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    • katerina

      Hi everyone,

      A couple hours ago I was in my room and literally spent like 30 minutes going through my phone, texting friends, looking through social media – all useless means of preoccupying myself and trying to avoid the truth I know we now have.

      So I put my phone down and grabbed Freedom. And just knowing I was about to read it put a smile on my face. It was just reassuring to know that this has saved my life and will save the whole world and I knew that by reading this, staying connected to the information is all I need to do to support WTM and the project.

      As I was reading chapter 2, resignation in particular, I came across one extremely honest poem that depicts the agony of having to resign to living a “completely dishonest, superficial and artificial, effectively dead, existence” and i just sat there and compared the soulful, true and ALIVE childhood we experience for about 13 years which just suddenly is abolished and blocked out when we resign. And you spend the rest of your life in this resigned state, seeking power, fame, fortune and glory, and living a “false existence”, and, as the author of the poem states, “.. you will speak fake words to fake people from your fake soul”.

      The author later states “no one can ever become a baby again”. But now with understanding the human condition we are all able to live a FREE and LIBERATING life and we are able to access the child within us and “become a baby again”. And that just filled my heart with so much love and excitement that once this information gets out there and people transform, we are all able to continue living with honesty and true happiness and love for each other.

      Anyway, I just thought I would share my thoughts and hope everyone has a great day.

      Kind regards,
      Katerina :)

    • Polly

      Hi Katerina,

      I loved reading what you wrote, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Everything you say is so true about the power of Transformation. The meaning and purpose that fills our lives now as we get to help to save the world and end all of the suffering is just so exciting. It is such a tragic story of what we humans have become in order to cope with the human condition before we found understanding, it has been such a shocking existence to have to resign and live so shut off from our true cooperative and loving selves. But as you say, that all changes now, and I love how you capitalised FREE and LIBERATING because that is exactly the life that is now available to each of us. The power of the old dead world is as strong as we want to let it to be, and distractions like the endless noise available on our phones is a constant temptation, but I love the choice that we all have every second of every day to choose not to participate in the meaningless, world destroying resigned world, but instead ‘distract’ ourselves with the truth and do what we can to strengthen the understanding in ourselves as well as participate in any way we can to help support the WTM. And you know its right when you make the right decision and you feel so happy and relieved when you do it, it aligns us with integrative meaning in the most beautiful way which is such a thrill. You can literally feel how if everyone just made the right decision then the world would instantly be a completely new world and everyone would be living with the honesty and true happiness and love for each other that you describe.

      This morning I read the spectacular Freedom Essay 43 ‘Ceremonial masks reveal the truth about our human condition’ that ends with these beautiful words from Jeremy “So although we had to pay the price of becoming immensely upset/corrupted/alienated/soul-dead, we humans ARE the heroes of the story of life on Earth. Furthermore (as is explained in F. Essay 15), as a result of finding this greater dignifying understanding of the human condition, our species’ tortured state of alienation is about to end, and virtually overnight—well, in only a number of decades which, in the scheme of things, is a very short time—because being able to understand the human condition makes it possible for everyone to finally escape the tortured human-condition-afflicted state and immediately fully participate in a glorious, truthful, sun-filled, effectively alienation-free world. And in only a few generations’ time the human race will be actually alienation-free and fully soul-rehabilitated.The human race is finally coming home to wholeness and happiness!”

      Anyway, thanks again for you thoughts Katerina, I know I’m going to have a brilliant day!!

    • Prue

      Hi Katerina and Polly,

      I love what you have both written above so much. Katerina, I remember reading that resignation poem when I first came across this information and finding it so powerful and ‘excruciatingly honest’ too, it so incredibly expresses the agony and pain of resignation and knowing once we resign to a life in denial all the magic of childhood and the true world will be necessarily blocked out and that we will go on to live an empty, superficial, egocentric and ‘fake’ existence- it’s deeply connecting to how we humans certainly have had to ‘march into hell for a heavenly cause’.

      It is so wonderful now we can understand the human condition that we can appreciate these expressions of honesty and that we can all live for all the truth and clarity and relieving honesty that is on every page and in every word of FREEDOM that will stop children having to resign in the future like we had to, that liberates us from the horror of our human condition and our ‘completely dishonest’ resigned existence and that puts an end to all the suffering on earth. It is truly amazing that rather than us having to distract and preoccupy ourselves in the sea of superficiality and evasion that is now the old dead world, we have the most incredibly exciting new world that’s opened up to go to and live for and look after! I love what you said Polly too of “I love the choice that we all have every second of every day to choose not to participate in the meaningless, world destroying resigned world…” and of staying connected to the truth.

      I can see why just knowing you were going to read FREEDOM and that choice made you smile Katerina! The new world is just so all-wonderful, wildly exciting and all-meaningful – the most wonderful gift on offer for all humans now.

      Your post also made me think of this quote and how you talked so beautifully about the power of this transformation and how free and liberating life can be now through supporting this truth that brings everything back to life! It’s from paragraph 1166 of FREEDOM.

      “Yes, the excitement and relief of being effectively free of the human condition—the joy and happiness of being liberated from the burden of our insecurities and self-preoccupations; the awesome meaning and power of finally being aligned with the truth and participating in the magic true world; the wonderful empathy and equality of goodness and fellowship that understanding of the human condition now allows us to feel for our fellow humans; the freedom now to effectively focus on repairing the world; and, above all, the radiant aliveness from the optimism that comes with knowing our species’ march through hell has finally ended and that a human-condition-free new world is coming—CAN NOW TRANSFORM EVERY HUMAN AND THUS THE WORLD.

      Thank you both again, I really loved reading your posts.

    • Prue

      PS I was reading FREEDOM this morning Katerina and read this quote and thought of you so had to add it here too!

      From Para 1212: “Yes, the fact is, there is really nothing stopping interest in this information and the adoption of the Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living sweeping the world, and when that happens life for humans will change from a state of terrible turmoil, confusion and despair to one of immense relief, happiness and togetherness. The world for humans will be transformed from darkness into light. It really will be as if a light in the dark room we have been staggering around in has suddenly been turned on—everything becomes illuminated and lovely. As mentioned in par. 837, humans had this awesome computer put in our heads, our fully conscious, thinking brain, but we weren’t given the program for it and were instead left to wander this planet searching for the program in a terrifying darkness of confusion and bewilderment. Well, from that terrifyingly cold darkness we can now emerge into the warm sunshine of dignifying, redeeming, relieving and transforming understanding.”

      Have a brilliant day!!

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