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    • Dr. Wintermute

      I’m unsure whether Jeremy Griffith and the World Transformation Movement properly understand the nature of axiomatic-deductive science (for they claim to folllow an “inductive method”) and hope this is not the reason my posts on this forum get repressed?!

      We must distinguish between KNOWLEDGE, which is always incomplete (falsifiable) or inconsistent, and BELIEF (truth within society), which can be absolute and un-arguable. Truth in a social context is defined as the adhesion of a subject to its verbal propositions. Calling out human selfishness is ultimately altruist, because, as an egoist, you wouldn’t have sufficient reason to warn other people about human selfishness, since this would make you more predictable and prone to other people’s wickedness. Personally, I believe in altruism, because it makes me HAPPY, and this belief has not yet been falsified. I’ve developped this argument in my french essay “Conscience, aliénation et thermodynamique” and I’ve translated the chapter “The truth game. Defending axiomatic-deductive science” as an outtake into english.

      My last topic didn’t get published, so I’ll post the relevant links here again:

    • WTM Admin

      We have published all your posts Dr Wintermute, if you click on your Profile you will be able to see them all there. Your last topic also did get published. As we said in reply there, we are very sorry that you had trouble submitting your post. Our Spam software incorrectly identified you as Spam based on your email address and the link you included which does happen occasionally.

    • Loxodonta locus

      Hi “Dr Wintermute”, I don’t work for the WTM but I am a supporter.

      I see this forum as a mutually supportive place for people to discuss the human condition and the WTM rather than it being a direct channel for the WTM to promote its ideas. If you are particularly keen to discuss your interests, and you aren’t getting much traction here, I respectfully suggest you address the WTM itself via Contact Us.

      Personally, I favour positive discussion of what unites us rather than the argumentative assertion of either tangential preoccupations or fundamental disagreements with the WTM. Having said that, I can take being corrected by fellow supporters (Hi!) if no one else agrees with me!

      Kindly yours, Oliver from Manchester, England

Viewing 2 reply threads