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  • Hugh

    I don’t know about how anyone else has or is reading the book. I find that I have to deal with it in small chunks. The information is enlightening yet confronting at the same time. The more I read I become uncomfortable to begin with. After some reflection I can return to the book and read some more.

    It is challenging yet compelling, driving me to read and understand and accept more.

  • Ronald

    Hugh, that’s exactly how I felt. It wasn’t a comfortable read, like reading for pleasure, but I couldn’t stop till I got to the end….and that’s just the start !

  • Carlos

    May help as well to view WTM founding members talking about their experience in the affirmations on the WTM link, many struggle with this and knowing others have the same experience really took the heat out of it for me. Because this is all based on human’s being defended now you can see how difficult a subject this is for all of us who have had to ‘resign’ and that’s a relief to know. You just don’t want to go back there. But we learn that it’s safe now and entirely right to take this a step at a time. good on you Hugh.

  • serento

    Hi, I thought I would give my 2 cents worth! This book (Im talking about Freedom) has become really important to me. Its kind of like my bible I guess. But I sort of have this love hate relationship with it. I mean, there are times when I dont want to read it. But what I have learnt is that if I start reading it, then Im so glad I did. I can understand that loop pretty well now I think. I mean, I am a ‘resigned’ person, and I am trained to living in denial of just about everything, and that is my comfort zone, and reading this book takes me WAY outside my comfort zone, because it talks about everything so deeply, so it makes sense that there are times when I dont want to read it. But when I do, all of those defensive feelings just melt away. They really do. And every time I am just amazed at where this book is coming from. And where it takes me. Its like it makes me anew each time I read it. Im gushing now, but thats how I feel about it.