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  • debbiestaite

    H, i would love to connect with others in my area who are on the human condition journey. I live in Tauranga New Zealand.

  • Robert

    I am in South Wales. The old South Wales, UK. Anyone near me?

    • Tommy

      Hi Robert, I don’t live near Wales (or NZ, I let Debbie know on another part of the Forum as she had asked the same question there) but if you’d like to chat about the information the WTM is presenting in Freedom Robert I’d love to hear from you here on the Forum. It’s a great place to get support and share our journey’s especially if nothing comes up close by. All the best.

    • Tommy

      Hi Robert, As with Debbie, I remembered you when three more WTM Centers opened around the world, including in the UK! You may have already seen it but the link is below if not and the video from the Founder Roz Bachl that is found there also. All the best!


  • WTM Admin
    WTM Admin

    Because not everyone feels comfortable publicly sharing their personal details we advise anyone interested in connecting with others in your area to contact the WTM via email ( or the Contact Form ( and we will do our best to assist you in this process.

  • Tommy

    Hi Debbie, I remembered you when I saw that a WTM Center has opened in NZ! I’ve posted the link below and also the video that the founder of the Center, Pete Sadler has made (this is also on the website).

    New Zealand World Transformation Movement Centre