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    • AlexAkri

      I just thought I’d share my brief journey through understanding the human condition, for people to relate or see a different perspective. Especially since I like to sit in my silent corner, so I thought I get in the action. To start off, this understanding has completely freed me from the baggage we all had to carry and endure in life. Regardless of the fact that I am sucked back into the resigned state for a lot of the time. Luckily for me I was given the opportunity by my uncle (Sam) to have been exposed to this information since young, therefore making life a thousand times more simple. The ability to look at the world honestly and to recognize humanities flaws whilst understanding the fundamental reason to why it was necessary is absolutely amazing!

      Now a little bit about myself, I developed a very oppressive mindset from a young age. I had polluted my mind with pseudo idealistic values and ideology. I strategized my way of life through living as a self-proclaimed victim, finding every possible way for people to pity me. In fact I found much gratification at the pathos that was expressed towards me, reinforcing my strategy to keep thriving. And I’m habituated to escaping situations that are too honestly confronting or confronting in general for me to handle, so I run. However this book (“freedom”) has saved me. And actually it’s done more than fucking save me, it’s completely obliterated through many of those scaffolding layers of denial that blocked any acknowledgement of truth in my life. I can’t beleive how the same words expressed by someone could be so crippling through insecurity, yet completely releivingly honest through understanding.

      The pure relief I feel to finally be so optomistic about the future and see such a beautiful life for everyone to reconcile themselves and bring light to the world is crazy!!! Thank you Jeremy and everyone whose supported this information because I know that it’s undoubtedly the most inportant thing in my life.

    • Tommy

      Holy moly AlexAkri I feel like what you have written there is the best thing I’ve ever read on this Forum. It’s such an incredible testament to the power of this reconciling and liberating biological explanation and it’s left me quite stunned. Your honesty and the liberation you are feeling is simply breathtaking, and has inspired me no end! What a future we humans now have! Thank you so much for writing it, it is just amazing and goodness knows how many humans you will help once they read it too!

    • Roger

      Hi Alex,

      I just wanted to say that I can relate to Tommy thoughts … that was amazing to read, it is such an honest description of your personal struggle with the human condition and strategy for coping with it, as well as the excitement and relief you’re accessing now that you can understand the human condition.

      It is such a clear and exciting window into what this information, what the explanation of the human condition can do for every person on the planet … NOW !!!

      That was a truely inspiring comment and I’ve no doubt it will encourage other people to look into the logic of this information.


Viewing 2 reply threads