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      Seems like there is a good understanding of the nature of the beast :-) Good! This is absolutely a major piece of the “puzzle” before the ‘picture’ can be begun to be grasped.

      Get back to me when you have the wisdom to provide a scientific explanation of the concept of ‘Choice’.

      Cheers :-)

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      Yeah choice is covered as all get out in this stuff reckon you might find Jeremys explanation of it spot on, the faq 5.4 is what id recommend mate.

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      Hmmm. I’m not sure what you mean about the concept of ‘choice’ MJ but I’ll have a go.

      We appear to be the only beings on this planet that moved from an instinctive state to a totally intellectual state of managing our affairs over a million years ago. Whilst some animals, i.e. dolphins, chimpanzees etc. have higher levels of intelligence than others, they still primarily manage their affairs instinctively.

      It seems reasonable then that choice is something that develops more in the intellectual world rather than the instinctive one where your behaviour is pre-determined by your instincts which are formed over many many years of behavious that maintains the survival of the particular species.

      I.e. Adam Stork flew the same path his ancestors flew for ever because that flight path kept the species alive. Same with the Salmon in Canada who go up the river to breed, lay eggs and die because that keeps the species alive (i.e. the survival of the group is what the instinct drives).

      In the case of humans, the way I understand it, with intellect comes choice and that’s that. Whilst to a degree as a whole, we had no choice in striving to solve the riddle i.e. ‘what is our purpose, why do we fight, why are we aggressive, egocentric and angry’ we do of course as individuals have choice in our day to day existence.

      We exercise that choice for the most part freely, i.e. whether to get out of bed, make a coffee, go to work, say hello etc. This choice or decision making is at a conscious level and we could choose to do good or not to good.

      The problem for us, as a species, was we didn’t know whether we are meant to be good (i.e. are we from a good, sound ethical base) or are we beasts (survival of the fittest). Not knowing this, impacted on our ability to manage ourselves and the planet and therefore resulted in record levels of sickness across the globe (poverty, environmental destruction, wars, suicide, greed, corruption).

      But now…….. well now we have understanding. WE HAVE UNDERSTANDING. HALLELUJAH!!!

      With understanding comes meaning. With meaning comes compassion. With compassion comes equal love for each and every hero of earth current, past and future. Understanding our species journey, behaviour and purpose is the only thing that can save this planet and it’s arrived. Give it a chance. Read it and watch the videos. We are saved. Lots of love to the whole of the forum.
      Thank God for Jeremy and his choice to devote his life to save the world.

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