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  • Annette Williamsen

    I have read Freedom n am working through another Denial etc etc… listened to all the videos n have listened to the testaments if others… It is a bit of an alienating process… So many friends n family simply are not interested or refute WT as a cult like atmosphere… Ignorance is bliss it seems! My partner n I are avid history n science buffs n I am so thrilled to finally be pointed in the Right direction! I am researching many points n devouring all the material offered for insight into our human plight! It is with tremendous enthusiasm n a unquenchable thirst that I am wading in…. lol Would be wonderful to have a group here for continued support!!

  • Conrad

    Hi Annette, If you’re talking about subjects such as where science and religion overlap, as the WTM does, it’s wading into a muddied pool with a lot of weird stuff out there, so the whole arena has been badly discredited and people are so wary of that. Rightly so. There are a couple of helpful FAQs that may come in handy with your friends:

    As you’re discovering, this explanation is fascinating and serious investigation reveals the sound base it’s coming from. You’ve certainly found the right place to quench your science and history thirst! Look forward to hearing more of your journey.