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    • Sparrow80

      Hi WTM,

      Just wondering if / how i can change my display name?

      Many thanks

    • WTM Admin

      Hi Sparrow80,
      To change the name which is displayed:
      1) Click on ‘My Profile’ in top yellow bar (you need to be logged in to see this)
      2) Click on ‘Edit’ (left hand side)
      3) Change your ‘NICKname’ to what you would like your ‘Display Name’ to be
      4) Select ‘Update Profile’ down the bottom of the page to save this change
      5) Click on ‘Display Name’ and select the new ‘Nickname’ that you added above – the name that you would like to appear.
      6) Click on ‘Update Profile’ (bottom of the page) to save your changes.

    • Dr Anna Fitzgerald

      This is a helpful technical thread.

    • OwlEyes

      Thank you for explaining this @WTM Admin. I was googling this for an answer and then found you’d already provided it!

Viewing 3 reply threads