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  • Chris

    So lately I have been making a lot of effort to talk about these insights with friends, I no longer wanted to keep this breakthrough discovery as my own little “secret” and have improved my dialogue and understanding to the point where I can engage in conversation about the human condition.

    I’ve begun with changing the way I respond to the simple, pre recorded, robotic obligatory indoctrinated response we all go through and produce “What have you been up to”, and rather than following up with the usual “not much, you” to be met with “yeah the usual man” and the conversation developing no substance or depth, which is actually making me laugh as I write this, i’ve begun to respond with “Yeah i’ve been reading an incredible book, written by a biologist who’s gone to the depths of human upset and addressed where is comes from and what’s causing it, been absolutely feasting on these insights and learning so many extraordinary explanations”

    I’ve found this one change in response to be reliving for me, as im opening up the doors to converse about a previously unspeakable subject, which invites conversation about real issues in the world, encouraging dialogue that forces “TO-think” rather than ‘NOT-to think”, and allows you to really share your recent revelations and understandings which could potentially resonate with someone else encouraging them to look into understanding the Human Condition.

    It’s a matter of time before my friends, noticing my excitement and confidence in the way my brain is transforming and making sense of the world, ask to hear a little about whats in the book. So far (by no means is this a perfected method, just what i’ve found im able to speak about best” I talk about the instincts vs intellect clash, and what happened to us humans once we developed a conscious mind after our already established instinctive orientations were previously managing our lives, so the person understands the core concept, I then sum up what that’s done to us in our 2 million year corrupting yet heroic search for understanding, emphasizing words such as “necessary” and “heroic” as to limit misunderstandings or discomfort associated with the nature of the subject. Lastly I invite the person to share their thoughts on what i’ve said, and ask “what’s a topic in life that’s been on your mind lately?” because I have found people connect really well with the information once something personal resonates within them, it reinforces the capability of understanding and its extrodinary potential. And while I fully agree macro-scale should be the focus, making sense of an example of an emission of our upset and a defended and understandable way can be very reliving for the individual whilst still confronting im sure, which is why im concious to take it slow and watch body language as to not say more than the person can absorb.

    So yeah thats how i’ve been approaching talking about the HC lately, would love to hear of some other experiences and/or strategies others have used when discussing the HC :)

  • Liam

    Chris, I think your spot on it with your approach. Your intro line is such a legitimate and real response, then you lay out the fundamentals of the explanation (instinct and intellect) and then asking what has been on their mind.

    All of us taking these proactive steps each and every day to disseminate this information is bringing the day the suffering on the planet stops. That is not an overstatement its actually true and how good is that! Each time is a step to breaking our habituation to denial and breaking the denial in the world around us. It demonstrates to us and those around us that we can now safely leave Plato’s cave of denial. Also by being secure, front footed, balanced, and compassionate like you are doing makes the message so much more effective and penetrating. People can intuitively pickup that you are coming off a different base and this should encourage their interest to understand where your new found enthusiasm is coming from.

    When I am in social situations and the denial of the so called ‘real world’ is running strong I sometimes think to myself something along the lines “everyone is actually just waiting, waiting for this explanation of the human condition, deep down everyone is just desperate for these answers to turn up so we can let all this crap go”. If I can think of any other strategies as such I will let you know.

  • Ozbt63

    Ive used this explanation … “In case you may be wondering why I am going on about this book called “Freedom: The End of the Human Condition”. … Well I reckon It’s the book that had to be written in order for humans to advance to the next stage of development … just like the modern car could not possibly be invented until we first learned about internal combustion engines, and how to make strong, light alloys, and electronics … well the central idea in this book (that we need to recognise and understand the “human condition” … a type of mass psychosis suffered by all of humanity ever since we learned to have rational thought, that animals dont have) confirms for the first time, the knowledge that we need to possess before we can possibly progress to the next level of advancement as a species … Human society could not possibly advance to its next stage of development without first recognising and understanding the “human condition” … which this book explains in detail for the first time and, therefore, this book will literally change the world and transform how humans live. … This book is up there with the Bible and Darwin’s “Origin of the Species” as far as influential books that changed how humans think and live …

    It sounds far fetched and unbelievable I know, … and a large amount of scepticism should be had … but check out the videos on the website link, and see for yourself … its exciting stuff!”

    • Tommy

      Woohoo! Agree with Conrad, fantasically well said Ozbt63. This IS such exciting stuff and so was reading your speel, how could anyone not want to read Freedom after that?! “Let’s Go” humanity, we are actually free of the human condition!

    • Chris

      you nailed that on the head Ozbt63, what you said was so clean and honest, definitely a great and by no means overstated way to introduce such a profound and life changing book.

  • Conrad

    Really, really enjoyed reading your post Ozbt63 – and I completely agree – it’s incredibly exciting to think that now, thanks to this explanation of the human condition, we can progress as a species from our stalled, insecure, adolescent, not-sure-who-we-are stage to the infinitely better secure, understood, we-know-we-are-good stage! Because that’s when the “monkey” (of the human condition) is really off our back and individually and collectively we can begin to properly repair ourselves and our planet. Once again, I loved your post!

  • RJ

    This post by someone called Ari is on the Freedom essay 5 ( and is well worth a read and passing on to friends who are struggling to hear this stuff. The deaf effect is so worth getting through, this understanding explains everything!

    Reading some of the posts below is really interesting and to be honest, completely understandable both for and against, given our habitual tendency to not want to challenge our ‘conditioned’ beliefs, whether they are religious or not.

    When I was first introduced to this information over 10 years ago, I read ‘A Species in Denial’ and concluded it was a poorly written book that made no sense. I couldn’t understand a word of what it was trying to say, so I put it down and left the topic alone for a whole year.

    When I read it for a 2nd time, well OMG! it was like I was blind the first time and now I could see. It was clear, easy to read and made amazing sense. I’m sharing this experience because I think most adults will struggle with this topic the first time round so my advice. Put it down take a break and try again.

    If you’re like me, you will almost be offended at the explanation of why we are the way. I.e. I was saying stuff like ‘I’m not like that. I’m not upset. I never resigned. I don’t have an ego. I havent been bad. I believe in God and I don’t like the thought of any other alternative, leave me alone etc. etc.’

    But when I fought through the barrier of fear and uncertainty (in my case I trusted my brother who had already gone through that journey and made it through unscathed and absolutely joyously to the other side), I started to make sense of the information, one topic at a time.

    I assure those of you who are sceptical, it’s OK. You wouldn’t be normal if you weren’t sceptical. We all suffer from the same condition in various degrees. Just keep reading and talking about it. Ask questions, seek answers, take your time.

    It’s amazing. It’s incredible. All the answers to every question you have ever asked (or havent yet asked but will in future) are here. We are explained. We are defended. everyone (even those that commit not so good acts) is brave. We are all hero’s. I

    It’s not about being man or woman, white or black, rich or poor, Christian or Muslim or aethiest. This is for all of humanity. We are all equal human beings. We are one species. All brothers and sisters.

    We have the opportunity to change and save the world one person at a time. Shirley, Leslie and others well done for making it this far. You’re in the final straight of a 2 million year marathon. Let’s all make it to the finish line together.

  • RJ

    I’ve been thinking that to get friends to watch the videos on the home page is important as someone said above. The first four are key is what the homepage says and I’ve found them very powerful, so that would be a good place to start. Maybe getting together with friends and watching them together to then discuss after might be the way to go. It’s all about trying to break down the deaf effect walls, the fear is naturally huge. Would love to know of any other ideas.