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      the war is between the oldest part of our brain, the brainstem or reptillian brain that developed in the evolution of synapsids, some of which gave rise to mammals,this was before the dinosaurs existed,dinosaurs arose when a combination of mass vulcanism, the Deccan traps think covering thpresene usa in several meters of food lava, not from huge cones but from huge deep cracks kilometers long, followed bu anasteroid strikethe most inner layer of our brain sometimes refered to as the reptilian brainis responsible for our instinctive behaviours, our modern brain the cortex evolved encasing but not changing the reptilian brain. if a situation of stress overloads the cortex, it can shut down or reduce its function, then the reptilian brain can take over and a normally-mild person can suddenly switch to extreme violence I experienced this when my small fragile 73 corolla was rammed from behind by a 20 ton vs les than 1/2 ton car the driver then said he intended to push the car adead and off thr road over a deep gutter, my partner of the time was still in the car, without thought and basically unaware of what I was doing I zipped back to the car and retrieed the handle for the jac a quite thick casting abot 2 feet longI then jumped up to to top of the entrysteps on the drivers sid and yell that as soon as the truck mover forward I would smash the window then beat him around the hear as much as possible, I also offered, this time the more recent cortex was in control, if you back off and go round us, we will walk home and I will come back tomorrow and see in the car is safe to drive it was after replacing both back wheels with smaller space savers so the bent mudguards or fenders weret hen clear of the tyre. wany hours os annel beating and re building of the back half of the exhaust the modern cortical area leanr from things, sort of likr ram it can change the reptilian brain is more likerom, from a time of a great evolutionary clash for top predator, monsterous predators fighting to eat each other. that repyilianinner part of the brai is what enables us to be so evil, but the war is the recently evolved cortex keeping the reptilian part under control which it does most of the timeand the transfer of control gives us that fighting like a cornered rat ability, which until quite recent times. altruism is selected for in the evolutionary form whem it evvolves a large number of members in the group, which would allow a small group of me to overcome any predator of the time, not merely drive it of but actually kill it, so our jeckel and hyde brainwas a survival advantage in a primitive world, but only half our brain has progressed with modern civilisation, the other half which we judge as evil,obsolete would be better, so we are good creatures that have retained the ability to use an obsolete part of our brain for extreme violence, sdo we judge ourselves evil, wherin fact we can choo to act in iether way ay any time, so we have moved close to the mouth of plato/s cave and need to realise that short of being caufgt up in a war, we can freely choose to sit in the sun, or go hide in the cave and if we hide, we still have the option to walk out into the light, admittidley this is best done slowly and preferably in a group of like minded people

    • Tommy

      Hi Bev, great to have a new face on the Forum! Not sure I understand everything you’ve written there, but a few things come to mind that might help your digestion of the magnificent work of the WTM.

      Jeremy Griffith discusses Paul MacLean’s ‘triune brain’ theory in freedom essays 4 & 53, with the reptilian original brain, then middle limbic brain and then the outer neo or cerebal cortex. There’s also a great discussion in Freedom webinar 2. (I’ll put the links at the end). Jeremy explains there that MacLean ‘failed to explain what is it about the different intelligences and resulting subjectivities and senses of time and space and memories that actually causes the conflict between these two particular brains.’ So thinkers like that got close to the explanation of the human condition but then veered away from it. What was required to get to the bottom of the human condition,our capacity for ‘good’ and ‘evil’, was finding the clarifying difference between the way the intellect and instincts work, and that is the great breakthrough that Jeremy has found.

      The biological reason for, and evidence of, our fully altruistic, all-loving moral instincts, ‘the voice’ of which within us we recognise when we refer to our conscience, is presented in chapter 5 of the book ‘Freedom’. It explains there why we have fully moral, not partially moral and partially savage instincts, and the theory you are talking about I think is ‘group selection’ the limitations of which is dealt with in chapter 6. Overall Jeremy explains the key biological distinction that humans suffer from is the conscious-mind-based, psychologically troubled human condition, not the genetic-opportunism-based, animal condition. And, most importantly a psychosis can be healed with understanding, so our psychologically upset human nature is fixable or changeable—not unchangeable, which is what it would essentially be if our competitive and aggressive nature was instinctive; if it was something that is in our genes and we were born with.

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