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  • Chris

    So lately, when i go through periods of my day where i’m a little restless, feeling a lack of love and reinforcement in the moment and struggling to find some form of validation to keep my insecurities at bay, I have a new thought that floods in and completely changes everything.

    I remember that humanities 2 million year, heroic upset battle for self understanding is done, over with and now a thing of the past, and a rush of love, excitement and purpose courses through my veins. I feel more loved than ever in that very moment all the worry and anxiousness disappears, because I know i’m apart of something extraordinary and real and I have access to a world and meaning I never thought possible. And then I can take a deep breath and relax, I know everything is going to be alright now.

    it really is liberating and gives my life more purpose and fulfillment than any career or superficial achievement ever could! The relief that I have access to is no better described than Sam’s analogy of the “tsunami of love” that explodes over you.

    Just thought i’d share my recent transforming moments, anyone else experienced something similar?

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  • Sam


    “So lately, when i go through periods of my day where i’m a little restless, feeling a lack of love and reinforcement in the moment and struggling to find some form of validation to keep my insecurities at bay,” – I couldn’t acknowledge feeling like that in a million years, and you just roll it off like it’s nothing…amazingly honest.

    “I remember that humanities 2 million year, heroic upset battle for self understanding is done, over with and now a thing of the past, and a rush of love, excitement and purpose courses through my veins. I feel more loved than ever in that very moment all the worry and anxiousness disappears, because I know i’m apart of something extraordinary and real and I have access to a world and meaning I never thought possible. And then I can take a deep breath and relax, I know everything is going to be alright now.” – I feel that too, it’s pretty bloody special…

  • Susy

    Wow, exactly Sam! I absolutely LOVE what you have written Chris! It’s really special. The whole world will follow your example one day soon. Yes we are all so upset but yes we are all absolutely 100% biologically explained and defended and truly loved now, humanity is actually FREE of the human condition!! And we can all move on to the most amazing liberated awesome transformed existence together! To be born in a time when the liberating biological understanding of ourselves arrives is extraordinary, and I’m with you, how could there be anything more fulfilling or purposeful than supporting that in every way possible so it can free all our fellow humans and repair the Earth! We non longer have to live an utterly selfish preoccupied mindset but be transformed to a life of true selflessness, love and care, but this time fully consciously ‘knowing’! I just love Jeremy’s vision that he writes about in para 1248, and we are part of this!: “soon from one end of the horizon to the other will appear an army in its millions to do battle with human suffering and its weapon will be understanding”

  • Roz

    I love these posts. Its really easy to fall back into the cave on a day to day basis, there are so many people no wanting you out there in the sunshine, all of it obviously to do with the human condition. Jeremys writing are truly amazing and hits it all on the proverbial head. I have been watching people for years and without doubt this, the transformed state will be in the future how people are naturally, they, thank goodness wont know any different. However for now, if it helps anyone, what I do is to remember. Remember to take just a minute everyday, to remember how beautiful it is ‘out there’ and how wonderful it is to live like that.

    I am not one for fancy deeply intellectual discussions, in fact for me its all so obvious, there had to be a reason for peoples behaviour, especially when humans naturally come from a line of wonderful caring creatures, we have just to remember, after all everyone knows in their hearts, but fear is a huge obstacle, the fear of what might happen, of going against a 2 million year old grain. Now its has been defined by Jeremy what the bloody hell was the matter with people – now we can all come out into the sunshine

    I, on a daily basis remind myself that there is no need to be afraid, that if you embrace the findings, the findings embrace you. Its changed my perspective on eveything and everybody, with out being OTT, and as James Moffat says “people have asked me if I have had a face lift!”

    I have no religious background, in fact I always wondered why people wanted to pass the buck onto someone else, I’ m not a happy clappy bible bod, however “friends” have said I have an evangelical way of talking about it, when they let me 😀😀 that is!

    The stuff is pure gold guys, it makes me so frustrated that its not gone global.

    Much love – Roz xx. 🐓🐓🐓🐓 with a few chooks for Mon xx

  • Roz

    Only me, just wanted to say its actually only a quarter past four here in a very sunny Andalusia xx

  • Nicoletta

    Hey Guys,
    Just thought I would contribute to these awesome posts.

    This is just a little about my recent tranformations and the way I am progressing in viewing the natural world filled with such beaty which I haven’t always appreciated before I was aware of this incredible knowledge.

    I have just recently grasped what it is, and how it is to feel even slightly transformed. Lately, considering I have been really passionate about constantly trying to understand more about the Human condition and talking about it with family, I have noticed more of the world (nature – trees and flowers) for more of what it is and the true, underlying beauty we are all so blinded by because of our constant want and need of distracting ourselves and preoccupying ourselves with unimportant things (e.g) me when I’m watching my tv shows, or on my phone for some reinforcement or validation. But now it like a curtain has lifted and I am appreciating more of the nature and environment I am surrounded by and am able to see the aesthetics of my life and am understanding a bit about what the New World can bring and share with us.

    A lot of the time when I’m feeling bored I straight away reach for my phone, or go on my laptop or search for some sort of way to distract myself, but becoming a member recently has assured me of the joy that this knowledge brings. I love reading the forum posts and just thought I would contribute my small moments of transformation and I hope everyone else can begin to feel more secure and transformed with this understanding.

    Thank you :)
    Nicoletta xo

  • Roz

    Hi Nicoletta,

    Couldnt agree more! The understanding that it brings is amazing isnt it, I get a lot of comfort knowing that, as they say ‘its all going to be alright” and actually mean it! Its very interesting watching old worlders in what looks like a constant battle. Its brought a lot more understanding in my relationship with my newish husband (4yrs in April) and I realise why a lot of men dont have time to chat about for example a new hair style or the pretty colour the daffodils are, they are in a very serious battle, generals and captains dont have time to discuss such beautiful things when theres a war to be one! Even though we know the battle has been one and its time to stop – they dont! It reminds me of the japanese soldier still fighting 40 years after the war had stopped ehen they found him in the jungle. Anyway I digress, its such a fascinating topic and its great to be able to waffle on about it to someone who gets it

    Just loving your post

    Love Roz xx

  • Sam

    Thanks so much for sharing your posts Nikoletta and Roz. They’re inspiring for me personally.

    I closed my entire focus on nature when I resigned to seeking power, fame, fortune and glory, and blocked out my condemning conscience for its implicit criticism of my previously un-defended angry meanness and competitiveness…which meant I lost access to a lot of the magic of the souls world during that horrific process of resignation.

    These biological insights have remarkably transformed my life, and the degree of how much of the natural world I can begin to reconnect with again is just incredible.

    These insights into our good and evil afflicted state really are life-transforming, and my opinion is that they do provide the only world-saving psychological solution to bring an end to human suffering on the macro scale.

    So good, thanks for sharing your experiences.

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  • Prue

    Hi All,

    What lovely bursts of new world sun streaming through in these posts!

    I loved what you said Nicoletta about feeling the joy this knowledge brings. I was speaking to another WTM member just the other day and she was using the exact same word ‘joy’ to describe it. It’s such an important point and the joy just grows and grows. You might love reading Jeremy’s explanation of the significance of the words and music of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony if you haven’t already. It’s just spectacular! see par. 1049 of FREEDOM.

    There is a whole new world to explore, and I just love these posts and conversations, as we help to bring in the new world.

    It’s so wonderful and important for us to embrace the Transformed State, which along with transforming us personally, is the only solution that will ensure our species has an incredibly peaceful, safe, wondrous existence and future.

    In short, all we have ever wanted!

    Loved reading all your words.

  • Zzantor

    You are all inspiring! I find myself breaking out in either tears, laughter, or both at just ordinary sentences. Like your opening sentence Prue Wb; “What lovely bursts of new world sun streaming through in these posts!” I read that(and many others) and something wells up inside me, I think to myself, what the hell? But, I know what the hell, because, the tears I cry are for “what could be”(for me, you, everybody, even all the animals here on earth…) and the laughter is that, now, as far as I’m concerned, it’s on! This is like a fantasy movie for me, this is really happening, now, not, “one day”, now!

  • Roz

    Hi, know what you mean about it being like a fantasy movie! There had to be a reason why humans are as they are, this information hits the nail on the head, you can leave the old world behind, it is an amazing feeling. Xx

  • Zzantor

    Yes Roz!
    There is no “old world” for me now, as when I look at the world as it is(basically still old world), or my memories of it, all the meaning has changed. With understanding, all things that used to be a bummer to consider, all the injustice and suffering that a person has to “blank out” in order to function, the “I don’t want to know”, the Deaf Effect are all a coping, or survival technique, humans can’t stand pain for extended times. I for one, experience(d) upset when thinking of most aspects of the human condition. I could only stand it for so long before I had to put it out of my mind, usually by some form of distraction, ie; work, fantasy, drugs, alcohol, sex, TV… Now, when I think of(so far) any of those aspects that used to upset me, there seems to be a process that happens: I am reminded of some terrible aspect of the human condition(pick one…) and the usual upset comes along with that thought, then, The Explanation seeps in and the upset melts away… Nothing has changed, but, the meaning. All the anger and frustration falls away and I feel so much better!:) Just like my life, outwardly, nothing is different, but, on the inside, I am happy! Ha! I’m 52 and could never truthfully say, I’m happy. I’ve told a few people of my happiness and they all say they can see it, that I don’t even need to tell them!!! Ha! THIS, is what I’ve wanted since at least before 6 years old!
    Has anyone else always had a vague feeling that they were born to do something important, or, to be here when something important happens, to be a part of it? I’ve always felt that, but, as the years went by and I had no desire to accomplish anything in a world of vampires, I knew the human race was “broken”, but, I’m one guy and even though more aware of the HC than most, when I tried to solve the problem, in my mind, or, talking with others, the same end would be reached = it’s unsolvable… Well, it was for me, but, thankfully, better people than I, had already solved it. Thank you Jeremy Griffith!!!:) It’s like now, the time, that I’ve felt and longed for my whole life, is here. I am even grateful for all the “bad” things that have happened in my life, as they all have led to this very moment!
    After sharing my happiness with one of my friends, I had to laugh at his remark: “As long as it’s not manic”. Ha! At first, I wondered the same thing, judging from past experiences, but, this comes from a different place. I suppose it(the explanation), is a “reason” for my happiness, but, it’s not like I got something(I did*), or am expecting anything**, I’m not in love***, etc. or any other “outside” reasons, or, as I see them now, escapes from the HC… Anyway, Jeremy’s Explanation is from outside me, but, it “kills the octopus”, not just some of the tentacles… This octopus, or seed, is so fundamental to my old way of thinking, that, now that it’s been killed, when upsetting thoughts occur to me (as mentioned above), the Explanation seeps in and transforms the meaning of that particular facet of the HC, and a little more falls away…:)
    * I got this, most powerful of all, ideas.
    ** maybe anticipating possibility…
    *** I am in love with life!!!! (as I break into a brief laughter/cry while typing, I laugh a lot lately…)

  • Roz

    Yes exactly! Was relaly exciting to read your post, theres a lot I really relate to, so excuse my post being a bit rambly!
    And calling it The Explanation is brilliant have been searching for a name for it, went with, The Information, Jeremys Stuff, It,The Truth etc etc sure you can imagineThe Explanation sums it up completely,thank you.
    I too have found that sharing happiness isnt something that people kinda feel comfortable with, well a lot of people anyway but at 56 and like you have been looking for an explanation since I was 7,
    I was the one in primary school who whilst everyone else was kneeling and bowing their heads in prayer (it was a church school) I wasnt and wondering what on earth everyone was doing and why there wasnt an explanation, I also noticed that people got somewhat aggitated if I wanted answers!
    Its brilliant to be able to share the excitement of it, the wonder of it actually and the seriousness of it is HUGE I just hope that people turn to this before its too late.
    I too have gone through the putting the problem with humans aside with distractions, which worked for a while, sort of but like you have always felt I was here on a mission, that I had been sent here to find out why they were in such a bloody mess, luckily Jeremy has answered all that, what an amazing bloke!
    So the next thing was to actually try to help and do something,I personally couldnt just sit there, hence the centre! Its only a little thing but hopefully out of acorns and all that
    The guys in Sydney are just brilliant, very supportive, Monica is just fabulous.
    So thanks again for your brilliant posts
    Love Roz

  • Zzantor

    Wow Roz, thank you!
    Rambly? I love rambly! I have been accused of rambling kinda often.:) And then someone like you comes along and calls it brilliant, woo hoo! Ramble on…

    You said: “people got somewhat aggitated if I wanted answers!” Yep, it’s still that way sometimes, I’ve come to realize that I make people think. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been trying to figure things out, and for me, when I discover some “life hack”, or trick, or understanding, I share with anyone who I happen to be talking to( I used to, mistake the nods for understanding). Figuring stuff out, for me, is “what there is to do”… I am, after all, an INTP. I copied this, it captures this aspect of me perfectly:

    When an INTP wakes up to a new day and walks out the front door, what is the INTP revved up to do? What’s our “thing?” What do we do like breathing?

    Some personality types are honed, practiced, and pumped up to enforce the RULES. They’re the Guardians. Some are eager to see what the day brings and find opportunities to have a GREAT TIME. They’re the Artisans. Some are primed to reach out with their hearts and find MEANING IN THE WORLD. They’re the Idealists. INTPs, on the other hand, are one of the Rational types. INTPs are primed, practiced, and ready to identify, analyze, understand, and then predict the workings of the world.

    It’s an internal, individualized, mental process. Basically, the INTP spends every day gathering information and fitting it into a sweeping, growing, and universal body of understanding of…everything. It could be cloud formations, what makes wind, traffic patterns, cooking styles, kangaroos, bad breath, brain chemistry, overgrown toenails, politics, arguments, star formation, how grass grows, or whether you need to put cream on that weird rash. The topics, however, are less important than the process itself. If we observe X situation undergoing Y action causing Z result, we remember that. If we observe it again, we remember we’ve seen the same evidence twice. If we observe it a third time, we may decide that we have discovered a potential Truth (that is, something we believe to be true until new information suggests that it requires modification). Each Truth becomes a predictor. If we observe X situation undergoing Y action again, then we can expect the Z result. If we are correct in predicting Z, then we really start feeling awesome. That feels right. That feels normal.

    When we have amassed enough Truths to predict a lot of things, we begin to get noticed by the people around us. We begin to seem insightful, wise, and almost psychic at times. When I was young, I could often predict a person’s entire point after hearing the first few words of their sentence. When I would answer their question or react to their point correctly, their jaw would drop. The prediction was the result of the sum of my knowledge of the person, my knowledge of prior conversations, what just happened that might have sparked a certain thought in their head, and the verbal cues pointing to where the conversation is about to go. Again, a successful prediction equates with understanding, and that feels good to an INTP.

    This drive to amass information, form structures, and predict the world permeates everything an INTP does. To many people, what I just explained sounds exhausting at best, or pathological at worst. But if you’re an INTP, I trust this process happens like breathing. You might not even be aware that you’re doing it. This process is the way we make sense of the world and find our place within it. It makes us feel at ease, controlled, and calm.

    The Handy-Dandy INTP Supercalifragilistic Encyclopedia

    So, in a way, an INTP is handed a huge, blank encyclopedia at birth, and the INTP’s life is spent filling it up. And not from beginning to end. All sorts of points will be hit in the middle, and the knowledge spreads out from there. If you’re really lucky, by the end of your life, most of the empty spaces will be filled in.

    Each day, the INTP walks around with this encyclopedia always at hand, always ready to record a new insight, make a revision, or use it to predict what is likely about to happen. It can also be whipped out at parties to spark interesting conversation or to twist it into humor. INTPs can be charming and charismatic, providing endless entertainment for those who love trivia, philosophy, or other off-the-wall conversation.” Excerp from:

  • Roz

    Well blow me down 💨
    Had never heard of INTP and the link you sent was extremly interesting to say the least, thank you. Its going to take a bit of reading and investigating but it touch on more than one or three of my characteristics to be sure. INTP’s use this to deal with the human condition. In fact one of the ways I dealt with the human condition in all its hideous forms was to come up with a working plan and that was to think I had come from another planet – literally and was on a mission to fill my home planets encyclopedia with all the things about life on earth, with the emphasis on humans behaviour, I always thought it was just me. In fact I have literally note books upon notebooks of my scribblings on what me husband calls “my investigations”, this is why Jeremy’s Explanation is so precious,although I still like investigating I have stopped feeling alienated ! Can you imagine the impact this will have on the population, as there are millions if not billions if not everyone all of whom have this alienation?

    I managed also to play the game so to speak and could of been a real high flyer but couldnt understand why people were like they were and really wanted not to play so didnt to any great extent, easier for me being female to do that, not so easy when male and others have the power fame and glory thing in place for you. I preferred to be on the shop floor rather than up with the flyers. Luckily I was able to retire when I married 4 years ago, a complete relief not to have to be in amongst it all finally

    More rambling… The fact that I have The Explanation means there is compassion rather than irritation with people, theres also hope that people will finally get it and understand their dark side, that there is light at the end of the tunnel

    I am however still filling that encyclopedia, Mary Poppins would be so proud! 😀😀

  • Zzantor

    I too, cannot sit by and wait. I mean, a person has to do something(“If I choose not to decide, I still have made a choice”) and I have always wanted(needed) to have a purpose… other than survival or pleasure and those aren’t a purpose. Probably because I am an INTP, I see inconsistencies, or a lack of integrity, or lack of wholeness, I look for what’s wrong within systems, including philosophical systems, which this is. I’ve never found a system without a schism inside, or if a system does have integrity, it’s only that way within a realm. Jeremy’s Explanation is “all encompassing” and what I call in my own mind, A Perfect Sphere. If we can compare it with with The Holy Grail, or The Ark of the Covenant, to me, a Perfect Sphere is that rare! …at least as far as my search has gone… Having found The Explanation for the puzzle of my life, my Purpose just arises; I must live in a world where everyone is free(of the HC)! As good as I feel now, must pale to nothing in comparison to how I will feel when humanity wakes up, I cannot even dream of what’s possible!:) “Wave upon wave of demented avengers, march cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream”
    This may or may not be the place to ask or talk about it, but, I wonder what’s involved in starting a center? I can’t believe there’s not one here in California.

  • Zzantor

    For clarification, INTP is one of sixteen personality types as determined by the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • Roger

    Hi guys,
    I just wanted to go back to the first post by Chris back in early February because I think those words are really really important … profound, the genuine platform for life changing decisions.
    In effect or by definition deferring to this information ‘new thought that floods in and completely changes everything’ to give you security, meaning and sustenance all through understanding … instead of your old approach just trying to come up with some superficial win etc … that is a transformation … and as you said “I feel more loved than ever in that very moment all the worry and anxiousness disappears, because I know i’m apart of something extraordinary and real and I have access to a world and meaning I never thought possible”
    That is an exciting window into what lies ahead of the whole human race …. awesome …. woooohoooo!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    If I think back to when I deeply grasped Jeremy Griffiths explanation, and reflecting on transformation, it came down to a realisation that by understanding the biological truth about the human condition, I clearly saw how it did compassionately explain the origin of all that was dark in my makeup, my egocentricity, alienation and aggressive competitiveness, along with my corrupted reality and insecurity and all the lies I lived out daily.

    That made me realise that despite all the psychosis and strategizing and corruptions I lived out and employed in my life to get wins, I was at base fundementally worthwhile and good, and was able to understand that the dark side of me was caused because of a universally applicable, integrating biological process. This was a lightning strike of a moment, and instantly I was able to see the world compassionately…I loved the dark side of me, and therefore was able to love the dark side of others. Raging hate left my body instantly. I couldn’t hate anybody once I knew it wasn’t our fault deep down…any animal developing consciousness to the extent we have would have suffered the same conflicted condition, wrestling with their instincts for the management of their lives.

    I fell in love with this scientific explanation, speaking it and supporting it every day. A big transformation was a moment I knew that by doing that, I was loving everybody and I was actually healing the suffering on the planet….which was mind blowing.

    When you see how much the denial, alienation and psychosis the human condition has caused, and effects everyone around you each day, you can really see that the only way it will ever end is by people living in support of the biological truth about the human condition (provided in Freedom).

    Funny thing is, by focussing on what I can learn and do to support this project of disseminating it out to the world, I’ve bloody forgotten about all my baggage and bs insecurities. I’ve never felt freer in my life, nothing can touch you once You get to this point, and I can totally see how and why this absolutely saves the world. It what everyone wants and lives and breathes for. It’s exactly what you’ve ever hoped for. It’s the most unbelievable feeling ever…and it’s free…I feel completely undeserving of it on one hand, and so thankful and appreciative on the other.

    The suffering will just vanish when you and everyone else do catch onto this deeper realisation and the transformed way of living.

  • Zzantor

    Sam! Wow! Everything you wrote mirrors my experience. Once I got it, it was like a light that, illuminated a previously unseen world…

  • Sam

    Keep that alive in you, it looks after everything.
    Live and breathe that world of honesty, and everything is just bloody beautiful…and by doing that we’re helping everyone around us overcome the human condotion. Nothing else remotely like it, unbelievable time to be alive.