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      I need to thank The Author.
      My experience in reading the Book was excellent.
      I firstly reviewed the videos before reading, therefore I expected to not experience insight the first read.
      I except myself as being resigned.
      What I did not realize, is to understand what I will am to read.
      During the reading of the Book I actually did a review to myself and my Christian background. It read like a story of my life.
      I recall things from the beginning of my life.
      My next goal is to compile research that I did, into a readers format and provide that to WTM to review. It’s about my view and insights from Christian view point and how wrong we Christians today take the Christian religion. At this time I rather see myself as a Christmas followed if you will.
      This task is still a distant to go and need translation to English as well.
      FREEDOM definitely is the best book if read in my life and WTM must prevail.
      Thank you Jeremy Griffith this opportunity. We as humanity must change out ways, we must accept lovingness cooperation, we must become unite in that.

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      On review midsection. Christmas followed –must read — Christ follower.
      Phone dictionary change while typing.

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      Hi GKroucamp,

      Welcome to the WTM Forum and thank you very much for your supportive comments!

      It is wonderful to read how much you have been enjoying ‘FREEDOM’. As you know from watching the videos, especially Video/ Freedom Essay 1, most people suffer from a huge ‘deaf effect’ in absorbing this information, the whole subject of the human condition now being such an extremely fearful one for humanity, so your relative ease in being able to access this information is very rare and special indeed.

      It is so true that humanity must change our ways and this information must prevail to do so. The huge significance of Jeremy’s work is that through the clarifying difference between the way the intellect and instincts work, our extremely upset behaviour is now explained and defended, and in fact revealed to be an immensely heroic state! What this breakthrough information opens up is colossal, as we can finally and legitimately return to a loving, cooperative and united world!

      Thank you again for your wonderful comments GKroucamp and please feel free to also email us any time at with any questions or thoughts.

      With our best wishes, Susan

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      Hi GKroucamp,
      I just want to encourage your interest in this explanation and what you have already established yourself.
      Its exciting and confirming to read Jeremy’s writing and apply it to our lives.
      While I’m not a christian I remember how amazing it was to finally understand religion and the important role it has had to play in the human journey.
      This information and the transformation it provides is the fulfilment of what all the great profits, central to all the great religions, wanted to achieve for the human race.
      I’ll look forward to reading your next post.

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      I enjoyed reading all this GKroucamp, thanks for sharing your journey as it’s helpful for others who are pretty new like me. I am fascinated with the reconciliation of science and religion as I have been reading about with WTM and came across this quote which I loved. it’s from Charles Townes and he said re science & religion ‘they both represent man’s efforts to understand his universe and must ultimately be dealing with the same substance. As we understand more in each realm, the two must grow together…converge they must’ That makes sense to me.

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