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    • deb

      Great to see this forum on the website. I look forward to the discussion!

    • Ned

      Great to see! Have read Freedom and the smaller book and am looking to discuss this further. Am somewhat dumbstruck at the moment but optimistic for a brighter future

    • Platoscave

      Ditto Ned

    • meg

      Yes thank you for creating this! It’s very early days for me and can totally relate to dumbstruck but I can see it’s going to be helpful already…to tune into others journey’s makes approaching this not so overwhelming.

    • Tommy

      Hi Deb, Ned, Platoscave and meg, I have recently re-read this paragraph 94 from Freedom which includes the quote from the broadcaster and journalist Brian Carlton. It’s just so helpful and encouraging to read it when you are starting out with this information. If you have any questions on your journey this is a brilliant place to put them, it’s a very helpful forum. It is so worth persevering with Freedom, it has an amazing and very important message for humanity, that the human condition is solved and we are now all free! Anyway, here’s the paragraph:

      “So, once you listen to the introductory videos and patiently re-read the text you will be astonished to discover that the fog does begin to lift, that what is being presented does begin to make extraordinarily accountable sense of human behaviour. This process of illumination is palpable in this additional extract from Brian Carlton’s interview with me (which can be viewed at <>): ‘I remember when I first read one of your books I went through a stage where I couldn’t quite get my head around it. I got about half of it and it was a little confusing and a little dense but I didn’t give up. And in time your explanations did start to become clear and it made a hell of a lot of sense to me…The process of stripping off the denial is the difficult part, but once you’ve done that the answers become glaringly obvious…It’s an intellectual epiphany; I have a more complete understanding of myself, everybody around me, the society at large, the way the planet works. It’s a revelation! I don’t use that in a religious sense, it’s a quantifiably different thing but it has a similar impact on you. You wake up the next morning feeling more invigorated, more able to deal with the world because your level of understanding of it is so much higher…It’s very simple, it’s not hard. The end process is easy and reassuring and calming and self-accepting. Getting there is the difficult bit, once you have the revelation, the clarity of it is euphoric almost…when you get it, it is an event. You remember the day, you remember the section of the book, you remember when it happened, it stays with you…Don’t underestimate the extent to which your work has impacted me in terms of how I think about what I’m seeing, how I interpret behaviour. I worked up this ability to be able to work out what a person was like in the first five or six seconds of a conversation [as the host of a talk-back radio program]…​the trickle-down transfer to every day life and every day human relationships and experiences has been hugely valuable.’”

      Part of his quote is also found in this short video of commendations for Freedom

    • RJ

      It’s great to be reminded to re-read that actually, powerful quote. The review video is great too. Thanks and I agree Deb this is a really helpful forum. Even if I don’t post myself, I do enjoy others discussion.

    • Roger

      I know this is an older post but I love the subject “Great Development” because your understanding of this information is always developing which leads to new questions and excitement, which is why this forum is so good.
      Jeremy Griffiths explanation of the Human Condition describes what an incredible journey it has been for the human race and for each of us individually, and it only makes sense that it does take some time, developing to process just how tangled / conflicted humans are.
      Even as a Transformed Life Force, that developing, increased understanding and subsequent excitement, freedom and happiness never stops.
      I hope anyone who has come this far keeps reading the experiences of other people, keeps reading Griffiths explanation and watching videos.

Viewing 6 reply threads