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  • Fi

    I haven’t finished Transform Your Life yet, so apologies if I’m duplicating ideas here. What I’m getting is that altruism is hardwired into our DNA and is the vital energy, the fuel, that drives our bodies. I’m assuming it has the same vibrational frequency as the animating energy of the entire universe. When we feel unconditional love we are plugged in to the universal energy source. So altruism is essential for homeostasis. When we feel any emotion that is not unconditional love it causes stress in our organism which then causes illness. So to live in a state of unconditional love is to live in a state of physical wellness. ?

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  • Conrad

    interesting post Fi. The problem is that since the arrival of the human condition, unconditional love has taken a back seat. It’s basically non-existent in the modern world because everyone is desperately trying to cope under the duress of the human condition. Which, as you mention above, is also having a huge impact on our collective health and wellbeing. So the issues you’re raising above like stress and the need for unconditional love etc are really only part of the much larger and long-standing problem of the human condition. A problem that is now completely solved and understood. After you’ve read “Transform Your Life” you might like to check out Chapter 5 of FREEDOM which is titled “The Origin of Humans’ Moral Instinctive Self or Soul”, it’s got lots of good stuff in there that I’m sure you will find interesting in terms of unconditional love.

  • Michael

    One vitamin/mineralrelated key to human health is IMO to have a balanced way of thinking about the mind and the body, i.e. thinking and doing should be of equal importance when health is concerned…when one’s thinking is balanced this way, it IMO becomes easier to discern a third imaginative middleway in the form of a temporal timeaxis between these two extremes (i.e. only intellectual vs. only corporeal), where certain common features regarding human health can be pinpointed… for example the point in time (61 mya) when primates/humans lost the capability of producing our own ascorbate which gave rise to the propensity for a condition called “hypoascorbemia”, and also the point in time when a gradual depletion (over more than three months) of the Iodinesupply in the thyroid became healthrelevant for all landdwelling animals (devonian period)… human health today is to a large part dependent on keeping up suffient bodily amounts of ascorbate, Iodine, and of course other vitamins/minerals aswell…

    So, the “key” to perfect health is IMO a function of how well the mental reasoningkey balances it’s way into the bodily gridlock of the thinker him/herself…

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