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  • Jaynes

    Julian Jaynes said this same stuff years ago. Awareness that the software is obsolete does not remove it.The human condition is that we are MORTAL and will grow old and die. And we dont want to suffer the humiliation of these rotting meat suits.

  • Jakey

    Ah brilliant “rotting meat suits”, I’m going to use that.

    Griffith always acknowledges he’s not the first to identify the conflicting elements of intellect and instinct. I think you’ll find he cites Jaynes’s contribution with his bicameral mind theory in most of his publications.

    And this is more than an ‘awareness’, this is a biological theory that explains human behavior. And while ‘understanding’ of something doesn’t obsolete or remove it exactly, if the repercussions of a lack of understanding is an insecurity that results in certain behavior and if that insecurity is obsoleted then those behaviors stop.

    The universal factor behind all planetary problems like poverty, malnutrition, war and strife, it is that we humans are responsible, either directly or indirectly through apathy—we cause the problems, or we allow them to continue. Unless we change who we are, attempts to deal with suffering can only, at best, ever be momentarily successful, because they are only dealing with the symptoms, not the cause. Where Griffith breaks new ground (unlike Julian Jaynes and others) is in identifying what produces the conflict between instinct and intellect, and the exact results of that conflict. As Griffith points out, “What is significant is that none of the other accounts have recognised that the cause of the conflict between our instinct and intellect is that instincts are only orientations and that when the insightful nerve-based learning system became sufficiently able to understand cause and effect [and] to wrest management of self from the instincts the instinctive orientations would challenge that takeover, leaving the intellect no choice other than to defy that resistance, with that necessary defiance being the explanation for our angry, egocentric and alienated human-condition-afflicted state”. What is so healing about it is that having the full explanation of the human condition at last available enables us to appreciate that there was a very good reason for our angry, alienated and egocentric lives. It is an explanation for our condition that allows us to lift the so-called ‘burden of guilt’ from the human race, and paradoxically having defended it, also allows that angry, alienated and egocentric condition to subside.

  • Clint

    Understanding changes EVERYTHING. Lets keep it simple… I watched a video on this site where the analogy was used of standing on a crowded bus and feeling someone hitting you on the leg. This goes on for a while and the agitation turns to anger then to the point of fuming and finally turning around to flatten whoever is causing you such distress. When you turn you see it’s an old blind lady with a walking cane feeling her way around. The anger disappears and in fact turns into compassion for the cause of the problem, the old lady. In our case the cause of all our problems is the human condition, understanding it allows us to put it behind us and from there embrace and restore the ideal, co operative, loving behavior, that lives innately within us all.

  • burningman

    I decided to post here as I felt the title of the topic best fits my core view that our ego is at the heart of all matters relating to the poor spiritual and environmental health of our world. I am very interested to read, hear and watch how this explanation has helped people ‘leave their ego behind’. If that is genuinely possible I can see the potential of this as indeed ‘world transforming’.

    • Tommy

      Hi burningman, I remembered your comment when I recently watched this brilliant new video on the WTM website, think you’ll get a lot out of it

  • Elise

    What I find so thrilling about Griffith’s explanation is that the human condition is a psychological problem, not a genetic malfunction, which is absolutely brilliant because a psychosis can be healed. And that is what understanding the human condition does, it heals our psychosis with understanding and compassion for why we became ‘rotting meat suits’. Our ego has been what has sustained us and made us feel worthwhile until the real explanation came along, so now it really can be left behind because it’s no longer needed, in fact it’s obsoleted. And as Jeremy Griffith says in para 1148 of ‘Freedom’:

    “We can finally leave the dark cave of denial that Plato so accurately described—the ‘living tomb which we carry about, now that we are imprisoned’, having to hide from the condemning glare of all the confronting truths about our life (especially that most confronting truth of all of Integrative Meaning)—and stand free at last in the warm, healing sunlight of reconciling knowledge, and be part of, and see and feel, the world of staggering beauty that exists outside that debilitating ‘cave’ of denial.”

  • Tommy

    Hi burningman, If u haven’t already I think you would love the personal videos on this website, in ‘The Transformation’ section. Reckon they are exactly what u are looking for! It’s exactly what I needed too, to hear people talk from a personal point of view of exactly how this stuff leads to being able to ‘leave their ego behind’ as you say. Or as Elise quotes Plato’s stuff above from Freedom. I love that cave analogy as I can see that when we don’t have any understanding of ourselves it is like living in a dark cave but when you watch these personal transformation videos u can see first hand how amazing it is getting out of it!! They are so full of understanding and love for our upset ego selves but so free of it/ the whole human condition too. As one of them said you go from being a victim to a manager of your life. They are absolutely brilliant and it is so infectious!! For me they are living proof that the human condition is solved and we can cope with that AND it is totally possible to transform the whole world. As god yes ‘the spiritual and environmental health of our world’ needs it! Would love to hear what u think when you watch them.

  • Conrad

    the reason this is so liberating for me is because it’s not just another movement that just imposes ideality i.e. just be good all the time and the world will be okay?!?!? No, this explanation is a logical and compassionate defence of our upset reality!! Why am i so full of all kinds of anger and frustration etc etc…?!? It explains THAT. And as Jakey mentions above it’s that explanation of the “dark side” of ourselves that, paradoxically, allows those unfaceable elements of ourselves to be compassionately dealt with in the much larger framework of the human story. It’s an absolutely cracking story and so unbelievably macro in it’s scope that you can’t help but be swept up in it!

  • Pamela

    I recently read the WTM Email explaining Judgement Day and thought, well, that changes everything! That simple line of this being a day of understanding rather than judgement softens all my fear about how confronting this information can be. And the Micah quote – you will tread our sins underfoot and hurl all our iniquities into the depths of the sea – those words were written so long ago, testament to our knowing that we would one day be understood and welcomed home. But information, understanding, brain-food, being led out of Plato’s dark cave is what changes everything. In fact, I think it’s what you call a game-changer!

  • rob@learninglife14

    Imagine back in the day of Galileo. The conventional thinking at the time was that the earth was the centre of the universe, and the stars were on a “roof” sitting above the earth. Fast forward to the modern world, and science has shown us that this way of thinking is obsolete. Imagine now then when a discovery of the magnitude of what is explained within the Freedom, the first and understandable reaction is “it goes against our thinking, therefore it must be wrong. The more i study the logic behind what Jeremy has proposed, the more it makes sense and the more it gives humanity a seamless way to move forward in our evolution. it is not an ideal, or someones vision of grandeur, it is a step by step account of what has occured, and how, and why. All for the betterment of the entire species, not a select few, or an individual( surely this reason as much as any shows that our instincts are selfless, all loving).

  • Roger

    This is just a comment about all the posts above … they’re awesome and helped me understand how this information / understanding facilitates change.
    Thanks so much to all the people that posted

  • Kim

    I really enjoyed reading this thread and so agree with the simplicity of Clint’s words that understanding changes EVERYTHING and Pamela’s ‘game changer’ phrase. Yes, our whole world can and does change with understanding of the human condition in the most wonderful and exciting way. It made me think of a piece by Tony Gowing in Freedom Essay 32:
    ‘If you look at any of the problems in the world with any degree of honesty—anybody’s personal situation, the refugee crisis, the relationship between men and women, the environment, the economy, mental health, etc, etc—they are each in a depressingly dark state, but with this understanding of the human condition that darkness is completely turned around into the most glorious, happy and light-filled situation imaginable. This understanding brings an end to all the pain, all the suffering, all the confusion, insecurity and uncertainty, all the darkness; it turns every single one of those situations into something we can be absolutely wonderfully secure, knowing, excited, relieved and happy—downright incandescent with joy—about, because we can understand and fix it.’
    It really is amazing- to understand and know all about the human condition, our capacity for great acts of love alongside our capacity for acts of great brutality and know that there has been a very very good reason for it all and that all of us are truly heroic beings all part of the big, bright glorious human story is just so incredibly relieving and life changing. It’s a different world when you can know that we are fundamentally good and actually not just good but the heroes of the whole story of life on earth.
    And thanks for the heads up Tommy to check out the ‘How to become Transformed’ video on the WTM’s Transformation page. It’s a brilliant watch and explains so much about how the Transformed State works. Watching it gave me yet again the completely full to the brim happy and excited feelings that this full truth about us human gives us. To know now that there is a solution to all the pain and suffering on earth.
    How good is that!!! What a turn around!!!