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  • ben85

    I don’t think I’m fully “transformed” but I’m in this forum so I kept on point. It’s weird how that word is so uncomfortable in the irk-some way like its some utopian, wacky nirvana which is unfortunate since once you get your head around the logic of it then it is the appropriate description “transformed” from your previous state of bewildered confounded baseless & insecure person to an informed, secure, knowing person. Sorry not the point of my question just a side note when typing the word. I need hel on how you do completely stop the ego winning. I know too well I’m ‘getting a win’ and in my head I say ‘ you don’t need to do this (tell my family how successful I am, be loud at dinner table conversations with the boldest stories, continue to put together my manufactured facade) this is all over, explained, defended, done. Why are you carrying on with this redundant insecure behavior? BUT I STILL DO IT! AND WANT TO!
    What do you do?

  • Carlos

    I’ve been travelling around Australia with my girlfriend and recently had my 30th birthday :) She gave me Freedom: The end of the human condition and it was incredible timing for me to be out in big landscape country reading this stuff that rang so true. It felt like I could see EVERYTHING, the colours of the landscape, the greens, the ocres and it opened up my internal world and made me feel deeply connected to the integrative meaning of life. It just all hit me with a thud and has had a big impact on me so wanted to say a big thanks. I feel transformed but I also feel that when we get back I’m going to get lost in all the crap again. How to stay transformed? I’m going to keep coming back to this source because I do think it’s something we’ll have to work at. Also having my girlfriend to talk to and keep it alive will help I hope. It’s funny how you can feel it slipping away the moment you put the book down but I know I don’t want to go back and feel I can’t now anyway.

  • JamesMac

    All you need to do is keep reminding yourself that the human condition has been solved. It’s been solved!! And it becomes that simple when you boil it all down. Every time I tell myself that – which is several times a day – I’m just like – S*#@ yeah man, this is incredible. I don’t have anything to worry about and I can just live with this knowledge that the human condition has finally been explained – I know it has – and do all I can to support that development. And man am I a happy human knowing this. Sure, I can get into an argument with someone at work or something upsets me and I go straight back into the old mindset where I don’t have this knowledge and I feel defensive etc. But that’s when I tell myself, dude, all that shit is over with. No more waiting for the sun, it’s here and we can fully and rationally embrace that. It’s just the best life ever having this knowledge in your brain. And yeah, fight to keep it alive because why wouldn’t you – it’s so good and so worth it and so needed. It damn near makes me want to get up and dance right here and now!!! Yep…I’m dancing right now.

  • orva

    There are many ‘human conditions.’ One of the universal old but ever-new conditions is the desire to transcend our feelings of limitation. One of the common ways of doing that is taking on, mentally and emotionally, a new ‘thought system’ or ‘philosophical formula’ or belief in a divine helper, and so on.

    The point is the feeling of having expanded beyond current old feelings of limitation; of fear and inadequacy and loneliness. Those old feelings are the true ‘human condition.’ And it is in the direct confrontation AND acceptance of our limited condition that we finally approach the threshold of true transformation. It must start with the realization of our limitations.

    The actual lasting change for good, for peace and happiness, can then be founded on the inner awareness of our limitations and the determination and decision to ‘go toward the light’, To ‘do the right thing’, to dedicate our every action and intention to the furtherance of that ‘highest good’ to the best of our abilities. To actually live up to the ideals we profess.

    Transformation is individual, one person at a time. It is fun wanting all those ‘others’ to change and get up to our standards but just right there we are mostly wasting our time [and the time of those others], As Ghandi supposedly said, ‘We must be the change we wish to see in the world.’ But it always starts with the individual. IF the individual changes for good the spirit of it will automatically attract and bring along those ‘others’ we were so worried about.

    So– what now? Look within. Face honestly what you see. Get to know who you really are. When you transform You then and only then can World Transformation begin. Don’t worry about ‘feeling good’ and ‘being happy.’ All that will come in massive quantities once you have actually changed yourself to incorporate the highest good you can conceive. It need not be overwhelmingly difficult. You can begin this very moment with instant results if you are truly honest with who and what you now are and resolve to now and always work on achieving and being the very highest you can conceive.

    That’s the only way, friends, no organization can do it for you. It’s always entirely up to you.

  • Keith

    Hi Orva,
    I don’t think you’re understanding what is being presented on this website. There is only one human condition, basically all the rest of human behaviour/s are symptoms of that one single issue. The human condition is the underlying insecurity and suicidal depression from being unable to explain our dark side. That is what is so exciting about what Jeremy Griffith is explaining. If you can solve and therefore end the one underlying issue then all the other symptoms and problems end with it.

    Everything you are talking about in your post is new age, dogmatic, feel good, keep the human condition at arm’s length. You are basically just telling us that we just have to be ‘good’ and not ‘bad’. Like communism or political correctness, you just have to “dedicate our every action and intention to the furtherance of that ‘highest good’ to the best of our abilities” as you say. But that’s not what this website is about at all — a dogmatic insistence that we have to be ‘good’ has never worked and never will, the question that had to be answered, which Jeremy Griffith finally has, is WHY don’t we just be ‘good’ (loving, cooperative and selflessly behaved)?

    What Jeremy Griffith explains is that there is in fact a very good reason why we behave the way we do, but until we could understand WHY, we couldn’t hope to end all our crazy/mad/human condition afflicted behaviour. But now we can understand from a biological stand-point, that in fact the human condition (singular) began 2 million years ago when we developed our fully conscious thinking brains, and at which point a battle broke out between our instinctive orientations and our newly developed conscious thinking brains.

    Anyway, Jeremy Griffith has explained it all on this website and in his books, so I suggest you go back and have another look at all the introductory material on the homepage, because what you are describing is so far away from what is being presented/discussed in this forum. And the truth is there is a wonderfully, relieving and exciting transformation now on offer for humans, but it based on truthful biological understanding of ourselves and our species not some dogmatic, new-age insistence on being good.

  • Orva

    In my long lifetime of seeking, I have often thought I had finally discovered ‘the secret of the human condition.’ A great many others have thought so too– poets, philosophers, psychologists, shamans, religious visionaries, and others.
    There is nothing New Age about my previous comments; the ‘struggle’ is as ancient as recorded history [at least] and as universal as all the human tribes of earth. For example, read the book of Job in the Christian bible.
    To say that Jeremy’s ‘discovery’ has now solved the human condition is really not saying anything at all. A tree is known by its fruit. I see little evidence of fruit here. What I see is people attaching to their newest latest hope for transcendence of their realization of limitation. Saying that instincts are at war with rational thought is not anything new nor does it solve anything.
    Where is the evidence? A few people who are ardent Jeremy followers and new believers in the WTM do not constitute evidence. Many people have been ‘saved’ by belief in some system or philosophy imposed from outside themselves. That type of ‘Salvation’ does not last and is soon replaced with the next ‘great new thing.’ The only real change will occur when the person is willing to do the hard honest inner work as I’ve said in my previous comments. How does supposedly knowing why we feel conflicted solve the problem? True, it’s a start. But that’s all it is. And it isn’t the only possible one. The thing that has any chance of ‘saving’ us is self-investigation and the persistent pursuit of doing ‘the right thing’ and ‘turn to the light’ as that becomes ever more revealed to the sincere truth seeker.
    And, yes, I have read ‘Freedom” and several other of his books. I wanted it to be something extraordinary but it just isn’t.
    I made my comments above for those other hopeful ones so that when their inevitable frustration and disillusionment sets in they have something to see and think and do that actually can work and help.
    Keith, you are mistaken to think I don’t understand the WTM philosophy and method. I do understand full well and I do not condemn it– it is my hope that it does indeed work for many adherents.
    So best wishes and good luck to all…

  • Orva

    P.S., …and now I will go away and say no more on this matter after this post.

    Everyone is free, as far as I am concerned, to think and feel and believe any way they may choose. It’s not for me to judge.

    My thing is just that over my long life of searching I have seen a great many organizations and ideologies and reachers being sold to the innocents as The Answer. Well, everyone wants to be included among the winners so into the happy throng of followers they plunge. The slow dawning of the emptiness of what they really are claiming to believe eventually leaves them embittered and emotional hurting. So– I do speak up occasionally when I see that sad old program unfolding once again.

    I’m just offering an alternative that actually has a chance of working: Be honest in looking at yourself inside and outside. Look deeply. If an enlightened change is actually what you want, and not just one more temporary game, then its up to you to be honest in your deep self-investigation and then change what you know to be false and dishonest and embrace wholeheartedly what you begin to see and know is your own highest truth. The ‘answer’ is almost never what anyone else tells you. It arises within your own pure honest heart when you are sincere and ready.
    The results are sure and true and lasting.

    Now I will be on my way and will have no more to say on this. Best wishes to one and all.

  • Keith

    There is no doubt that there have been just about endless false claims about the human condition, but at some time the real one had to come, and with the real explanation of the human condition comes the ability to look logically at each one of those claims and very quickly assess if they are really trying to deal with the human condition or just trying to avoid it. For example, we are conscious thinking beings, so therefore, the answer for us has to come from understanding. And the key understanding we needed is WHY we humans behave the way we do. So it is just logical that biology, being the study of human behavior, has to be where the answer finally came from. So there is some very simple logic that cuts out a huge swath of false claims right there. Religions, although built on the great honesty and soundness of great prophets, are not grounded in science and knowledge, they are based on faith, so they were never going to actually solve and end the human condition, just sooth its effects. New age movements like Eckhart Tolle or something are based on ‘living in the now’ and meditation and basically stop thinking. So movements like that are actually stopping thinking not progressing it. So again another swath of options are ruled out, just by simple logic. Jeremy also dismantles each of the false claims from the biological field itself, like Social Darwinism and Eusociality. All with rational logic.

    I think you are 100% correct when you say ‘Be honest in looking at yourself inside and outside. Look deeply’. But that is the crux of the problem that we have been facing for two million years, without a rational, logical, biological explanation for all the ‘demons’/human condition afflicted behavior inside of us, honest thinking could only lead to deep dark depression, because any honest look inside ourselves displayed all manner of horrors. That is what is so relieving and ameliorating about Jeremy Griffiths thesis, it explains how, when the overwhelming evidence suggests otherwise, our species are actually good, how we can be the heroes of the story of life on earth when we appear to be destructive blights on the planet. So again, yes, we did have to face ourselves honestly, but until we could explain it compassionately, there was not any possible way on earth we could face the truth and that is why we have had to live without facing it, and block out the human condition and try to prove our worth etc etc.

    Anyway, this is the problem for humans, we all want the answer to the human condition so badly, but the whole realm of the human condition is so muddied with false claims that anything that comes from this arena is looked at with such skepticism, not to mention how fearful humans are of the subject.

  • Alex

    I cannot speak on behalf of others but my life has changed so much since I read Mr Griffith’s book. I know what transcendence is and it is very different from understanding and realization. In that sense Orva I am the fruit from this tree and continue to grow.

  • Conrad

    The thing about this explanation of the human condition is that it is ALL LOGIC. It is 100% based on understanding. There is no “leaps of faith” involved at any stage and there are no vague references that go nowhere and explain nothing. This is all knowledge. You can trace the human journey all the way back to the beginning if you want. So in terms of the transformation, all you are actually doing is stopping using your old, misunderstanding-and-misreading based, dishonest way of thinking about yourself and the world and replacing it with a new, completely understanding based, honest way of thinking & feeling about yourself and the world. You’re actually going from a totally unknowing state (i.e. denial) to a completely knowing state (i.e. fundamental understanding of your and everyone’s goodness). So once you can actually KNOW that you’re “good” (instead of just saying it over and over or pretending that you are or whatever other method there is out there) the relief and freedom that sweeps through your bones is undeniable……and understandable!!

  • 84guy

    My mantra is “Own it, and move on”. I am who I am, I can’t change fundamentally who that is but I can manage my behavior and furthermore when those behaviors fall short I “own it, and move on”. All of this thanks to Griffiths human condition books. I don’t let myself off the hook or anything I just try to not waste any more energy or time wallowing in that moment. I also want to become more involved with the WTM, maybe even be involved with setting up a Center and so I want to stay focused on study and practice rather than waste time.

  • Tommy

    I agree with Conrad and with the emphasis from 84guy. Once you know this information solves the human condition, in the world and in yourself, that our upset is 100% defended and understood, that it really does solve every problem on Earth — the only thing left to do is to support the information with all your might. Let the information do it’s job and flood the whole world with understanding/ love/ compassion/ truth. This is also how to feed your transformed state. Live for the new reconciled understanding-filled paradigm and not the old one that has no solutions. To quote para 1191 of ‘FREEDOM’, “Yes, all that matters now is that the truth is kept alive and that it is disseminated to the world’s population, because it alone can heal the human race and save the world. All everyone should do now is support the truth about the human condition and it will achieve everything everyone has ever dreamt of. If we look after this information it, in turn, will look after each of us and the world. That is the mantra of the new world that understanding of the human condition brings about.”

  • Phil

    As I read these comments I can’t help but feel that the issue is more one of cause and effect than final truth. To say that we now have the only way to solve the problem of the human condition Is at best an insult to those who have come before with extraordinary insights, understandings and teachings; many of whom are described by Jeremy in his book. If they did not have a conscious measure of the understanding of the human condition because they lived in a pre-scientific age, then what have they experienced that has lead them to be extraordinary models and examples of caring, loving and compassionate human beings. I suspect it is the experience of transcendence and transformation that moved them to understanding, motivation and action. This experience, I believe, is not dependent on some final truth but rather as a revelation of an essential aspect of the ultimate truth of the mystery of being human. Thus as suggested earlier it is not a matter of cause and effect i.e. read this or do this and be transformed, rather it is more the result or effect of an overwhelming experience associated with or co-relational to seemingly direct causes e.g reading and understanding Jeremy Griffith’s theory/model of the human condition or any number of religious, philosophical or scientific explanations. Thanks for listening…

  • Carlos

    Phil, yeah I agree, all humans have an awareness of this basic situation where we came from loving origins, that our morality is what makes us human, that we are fundamentally good and that one day we’ll prove this – and everyone has contributed equally to that heroic journey, everyone has fought for humanity to reach the right outcome whether it be religions or philosophies or the sciences and I think the Transformation being talked about here is completely consistent with that. Through Jeremy’s work is the strongest message that it’s on the shoulder of all human effort that we finally arrive at this point where our accumated knowledge is such that we can understand the human condition. And the Transform process is just a natural outcome of having enough knowledge, enough scientific understanding so that our brains are satisfied and know longer need be preoccupied with the human condition (insecurity, guilt, blame etc) and will naturally undertake a transformation towards freedom from pain and suffering, move from one way of living to another. It just makes sense to, especially if moving from a negative to a positive siutaion which this surely is.

  • Matt

    Maybe Im a bit literal in my approach to the explanation of the human condition, but I do understand it to mean that until now it has not been able to be explained, and as a result, there was no fundamental resolution possible. However I do agree with Carlos that that isnt putting anyone else down. Its a group effort to get here. I suppose people are dealing with the human condition in their own way all the time though. Just not in a fundamental, finding the rational understanding that allows its fundamental resolution, type way.

  • Carlos

    To get back to the main thread of this post – How to stay transformed. Just watched Jimmy’s transformation in the new candid video section which was VERY helpful in this respect. This candid talk made the Transformed State more real and natural for me and seeing more how it is purely an extension of us having understanding now. So just wanted to encourage others to watch :) God this new world is going to be good when we’re all living happy and free.

  • Leslie

    I intellectually understand the human condition but have not yet been transformed.
    Do I have to explain it to my instinctive mind to stop the criticism? If so how do I do that?
    Thanking you.

  • Roger

    Wow there’s a lot to think about there and to a degree I get lost in all of the discussion.

    For me its as simple as this… it makes sense to me, the logic explains exactly what’s going through my head, it make sense that it’s been a collective effort of all human effort since the dawn of consciousness and while it keeps providing this incredible freedom I’ve no reason not to keep using it.

    Obviously some people have gone down avenues that turned out not to be what they appeared, not to be the answer, and I can understand that would leave you a bit jaded, but you can’t assume the answer doesn’t exist because you haven’t found it to date. This information doesn’t make me a “winner” (if I understand what this information is saying, the concept of “winning” is irrelevant / obsolete now), I just want to help create the world we all dream of and know is possible.

    Coming back to the original question from Ben85, I can relate to that conundrum entirely, but the answer for me was just using the information and time. There is a particular moment “when you get your head around it” which is ridiculously exciting but there is another moment when you realise you don’t ever have to live that old strategy again and go through a simple loop where you defer to the logic of the information (compassionately why we’re a mess) not you insecure response, when you do behave in a selfish, competitive, egocentric way etc. ie you can see it …. think that was a silly old response and move on …. and it becomes less and less of an issue.

    Remember we’re 2 million years down the road, so your never going to be perfect, of course there’ll be moments of old behaviour, BUT YOU DON’T EVERY HAVE TO BE OWNED BY YOUR OLD STRATEGY / METHOD OF COPING AGAIN.!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS A TRUE FREEDOM

    I think you’re right on track Ben so I hope that was a little helpful.

  • Tommy

    Hi Leslie, The transformation this information brings about is going to be a topic that, before too long, the whole of humanity will be interested in and it will become easier and easier to see how it works. It is actually a really simple thing — a really simple process from my experience — it’s just that our understandable denial from 2 million years without ‘the manual to life’ makes it tricky to see how it works at first. The easiest thing to do I think is to either/or re-read Chapter 9 of ‘Freedom’, or Part 3 of ‘Transform Your Life’ and re-watch any of the videos on the website regarding the Transformed State ( and I really encourage you to do that. Here is one from YouTube which is also on the website that you might find a helpful start.
    The journey we are all on with this information is that it first makes sense of the human condition around you, why there is so much selfishness, corruption and upset in the world and finally explains that there has been a good/heroic reason for it all (which is the Adam Stork story). The next part of our logical journey is that it starts to make sense of the human condition within, our personal battle/ corruption/ upset and that we all took up some kind of strategy to cope with the HC without any understanding. But you realise that this information not only makes sense of that upset but completely defends and loves you. We are each understandably upset but we are unbelievable heroes/good despite that. We can finally ‘own our own shadow’, no longer be ashamed of our battle scars but be immensely proud of them and the journey we have all been on. And, now that the human condition is solved we no longer need to keep ‘battling’, the battle is over and there is no longer any reason for our various coping strategies. The transformed state is simply a decision based on that logic, that the human condition is now solved and over, that this information defends us to our core, and we can all simply leave that whole way of living as obsolete and move on together in support of the human condition free world which brings about a truly glorious future for humanity. To know we are finally loved and defended, to know your own goodness and be able to reconcile our instinctual and intellectual selves is incredibly liberating. It’s an infinitely better way to live and is more exciting and fulfilling than you can imagine and will look after everything you love and dream about. This really will be the greatest movement this world has ever seen Leslie and I am so excited that you are on this amazing journey of discovery. If you feel like sharing more of it I’d love to read about it!!

  • Roz

    I too get kinda lost in the discussion a bit too. For my part in all this, I had been looking for the answer all my life, well from the age of 6 or 7 if I think back, its quite a while so takes a bit of doing! Anyway having stumbled onto Jeremys book Freedom and then the web site and then all the other books, page after page was just one truth after another, one answer after another. Wow, wow and wow again is an understatement. As to how to stay ‘transformed’ I have found virtually that as soon as I started reading I knew this was it, the why people were like they were and why we all cant just be nice to each other! I was constantly bemused by why people were so horrid. I was also deeply relieved when Jeremy gave how I was a name, that name being a ship at sea, I wasn’t the alien after all then! Which had occured to me in more than a big way!
    Although its early days, I am somewhat of a newbie, I found that now I had the reason why the world was in the state, it was a huge relief and frustration is being replaced by compassion for my fellow humans as we are actually all heroes, searching for the knowledge, now we can relax as we have it, we just need to get the word out.
    I do have a tendency to want to over study it, but am staying away from my own dark side and putting it in the proverbial suitcase, you dont need to keep examining it and even if you do I just went back to Jeremys framework and it all made perfect sense! Although I am really enjoying the biology lessons, no really! Sad bunny or what
    My husband wants to know if I am taking happy pills,well now I get him and see men as heroes we get on so much better and yes a slight tendency to slip back to the old world ways, (as although I am a ship I also had periods of “playing” being resigned as it was just easier and never lasted very long) but I just say the word Freedom to myself and I am back on line so to speak.
    Anyway Roger yours was a very cool email
    ? Happy days eh?

  • Susy

    Now this is how you stay transformed! Brilliant new document on the WTM’s Transformation page. I really love these lines from Tony in the last part, “It’s this actual Transformation of your life that is the key to experiencing real happiness, love, security and peace in your life, and it is that incredible experience that actually produces the momentum that will make the Transformed Way of Living go viral and sweep the world.” And “We have to become masters at giving ourselves to the new world, and the more we do that the more it grows and the better everything is.” This is the best answer to this Forum post ever!

  • rob@learninglife14

    Hi everyone, am new to the WTM family, so if i am rehashing old information please let me know.
    I have been reading a few posts about people having trouble feeling like they have transformed. i havent read that chapter of freedom yet, but i can put it into a context of the life experience i do already have.
    whenever we are faced with information contrary to our beliefs we need to give ourselves time to fully accept that information, for some people this can be spontaneous, for others it takes a little time.
    The main thing i would like to offer from this is dont rush into trying to understand a new concept, particularly one as vital to humanity as this one. The process of lasting change comes from learning, then to doing, and then to being. Any lasting change has to become a part of who you are. The exciting thing about the World Transformation Movement is that it is moving the human experience in a positive direction, with facts to prove this is the missing piece of humanity’s puzzle. have a great day

  • Roger

    Gosh that’s well said Rob, if everyone were to go through the process of accepting new ideas / new information you mentioned, of taking their time, learning, doing and being … then I think it would be very helpful.
    There’s not doubt that following the logic and having the patience to adjust to the information you’re following if really a game changer.
    If you keep doing what you’ve described Rob you’ll be telling us about the human transformation in no time.