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  • Tommy

    Ants and bees are interesting anyway, but after knowing what I do from reading Jeremy Griffith’s biological explanation of the human condition, they are downright fascinating. In Chapter 4:5 of FREEDOM titled ‘Elaborating the sexually reproducing individual’, Jeremy discusses them at length. He says there “in these ‘elaborated sexually reproducing individuals’, the cells of the multicellular body, or the individual ants and bees in their fully integrated colonies, are no longer sexually reproducing individuals themselves, but part of a larger sexually reproducing individual, which is the body, or, in the case of ants and bees, the colony.” On the weekend I watched an amazing Attenborough documentary, titled ‘Attenborough and the Empire of the Ants’ which showcased so-called super colonies of wood ants in the Jura mountains, on the Swiss-French border. These super colonies are astonishingly large, they have for instance up to one million queens! From the perspective of the biology of ants and the whole topic of elaborating the sexually reproducing indivdual and how cooperative these super-colonies have become, and the general power of integrative meaning, it is just an amazing thing to watch. This is one little video clip from YouTube below which doesn’t really do justice to their cooperative power but it’s a taste. Honestly, the world that understanding the human condition opens up is simply breathtaking. Imagine the ‘school’ rooms of the future!

  • Sam

    Thanks for sharing that Tommy, a great video.
    That ant supercolony and its joint defence against the cows intrusion is amazing.

    I’m imagining school rooms in the future, with the human condition explained.
    Bullying wouldn’t exist, students will be completely compassionate and full of fellowship, subjects would include long hiking treks and camp fire classrooms…its even more beautiful picturing the massive difference to the adult workforce!

  • rob@learninglife14

    Im hoping that i am currently helping to form a small part of the school rooms of the future. I have started teaching ethics at my childrens primary school. Its all about getting the kids to learn critical thinking skills, and question why they believe the thoughts that they do, and learning to understand that its ok to have different points of view to others but still respect that other opinion even when they disagree. To see them all discussing topics that encourage thought amongst each other is like watching a garden bloom.

  • Tommy

    I love the re-launch of the Freedom essays, there’s some absolutely phenomenal new ones there with new videos. I was re-reading No.25 on the Truthful Biology and it’s just so interesting, the photos and pictures too add something special. More to read here in this link on the elaborating the sexually reproducing individual, temporarily and permanently. All leading up to the really amazing story of the Specie Individual. Such amazing insights thank you Jeremy Griffith! We’ve got to get this information out to everyone on Earth, that is our clear priority that’s for sure!