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      Consider the fact that science, as an institution of knowledge on Earth is unilaterally structured around the rational approach to knowledge. It does not allow to work with information that is not based on quantifiable evidence. It must be “objective”, adhere to sequential logic. It is based on the philosophy of materialism. It considers rational thought to be the only scientifically legitimate process. It does not, however model the human brain and of course has difficulty modeling the human mind.

      Most people associate “rational” thought with very positive descriptives and its opposite as “irrational” with descriptives that are associated with craziness or insanity. This creates a bias toward rational thinking and aversion toward emotional intelligence – or right brain hemisphere thinking. All of the rational attributes and talents are left-brain specialisation processes, while emotional intelligence is right-hemisphere activity.

      As a veteran NLP-instructor and developer I have a well developed working knowledge of right and left brain specialisation process at a very practical level. I made a discovery while musing over the word “ration” that there was a distinction that had previously escaped my attention and that was the fact that “fragmentation” was a distinction that was associated with every single attribute that is given to the left-brain, rational, intellectual set of thinking processes.

      Linear time, math, language, abstract thinking, judgmental thinking, symbolism, sequential logic, digital thinking, specialisation, reductionism etc. are all fragmentations of a greater whole. On the other side, all emotional intelligence traits which include cyclical time (eternity), geometry, sensory information, simultaneous logic, literal thinking, acceptance, pattern recognition, recognition of rhythm, analog thinking, multidisciplinary skills, creativity, emotions etc are all elements of our perception that cannot be fragmented and still function as intended.

      To put it bluntly, we are created with the distinct abilities to take apart our perceptions of reality, and put them back together again as is the hallmark of a master craftsman. By honouring only the fragmentation aspects of human thinking, we have created a reality that is totally disconnected from our source. If it had not been for emotional intelligence, there would be nothing at all to fragment. This means that the rational mind must be a secondary and not primary aspect of our thinking processes.

      Rational dominance also gives accept to the idea that competition is unavoidable, natural, necessary and good for all development, which flies in the face of scientific research that tells us that no living or dead system can ever manifest optimal performance in an environment of internal and or external competition. Our society encourages, rewards and demands competition and as such creates a bottle neck of fragmentation along with rational thinking, reinforced by the scientific model that makes it all self-sustainable in the direction of self destruction. That is also the ultimate structural manifestation of the human condition which can only be changed by letting the rational mind realise that its true purpose is to be a care-taker or trustee for the emotional intelligence.

      I think this is what Einstein referred to when he said that the rational mind was a terrible tyrant but a wonderful assistant.

      Ultimately, this is a spiritual exercise where the soul has been trying to see how far it can detach itself from its own creator and still thrive. As such we, as souls are a fragment of our Higher Selves and it is only emotional intelligence through the pathway of the heart that has access to the “creator” or higher self.

      The ultimate lesson is that activation of all the talents known to associate with left and right brain hemisphere or the Mind is a necessary prerequisite to the final integration of the two, where the rational mind is a trustee for emotional intelligence, both given to accept and desire leadership offers by higher self – which all souls are at some time destined themselves to evolve toward. This is the path.

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