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  • mads123

    Here are my notes:

    Some sound in videos you can hear the chairs squick all the time, it draws attention from the speaker.. (one of examples:

    On most of your videos on youtube people cant comment, why is that? (for exmpl:

    I also think that the look of the scenery and videos in whole should be of a more scientific approach, not like right now where there is lots of bright colors, the walls are painted yellow etc. The reason is because it looks too utopian and it doesn’t connect with younger generation or intellectual public, I felt skeptical. it looks very romanticized. I think you want to go from romanticized to more university/scientific/professor look or more down to earth look. So using shallow focus doesn’t help. Neither zooming in slowly (dramatically) on the speaker.

    As I see in this frame: it looks like a set/stage that you have built. I would rather see such gatherings happening in natural rooms with more natural lightning and better sound.

    This are just my opinions, so I want you to think how the way you film, light, present and cut affects the public watching, since your primary goal is to spread the information.

    Best regards

  • WTM Admin
    WTM Admin

    Thank you very much, Mads123, for your very helpful feedback which will be passed on to our production team.