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      There is an episode of Star Trek where everyone becomes “transformed,” and live in a happy paradise. In the episode they visit a planet where people are happy and don’t care about competition, war etc. In fact, they are bored and amused by people who aren’t happy, because they can see how silly and fake they are. People in the episode become transformed by being exposed to a certain plant. The Star Trek crew, except the Capt’n, become exposed to the plant and are transformed and very happy etc.

      Upon losing all his crew, who just refuse to participate in the old way of life, Captain Kirk goes back to his ship. Alone on the ship and without the crew the Captain starts to see just how pointless the ship etc., is and he gets exposed to the plant. As he heads back down to join his happy friends he strongly resists the urge to be transformed. By resisting and being angry, the transformed state is drained out of him. He then gets Mr Spock to come to the ship and he picks a fight with him and makes him angry. Spock’s anger “un-transforms” him and he sadly returns to his completely logical state. Mr Spock is sad because while transformed he was finally happy, but he accepts “responsibility,” “honor,” etc. Spock says goodbye to the happy life he had for a short time and makes an interesting statement that we all live in our own purgatory (in the HC). Spock and Kirk then selfishly devise a plan to un-transform the crew by making them angry.

      The parallels to the HC are obvious. The strength of the deaf effect in Capt Kirk was also apparent. He asks how the transformed people can be happy without a “challenge or competition etc. As mentioned above the transformed crew just humors Kirk, but in the end the HC wins out and Kirk gets his crew back.

      I feel like I have visited this planet and been exposed to the plant to become transformed. BUT I HOPE I NEVER GO BACK TO THE UN-TRANSFORMED STATE!!!

      Here is a link to a clip for the show:

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      Hi Dave, It’s not a very comforting story is it! There are definite parallels to the human journey but I think I view the analogy slightly differently which might help.

      Humanity couldn’t be truly free until actual understanding of our condition arrived. As Jeremy writes in para 1174, “there has been a litany of false starts to an ideally behaved, cooperative, selfless, loving new world for humans, and the reason they were all false starts was because for humans to truly achieve that cooperative, loving, peaceful state we first had to find the reconciling, healing understanding of our divisive human condition.” And he explains that until our search for knowledge was completed it was fundamentally irresponsible to abandon that battle. BUT now biological understanding of ourselves has arrived for everyone, including for Captain Kirk and Mr Spock (!), our upsetting battle to find understanding has been won, we can ALL legitimately abandon the battle and move on to our wonderful logic-filled true free existence together.

      In terms of you fear that you will go back to an ‘untransformed state’ I find this recent video very helpful to re-watch or re-read it’s transcript. I remember you loved it when it was first posted on the website a few months ago. As Jeremy explains so clearly there once we have seen that we can leave and move on from our personal ‘wrestling’ match in the no-solutions, human-condition-filled-world we have grown up in, we turn our attention to completely focus on the future and working for humanity’s new world. That’s what we all embrace and wrap our arms around now, and it will become easier and easier the more and more people understand this and become transformed. That momentum is boosted after every supportive comment you have made here and there Dave!

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      Hi guys, live long and prosper 🖖🏻
      Star Trek has to be an all time favorite of mine, the original series is my personal preferance although I dont mind a bit of Jean Luc from time to time. But definately recall the episode you are referring to.

      So much of popular movies and TV has referencing to the HC and since my personal transformation I am assured that all of us have the ability to find the connection to our previous happiness for want of a better phrase, that way being, (a) realising whats been going on and (b) actually having the balls to do something about it! And although it can be an easy jump if you let it, there are plenty of folk wanting you not to go in case something nasty happens or even worse for them it works!

      We are so conditioned to believe thatCaptain Kirk was doing the right thing by bringing people back onto the ‘security’ of the ship, it so reminds me of The Cave, Kirk assuring his crew that the Enterprise was safe although he thought it was, were his crew not better off in the sunshine? I think so. But I dont think the Federation would of agreed either.

      Although Kirk is very cool and I would love to be a member of the crew on the Enterprise – a life time of suffering vs a life time of sunshine and being in the garden? Theres no contest.

      Mind you in my version of that episode James Tiberius Kirk would of stayed on the planet!

      Love Roz xx

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