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      I have been trying to download the kindle version of Transform Your Life and Save the World for my iPhone. However it says the format is incompatible with Kindle. Can you help please?


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      WTM Admin

      Hi Marty,

      To view the ebook on your iPhone the easiest and best option is to download the ‘iBook’ version. This should download straight to your phone and when it asks you which app to open it in, select Apple Books.

      If you prefer to open the ebook in your Kindle app on your iPhone the process is a bit different and potentially has more steps. Firstly, the easiest way is to download the ebook directly from the Amazon store to your iPhone. However, if you wish to download it directly from our website you will need to first download it to your computer and then sideload it onto your iPhone – see the instructions below:

      1. Open our website on your computer and click on the ebook option for ‘Transform your Life’
      2. Click the ‘Kindle’ option
      3. Click the ‘Kindle for iPads & iPhones’ option. The ebook should download to your computer
      4. Follow these instructions for ‘sideloading’ or emailing the ebook onto your iPhone:

      We hope this helps, and please let us know if you have further trouble.

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