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  • GKroucamp

    Through million years of development of the humans into different cultural groups, by logic insight, all cultures formed the same Base line of Positives and Negatives. Following then that:
    Positive can be seen as Good or God, and
    Negative can be seen as Bad or Evil/Satan.

    In truth, not to differentiate between cultures, but between Positives and Negatives and remove Negatives to get to the conclusion of All Positive, which end up being All Loving.

    This from True Religious view point. At least my opinion of what it must be.

    In 2009, I came to ask: What and who am I, and man?, for that matter.
    By mentally dividing flesh from spirit and evaluate the to seperately:
    Man as fleshly being need fisicle food and focus on worldly thoughts.
    Man as spiritual being need knowledge for food and focus on the spiritual thoughts.

    The questions of: What is God?, and; What is Jesus?, Came to mind.
    Following in the Bible, Ephesians an Gallasians you realize that God is a Personality. Jesus Christ is the Producer of that Personality, meaning Good or God in action.

    Let’s go to Blaise Pascal the French philosopher. He formulated a wager going something like this: ‘God can’t be proved. But if God exists, the believer gains everything and the unbeliever loses everything. If God doesn’t exist, the believer loses nothing and the unbeliever gains nothing. There is therefore everything to gain and nothing to lose by believing in God!’
    The math and the philosophy in this is true. At least try and believe in God.

    Another of Blaise’s statements was something like this: ‘ every man their is a vacuum that only God can fill…’

    When you dive into the Mythology of Religion you find a figure called Mithra. This spiritual figure occurred about 2000 years before Jesus Christ, the Jesus came and out calendar adjust to year 0. Now, at this time we find ourselves 2000 years after Jesus.
    According Mythology the philosophical history of Jesus Christ is based on the philosophical history of this Mithra. Many similarities exist between the life’s history of the two individuals.

    It comes back to us and our Bibles and what we belief.

    Question to ask: What is God?, Where is God?, What is Jesus Christ?, Where is Jesus Christ?
    By finding answers to these, you will see the light, you will see the Love of God.

    Ephesians and Gallasians, show the positive actions to commit to, which show Personality.

    We need act from our positive personality to please our Soul Positively, then we tend to “nearer to God” as the song states.

    Considering these retrievals from the past, our history, and all available Religious (Science) Knowledge, then you find an equivalences to Jeremy’s FREEDOM works/goal.

    In this you find that now Science (Knowledge) and Philosophy (Religion) is coming together.

    Well that is what my logic and insight from the combination of all categories of information is showing me.

  • Tommy

    It sounds like you have been on quite an amazing journey over the last 10 years GKroucamp! I wasn’t deeply questioning things at all when I stumbled across this information some time ago now, so I admire you greatly that you were and that you kept the search for truth open. It is just astonishing with this biological explanation the way it just keeps making sense of everything you look at in yourself and in the world. I’ve seen someone describe it as a feast of knowledge and that’s exactly what it feels like!

    I like what you say about all cultures coming from the same base line, that makes sense to me as we are all from the same species on exactly the same journey. It reminded me of the book Jeremy quotes from Richard Heinburg called ‘Memories & Visions of Paradise’, there’s a really good section on it in freedom essay4. And I couldn’t agree more that religion and science are now reconciled and it’s so very important that they are.

    When you use the terms of the division of spirit and flesh I understand that to mean what Jeremy calls our soul/conscience which is our original all-loving, ‘spritual’ instinctive self, and our mind/intellect that went out in search for knowledge and became upset. The most amazing thing for me is that the ‘negative’ from our upset has now been biologically explained and defended, and we can see that it wasn’t really ‘bad’ afterall and actually all occurred for an amazingly heroic reason. It is such a profound turn around. Our loving ‘positive’ soul and our mind are finally reconciled and indeed even with the whole direction or purpose of life which Jeremy explains as Integrative Meaning (personfied as God)! (By the way if you haven’t already, I found the essays on God (23) and Christ (39) very enlightening and helpful too). Anyway it’s all huge stuff and a lot to adjust to but as you say you just keep following the logic with this stuff and keep applying it to your own experiences and insights and it will just never disappoint you. All the best GKroucamp!