!: “Yes, all that matters now is that the truth is kept alive and that it is disseminated to the world’s population, because it alone can heal the human race and save the world. All everyone should do now is support the truth about the human condition and it will achieve everything everyone has ever dreamt of. If we look after this information it, in turn, will look after each of us and the world. That is the mantra of the new world that understanding of the human condition brings about.”

    • Zzantor

      Yes.:) Well, one thing that’s different now, is that my head used to spin when I’d think about how to make money(more money), it seems that that obsession has been transformed into my head spinning about how to spread this information and instead of drawing a blank, I seem to have an abundance of ideas, almost too fast to develop them, so that others can fully get where I’m coming from. I also am well aware that I’ve just started, so I don’t have any measurable results other than my ex wife is reading FREEDOM and my mom ordered a hard copy to read from Amazon. I know that’s great in itself, but, my ideas for reaching more and more people are still in the formative stage. It’s odd, I’ve never done anything like this, but, it feels like a distant memory…

    • Sam

      Here is my one liner:

      We’re talking about the psychological source of why humans are capable of being both divisive and integrative, and digesting the biological insights presented by Jeremy Griffith that resolves that contradiction through his intellect vs instinct explanation.

    • Zzantor

      Here’s what I sent a salesperson in a chat window:
      I will Aimee, I encourage you to get relief from the war going on inside you. No invisible man in the sky required.:) I found this and it’s actually science: Have a day.:)

    • Chris

      “The human condition is the psychological upset that broke our in humans, when the concision mind emerged and needed understanding through trial and error, but was resisted by the already naturally orientated instincts, for the management of our lives”

    • Zia

      I was thinking about a one liner and the summarising opening words of the first introductory video on the website came to mind:

      “All the problems we’re experiencing on this planet, aside from natural phenomenon, are caused by us humans. They are caused by the ‘human condition’, and, astonishing a claim as it is, it is that underlying, core issue of our troubled human condition that Jeremy Griffith actually addresses and solves.”

      Also while it’s not a one liner, in terms of talking about it with others to ignite their interest I think a lot about Tony Gowing’s sales pitch in FREEDOM:

      “When Tony Gowing was once asked to describe the main ‘selling point’ of FREEDOM, he replied, ‘It is the complete 100 percent turn around in any and every dire situation the world is now in—as Jeremy has often said, “one minute the world is hurtling on a one-way track to destruction, the next minute there is so much love and freedom that every problem and difficulty is solved”. If you look at any of the problems in the world with any degree of honesty—anybody’s personal situation, the refugee crisis, the relationship between men and women, the environment, the economy, mental health, etc, etc—they are each in a depressingly dark state, but with this understanding of the human condition they are all completely turned around into the most glorious, happy and light-filled situation imaginable. This understanding brings an end to all the pain, all the suffering, all the insecurity, all the unsureness, all the darkness; it turns every single one of those situations into an absolutely wonderfully secure, knowing, excited, relieved and happy—downright incandescent with joy—state…”

      I won’t post it all here, but you can view it para 1256-1257 in FREEDOM, it’s really amazing – and helpful.

    • nhiall

      Just found this thread – it’s really helpful, so thank you!!

    • Roger

      It always interesting reading what everyone has to say from different positions.
      I thought Olivers, Stefans and Sams were awesome and most compact.
      Having said that there are plenty of great / interesting bits and pieces through out the thread.
      It’s a great challenge so keep posting them … and help make me better at explaining the human condition and its beautiful answer.
      Thanks everyone.

    • GoldenRuler

      How bout this?

      FREEDOM is an inside job!

      And a bit more…

      Unfettered 1st principle biological scientific inquiry (root cause analysis) of what makes us tick (completed by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith), reveals a generational psychological blind spot (psychosis) that, if we are unaware of it, sends us out in a natural integrative world like mad bulls in a China factory.

      This profound new “understanding” renders all human behavior transparent and invites human beings (us) to rejoin the integrative meaning of everything, and boldly stand up into our natural role as the heroes of the whole story of life on Earth.

    • Roger

      It’s a tricky one because there is the question, ‘what is it’ and the answer.

      There are so many good responses posted above but I find myself coming back to the most simple explanation like these ones from Sam and Conrad.

      “We’re talking about the psychological source of why humans are capable of being both divisive and integrative, and digesting the biological insights presented by Jeremy Griffith that resolves that contradiction through his intellect vs instinct explanation.”

      “This information is about the resolution of the human condition. The human condition is the underlying insecurity that we all humans have of being unable (until now) to properly explain that we are worthwhile/deserving of love.”

      Given that it is a difficult issue for people to talk about your personal connection, understanding or interest in this information makes it so much easier to communicate to others.

      The more you read, listen or watch this information the easier it becomes to communicate.

    • Ari

      Ahhh, the need to keep it short and sharp so they don’t lose interest.

      This ones very tricky and I don’t think there is a golden rule or formula yet (hopefully one day).

      The problem is people are so well trained in their sub-conscious to not even entertain the topic and that makes it bloody hard.

      In my experience it helps to not over emphasise the importance of the information (i.e. it’s life saving and rehabilitating role) because that is too much for the resigned brain to absorb.

      I know that’s resigned brain thinking and strategising but we are talking about how to ‘trick’ the resigned brain into at least giving this a chance. In theory, once that brain is a little less resigned, then it should be easier to keep them interested (I know easier said than done).

      So the challenge is how to get their attention, keep them interested but not scare them off until they get to 1st base.

      Furthermore, and as unfortunate as this is, I think it easier to grasp the attention of someone who is searching for answers (i.e. bewildered at human behaviour, recently hurt, seeking meaning) rather than someone who has adopted the ‘feel good’ pretend way of life.

      I don’t think it can be done in one line but here’s my go at it.

      ‘The human condition relates to the tendency for human beings to be aggressive, selfish and divisive when in fact our societal and religions ideals are to be caring, loving and selfless.’Solving the human condition has been humanities most important and greatest task to prevent our own self destruction.

      Current levels of conflict, poverty, suicide, depression etc. are clear evidence that we need ‘understanding’ and subsequently healing from what we now know is a psychological state of ‘upset’ (without understanding our species purpose and meaning – we shut it out of our minds and became upset or angry).

      We are fortunate in Australia, that this riddle has been solved by the most brilliant Australian biologist, Jeremy Griffiths. Jeremy has devoted his life to studying anthropology, religion, biology and science and discovered ‘our true meaning’ that we all so desperately crave.

      The findings of Jeremy’s research solve every question of every topic on earth but first require an individual to break free of their religious or other inhibitions, open up their mind to the greatest of all life gifts – the complete understanding of our role, purpose and meaning of our life on earth’

      That’s the best I can do guys. It felt great writing it.

      To the heroes at WTM Sydney – Thank you for everything you’re doing for us on a daily basis.
      Lots of Love and Thank you.

      • RJ

        I like your ‘one line’ Ari but I’m not sure I agree with your strategy for not saying this knowledge is what it is. From my resigned reality it actually helped me that the WTM website was forthright about saying that this saves the world. As I learnt from the essays the fear of the HC is very real and I couldn’t access much at all to start with, and honestly I don’t think I would have continued looking at much if I wasn’t presented with the premise that it could save the world so I reckon it’s very important to emphasise the significance of the info and when you couple that with a secure excitement about this then people are genuinely intrigued. And it’s not a trick they need but just reassurance that looking at the HC is now safe, so the more secure I am in this the more reassuring I can be. I actually think your ‘one liner’ has a lot of that in it. The other thing I’ve noticed is that if I feel insecure or confronted by the info, I actually want to say this is less than it is, and I’ve learnt to watch that in myself. Anyway just thoughts and enjoyed your post, and my sincere thanks to the WTM too

    • Ari

      Hard to argue your logic RJ. You are absolutely correct and I share the view that the information generally needs to be presented honesty and brutally.

      My comments above, we solely in the context of a strategy to keep those who have ‘dipped their toes in the water’ so to speak connected to the information while their brain makes room for the size and scale of the life changing understandings.

      And I was thinking primarily in the context of close family and friends that many of us struggle to make any real inroads with.

      It’s a resigned brains strategy for a resigned brain world but by no means is it tried and tested.

      Love your post mate. Perfectly said.

    • SuzanneDB

      This was my explanation today in reply to a a friend who posted this video ( that depicted how women are treated when they dare to assert themselves:
      The reason the innocent loving souls of women and children are attacked this way is because the rest of humanity, in its search for knowledge and understanding of the human condition, was made guilty of that necessary search. In their frustration of being made to feel guilty, they defend themselves by destroying that which makes them feel guilty: innocence. Women and children have been have been kept away from the search for two million of years in order to secure the continuation of the species. In the 90s, a biologist finally found an explanation to the human condition which demonstrates that it’s not men nor women’s fault it turned out that way, it’s because our brain needed some answers and that was the price to pay to gain knowledge and understanding.


    • SuzanneDB

      I subsequently added : To find out more: I suggest starting with the work entitled Beyond Freedom.

      • RJ

        Awesome Suzanne! Isn’t it just a game changer with this information now we can understand the fundamental historical role of both men and women and how it affected our lives under the duress of the human condition. To finally bring dialogue to this most polarised of areas is just SO reliving, as without it, the rift the human condition produced between the sexes has just caused escalating amounts of hurt and confusion! It’s really amazing and relieving for me to finally be able to understand men’s behaviour, and in fact the good and meaningful reason for all our upset on Earth! Because with this healing and redeeming understanding it, and all the pain and suffering it caused, can all come to an end. Arm in arm men and women and children of all races and all ages walk out of this wasteland together, and into a new reconciled, understanding-filled world, it’s just magnificent!

    • Stacy

      So thrilling and inspiring to read your explanation that you shared with your friend Suzanne .
      How good is it having the true glorious story about men and women in our lives!!
      I’ll never forget reading ‘Beyond the Human Condition’ and understanding for the first time all about the real world of men and the truly heroic job they have been doing on behalf of all of humanity, and from there, understanding the incredibly glorious role we women have played in support of their ‘march into hell for a heavenly cause’.
      The reconciliation that can and is happening right now on earth between men and women is almost so wonderful you could just burst.
      The gulf between the sexes that has existed up until now has been filled with such pain and agony but now, that gulf is fully reconciled forever through understanding, and filled with such deep appreciation and pure love.
      And you are so right when you wrote that none of it is our fault- It is just the way it had to be until the human condition was solved as now, thank god Jeremy has done. It really is so utterly thrilling and totally life changing.

      As Jeremy writes in Freedom Essay 27:
      ‘Thank goodness with the battle to defeat the ignorance of our instinctive moral soul now won, the horror of both men’s and women’s existence can end, and this dreamed-of ‘new time’ where society will be neither matriarchal or patriarchal, but gender-neutral and at peace, can begin. For 2 million years women have stood by and supported their men, just as for some 8 million years prior to that when nurturing was developing our cooperative soul, men supported their women. With understanding of the human condition now found, men and women can at last stand side by side.’
      So yay to that forever !!
      And it does do exactly as you did Suzanne- it makes you burst with such happiness and love that all you want to do is share it with others to give them the gift of truth/love that we have now about the most glorious partnership ever seen on earth.
      You probably already have, but check out chapters 8:11 B and chapter 8:14 of Freedom as there’s just so much in it about the relationship between men and women.
      Thank you again Suzanne for your inspiring post . I simply loved it .

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