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  • Dave

    I recently saw this video and thought I would post. It shows the alienation and hopelessness in the world today. We need the WTM!

    I am speechless

    This is our world !!

    Posted by Unbelievable Science & Incredible Facts on Saturday, June 9, 2018

  • RJ

    Wow thanks Dave, that video made me feel very emotional. Even though it puts the blame on our phone addiction and doesn’t admit it’s the deeper issue of the human condition that’s underlying all our problems, it still is a very powerful cartoon. I’m in the middle of freedom essay 55 on ‘Endgame’ by Jeremy Griffith and that certainly gets the honesty up on the table! it’s wonderful and not only that, the solution thank goodness. Couldn’t agree more with your ‘We need the WTM’! The WTM is the only way out of here for humanity. Thanks again.

  • Dave

    Made me sad too. WTM helps!