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  • RayA

    Not sure if this is right to start a new topic as it’s possibly conveyed elsewhere, but i just wanted to share with everyone something..

    It’s been some time since i first came across Jeremy’s explanation of the human condition – it’s 2 years since I first read FREEDOM. I’ve recently started rewatching the new videos and I must say how helpful it has been for me to hear Jeremy explain the human condition explanation and also to hear him debunk the existing theories on our evolutionary biology. He is spot on when he talks of the ‘seductiveness’ of the savage instincts excuse explanation for human behaviour. [If you haven’t already, watch the videos on the homepage to get what i am referring to.]

    Anyway the point of my topic is that, even after 2 years of digesting this explanation and applying it my life, it continues to amaze me that when i apply this understanding, how transparent everything becomes, and how others, and particularly my own (!!) behaviour becomes. It can be confronting at times but I use the macro story of humanity’s journey to keep me grounded.

    Anyway I seem to be having aha!! moments frequently at the moment so I thought I’d share : )

  • Roger

    HI RayA,
    I first read this information about 3 years ago and I feel like your comment could have come out of my mouth.
    In one sense its not surprising that the depth of this information can take years to let ourselves access when you think about how practiced the human race had to become at avoiding any topic that might bring our behaviour and mental conflict into focus.
    In a way its a bonus you get to discover another level of love and compassion for the current human condition and excitement for the future, every time you have one of those ‘aha!! moments”

  • lizzy

    Getting a lot out of reading on this Forum, love it how everyone shares what helps. Thanks ray and roger. I’ve been reading essay 11 and that has been really helpful for me and when i read your ahha moment stuff ray i thought of this quote from the journo Brian carlton that’s there so thought i’d put it here for others to read as it was inspiring for me.
    ‘I was already aware of Jeremy’s work. In fact, I interviewed Jeremy on my radio show about one of his earlier books, and I remember when I opened the interview to the listeners to call in there was so much interest the interview went for almost two hours and I’m really not exaggerating…​I remember when I first read one of your [Jeremy’s] books I went through a stage where I couldn’t quite get my head around it. I got about half of it and it was a little confusing and a little dense but I didn’t give up. I kept reading it and in time your explanations did start to become clear and it made a hell of a lot of sense to me…​The process of stripping off the denial is the difficult part, but once you’ve done that it’s relatively simple from there on in I’ve found. The answers become glaringly obvious…​It’s an intellectual epiphany…​I have a more complete understanding of myself, everybody around me, the society at large, the way the planet works. It’s a revelation! I don’t use that in a religious sense, it’s a quantifiably different thing but it has a similar impact on you…It’s very simple, it’s not hard. The end process, the revelation, if you like, is easy and reassuring and calming and self-accepting. Getting there is the difficult bit…​When you get it, it is an event. You remember the day, you remember the section of the book, you remember when it happened, it stays with you, it’s fresh.’

  • Roger

    Thanks for putting that quote up Lissy. I went and watched the video after reading it and its great.
    I remember that moment for me was associated with the Adam Stalk Story … I had been reading some of Jeremy Griffiths earlier books and I had the moment when I thought that explains exactly what is happening in my mind and exactly what I’m seeing in the people around me.
    Now when I read through Freedom it really is a process of “striping back the layers of denial” and it really is “a revelation”.
    It still makes me excited to think about it.
    Anther thing I liked about the interview is that it encourages people to persevere with understanding the information.
    I want to encourage anyone who has been interested enough to look into the human condition to give yourself time to absorb the most insightful information ever presented about the most difficult topic on the planet.

  • lizzy

    I’ve just discovered that that brilliant talk with Brian Carlton which I quoted above is now in the Freedom Essays, it’s really helpful for me that talk, it gives me so much encouragement to keep digesting this information and for others too around me that i can see suffer from the deaf effect too. It’s called ‘wonderfully illuminating discussion’ and that’s exactly what it is