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    • Stefan

      As already revealed in this post (, I’m interested in wrestling and one thing I like about it in particular is when wrestlers are cutting promos. That is, when they grab the mic and tell the audience why everyone should care about their upcoming fight. They try to get the viewer’s attention in an effort to spark their interest in the actual wrestling match – even if they’re just saying that their opponent is a stupid idiot.

      Anyway, I somehow feel this metaphor is useful for anyone who wants family, friends or anyone else to engage in the topic of the human condition, Jeremy, the WTM, FREEDOM and everything else on this site. And that’s why I share my promo, which is based on Jeremy’s introduction in Transform your Life ( and some ideas I had while reading Freedom: Expanded Book 1. I’d be very interested in your opinion and your thoughts about whether such a promo could be a valuable tool to spark people’s initial interest in the actual information.

      Here’s my promo for

      What if I told you that humans are now more upset, brutal, savage and barbaric than we have ever been in our history?

      What if I told you that we once lived in a cooperative, gentle, harmonious, unconditionally selfless, loving ideal state and that it wasn’t until consciousness had been fully developed some 2 million years ago that a war between our instincts and our intellect broke out, and as a result of this war we gradually became corrupted, angry and upset until we finally ended up with all this terror around us?

      And what if I told you that biology can now explain that there was a very good reason for this upset state to appear in us humans, because our nerve-based brain had developed a fully conscious mind and this mind had to experiment to accumulate sufficient (self-) knowledge to take over the management of the organism – us – which prior to its development was simply orientated by our unconditionally selfless and loving instincts.

      That’s right, we humans have all-loving instincts and we turn out to be actually good and not bad after all. We are in fact the heroes of the story of life on earth and we have not only lived in a Garden of Eden-like state once, but we can now return to this paradise. And this time we understand the meaning behind our existence (integrative meaning, which god is our personification of) and everyone can now transform from living selfish and egocentric lives (which we had to do under the duress of the human condition) to live fully integrated, unconditionally selfless and altruistic.

      As it turns out, unconditional selflessness is the true meaning of life and thanks to our human condition now been solved and our upset state being explained and defended, we are finally free from living preoccupied with the superficial task of proving our self-worth, and we can now make the conscious decision to be unconditionally selfless ourselves. Everyone of us – regardless of our political attitude, religious beliefs or any other personal truths (which are now all reconciled since science has found the ultimate truth about our human condition).

      Best of all, this is not another delusion or some form of mysticism or feel-good fantasy and it’s not even idealistic or unrealistic – it’s just the rational response after we’ve found understanding of our human condition (which biology did!) and we can finally acknowledge the true meaning and theme of existence, which is integrative meaning.

      Everything can change now and for the first time in human history we are in a position to understand and thus rehabilitate ourselves. We are free at last and all our past upset behaviour is understood and defended now!

      I know it’s a bit much to take in at first and you are rightfully suspicious about my claims, but if you’re just slightly interested in any of this, I urge you to go to and watch the videos on the homepage. Try to absorb the information and see if it makes sense to you.

      And don’t worry if you’re having problems understanding something (or anything) – I’ve discovered the site about 6 months ago and I’m still not sure how to even talk about the issue of our human condition with family and friends because it’s such a new terrain and I’m grateful for every one who’s eager to explore it with me.

    • Conrad

      hey Stefan this is great! I really loved reading through it. Nice work bro!!

    • nomad

      I like it. it sort of uses the same rhetorical trick that Jeremy uses in Transform Your Life where he asks the reader to imagine that we have a cooperative past, and imagine that Plato was right when he wrote about it, and mythologies were right when they talked of it, and the anthropological record was right in evidencing it, and imagine that bonobos provide a living example of that cooperative past. And then Jeremy asks us to imagine that it was our conscious mind that caused all our aggressive behaviour. And if we imagine all that, he then asks ‘how guilty would we have felt?’ And if we felt that guilty, doesn’t it make sense that we would invent all kinds of excuses for our behaviour, such as the main one, which is that we are selfish and aggressive because of our animal instincts.
      And then having established how necessarily dishonest we have all been about our cooperative past, and the role our conscious mind has played, and unavoidably guilty we must have become, he presents the real biological explanation for the human condition.

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