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    • Dave

      In Freedom we see how the HC has not been treated fairly by mechanistic science. They do not seem to be following their own rules due to the deaf effect. The power of the deaf effect seems evident here and even with famous scientists like E.O Wilson. Science is supposed to be unbiased and accept new fact based ideas and make changes to existing theories. J Griffith has given a new fact based theory, but it seems that due to deaf effect they won’t or don’t consider the theory in the way it deserves.

      Do scientists routinely contact the WTM or engage? I can’t wait for the day when HC is accepted and revolutionizes everything.

    • Susan

      You write beautifully on the Forum Dave and yes I cannot wait either until this information is accepted and revolutionises everything!! The understanding-filled transformed world is going to be complete joy and beauty for everyone, and it’s more than you could ever hope for that we get to help bring that into being!

      We do frequently receive enquiries from biologists, anthropologists and others in the scientific community and you can see the wonderful praise from many scientific thought leaders on the WTM’s homepage, including of course, Professor Harry Prosen who wrote the forward to FREEDOM. But what you have written about mechanistic science and the scientific establishment is very true. FAQ 1.14 helpfully answers the question of ‘why aren’t these ideas mainstream?’ ( and Chapter 6:12 of ‘FREEDOM’ documents the persecution that we have faced, and the reasons for it, including our efforts to interest the scientific community ( As Jeremy writes there, ‘…most alarmingly, the evidence so far is that science has fallen into this human-race-destroying trap of becoming so habituated to living in denial of the human condition that it is refusing to acknowledge the fully accountable, truthful explanation of the human condition that has been synthesised from the insights it was tasked with finding—in particular, as explained in chapter 3 [or Video/Freedom Essay 3], the insights it discovered into the difference in the way genes and nerves process information…For over 30 years now [we] have been trying to interest the scientific community in the world-saving insights into the human condition that are being presented in this book, but, save for a handful of supportive scientists and some positive responses from other eminent scientists and thinkers, all of our submissions have so far, as I will shortly document, have been either ignored or rejected by the scientific establishment. And not just rejected, but allowed to be brutally persecuted.’

      Also included in Chapter 6:12 are examples through history, such as Copernicus and Darwin, where new ideas were widely rejected and their proponents persecuted by society, with eminent scientists and/or religious leaders of the day leading the charge. And importantly, as Jeremy writes “Each of these giant strides in the journey of demystification of our human situation were met with so much resistance they were lucky to survive, so it is clear that with the arrival of actual demystification and exposure of the human condition, human insecurity and nervousness is going to be extreme—which means that these cautionary words from John Stuart Mill have never been more applicable: ‘We have now recognised the necessity to the mental well-being of mankind (on which all their other well-being depends) of freedom of opinion, and freedom of the expression of opinion’, for ‘the price paid for intellectual pacification, is the sacrifice of the entire moral courage of the human mind’ (On Liberty, 1859).”

    • Dave

      Thanks Susan. HC understanding is both liberating and scary as we head towards end game.

    • Ari

      Yes the deaf effect. At first I found it unbelievable that it was so difficult to read and understand the explanation but now may years later, it actually makes perfect sense.

      As unfortunate as it is, that we have to overcome this deaf effect, it exists by necessity over hundreds of generations and it so embedded into our sub conscience that it’s like a brick wall made up of a hundred courses of brickwork. You have to demolish the wall one course at a time and that takes a while for most of us.

      I think now that we know it exists and we know what it is, we’ll find a way to make it easier for people and I can see that work has already begun in that regard.

      Once that barrier is broken – I can see the flood gates opening.

      Well done WTM, slowly but surely the puzzle is unravelling.

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