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      He has said it all and all you are doing is excersising your ego’s buy saying “What I think is…”
      Just shut up, read the book, and be there.

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      Just be here.

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      I am at peace in Jeremies book.

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      Just shut up and Breathe.

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      good call transistor. I am grappling with this very thing. I have been trying to find my way of saying it…. describing this so that folks will get it. you are so right! Jeremy and the WTM team has said this all so many times, and in so many ways, its amazing! The more I consider all of this, the more I am called to lean into this information for myself despite my own human conditioned resistance to it, the more I am realizing that all I need to do if I want to share this with someone (and I do… everyone!) is to set folks up with the very first question that Jeremy asks in the very first video on the website; ““What would you do if the most wonderful gift you could absolutely ever dream of became available to you … yet, there was a thick wall blocking your access to it … but, you were given some instructions that would allow you to get through that wall? You would follow those instructions to the letter, wouldn’t you?!”. no one can say “no” to that question… beautiful! the perfect question! Now comes the question, “what are those instructions?”. For me, that answer is to first keep my nose to the grindstone of this transformational understanding about who and what I really am, and challenge the folks who say they want the instructions, to simply do like me and use resources available (namely, the million times and ways that Jeremy has explained what the HUMAN CONDITION is all about) to investigate for oneself; attempt to figure out the nexus of this idea of THE HUMAN CONDITION, and then come back and tell me what you discovered. Until folks take on this quest for themselves, with their own inquisitive juices flowing, the deaf effect will hold in a locked position in the modern human mind.

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      Thank you Golden Ruler, it’s reassuring having a positive response to my rant… I apologise if I was a bit rude.. it’s so great reading Jeremies book and he just says it all… it seemed to me that everyone wants to steal Jeremies thunder and twist his words into their own way of saying whats already been said… and to me it’s a relief to read his book, it’s not hard, it’s simple, sensible, logical all the way through… I have not found anything that I can’t understand, it may take a few passes at the text but it comes through always.. a relief.thank you Jeremy.

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      Hi transistor

      You only stated it strongly. Sometimes strong methods is necessary.

      We need only read, reread and accept. All is given, why search for more knowledge. Everything we will find will be confirmation.

      What we need do is study Jeremy’s work, educate people and give Jeremy the credit for our new found knowledge and direction.

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