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  • RayA

    Not sure if this is right to start a new topic as it’s possibly conveyed elsewhere, but i just wanted to share with everyone something..

    It’s been some time since i first came across Jeremy’s explanation of the human condition – it’s 2 years since I first read FREEDOM. I’ve recently started rewatching the new videos and I must say how helpful it has been for me to hear Jeremy explain the human condition explanation and also to hear him debunk the existing theories on our evolutionary biology. He is spot on when he talks of the ‘seductiveness’ of the savage instincts excuse explanation for human behaviour. [If you haven’t already, watch the videos on the homepage to get what i am referring to.]

    Anyway the point of my topic is that, even after 2 years of digesting this explanation and applying it my life, it continues to amaze me that when i apply this understanding, how transparent everything becomes, and how others, and particularly my own (!!) behaviour becomes. It can be confronting at times but I use the macro story of humanity’s journey to keep me grounded.

    Anyway I seem to be having aha!! moments frequently at the moment so I thought I’d share : )

  • Roger

    HI RayA,
    I first read this information about 3 years ago and I feel like your comment could have come out of my mouth.
    In one sense its not surprising that the depth of this information can take years to let ourselves access when you think about how practiced the human race had to become at avoiding any topic that might bring our behaviour and mental conflict into focus.
    In a way its a bonus you get to discover another level of love and compassion for the current human condition and excitement for the future, every time you have one of those ‘aha!! moments”