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      This may have been discussed elsewhere, but I just thought that I’d recommend to others (as it’s helped my approach) that the short book “Transform Your Life and Save The World” is a great starting point for getting your head around this.
      Link here:

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      I really agree nhiall, Transform Your Life And Save The World is a really powerful introduction to this information and a great way to introduce your family and friends to it.
      As it says on the WTM website about Transform your life:
      “… in just 82 pages of sensational world-shaking but at the time spectacular world-saving TRUTH about human behaviour, Griffith delivers a presentation that is so profoundly liberating, relieving and transforming of your life that this little book may be all you need to read!”
      Those words are just so true for me. When I look back on when I first finished reading this book, I remember how it was able to give me such a strong snapshot of revelation after revelation about so many things-I actually read it a couple of times. So whilst it’s a little book, it’s comprehensive, and compelled me to carry on and watch the introduction videos on the homepage of the website and then go on to read Freedom.
      And I’m super glad I did carry on as it helped give me a greater appreciation of this whole biological breakthrough and in doing so helped me feel much more secure and confident when I discuss these ideas with my family and friends.
      So now I keep TYL with me all the time because as you say, it’s a great way to introduce friends to this life changing truth about us humans, plus, for me, a constant help and reminder to feel secure in my own learning journey with this information and that helps me personally when I’m discussing this information with others. The drawings and pictures in it are amazing and transporting in themselves, in the sense that it reminds you that we really have entered a new paradigm based on the truth about ourselves and that is just THE most exciting and deeply deeply relieving thing ever. So yeh, I love this little book.
      Also I’ve just seen recently that TYL is now available as an audio book narrated by Tim Macartney-Snape and it has some new additions, so that’s all an exciting added bonus- to be able to listen to it as I’m driving to work will be awesome. Nothing like being drenched in the real truth about us humans along with the most wonderful solution ever with the Transformed State as I head out each morning.

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      I completely agree with both of you! TYL is a profound book and it’s an incredible book to start off with to learn and understand the main concepts about our Human Condition.

      The way you described your feelings and connection is just beautiful Kim and I can relate so much. All of Jeremy Griffith’s work is so special and important and I think that’s great how you carry it with you as a constant reminder of this world saving and life changing breakthrough about humans. Living with this understanding has completely changed my life and it does make me a lot more secure in my self and that’s what awesome is that EVERY HUMAN BEING is GOOD not bad and that’s why we can feel secure now and live happier and liberated from the stress, anger, frustration and insecurities.

      To think that we can now escape Plato’s dark cave of the old world and bask ourselves in the healing and transforming sunshine of the new world is just amazing. And that’s what all of us humans can do now after we understand the key concepts and verify this knowledge for ourselves we can finally be FREE and enlighten ourselves with the Truth that all humans are fundamentally GOOD and really INCREDIBLE for making it so far (over 2 million years) with a conscious brain embattled with our instincts. It’s just so amazing to think of how far humans have come and that we finally are lucky enough to be living in the time where the Human Condition is solved and we can start to build the new world with understanding and love!

      And definitely by reading TYL, it’s a great place to begin! It really does make sense, if we love this information and the whole WTM project it will love us back and care for us. Slowly but surely we can transform just by living through this information and everything about it and that’s the awesome part!

      It really is super exciting and relieving to finally be free of the Human Condition and TYL explains this in 3 awesome chapters with, as you said Kim, some absolutely awesome and important pictures!

      Thinking about all of this always gives me chills and makes me smile because of how phenomenal and unbelievable it all is!!

      Let’s all start to live in the Sunshine and open our eyes and everyone else’s hearts to this “holy grail of insights” as Professor Harry Prosen said!

      Lots of love xx

      Nicoletta ☀️

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      Let’s all start to live in the Sunshine and open our eyes and everyone else’s hearts to this ‘holy grail of insights’

      Amen to that Nicoletta!

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      Hey great thread everyone! Make sure you’re reading the second edition of this world-saving little book as Jeremy has made some awesome additions! You can download it from our homepage or if you purchase from a bookstore, make sure you look for this ISBN 9781741290486.

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