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      After watching the first four videos, reading parts of FREEDOM and “Transform Your Life And Save The World” I have found using the search-function highly useful. By using this function you can dive directly into the questions that arises in your mind and make the understanding process “smoother”. Type any topic your thinking about in the “Search FREEDOM”, “Search Freedom Essays” or “Search all website” tabs and immediately you get a list of options on how to delve deeper into the subject. By doing this I have personally found more and more reassurance in the truthfulness of Jeremy Griffith´s breakthrough redeeming, reconciling and biological explanation of the human condition.
      I know if might sound crazy but this information really is the ONLY thing that can save the world!

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      Ulrik I totally agree. I absolutely love using the search function and find it incredibly helpful when I’m wanting to read about a particular topic or if I am trying to find one of the many quotes that Jeremy has used to help explain and support understanding this information. I use the ‘Search Freedom Essays’ all the time to find different essays that I am interested in as I find the essays are a really accessible way for me to keep connecting with this life changing information.

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      Agreed Ulrik! I use this function all the time. Terrific!

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      Yes me too, use it all the time. So glad you posted this Ulrik!

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