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      Welcome to the Science forum! This is the place to discuss the fascinating science underpinning the explanation of the human condition, including the concept of Integrative Meaning and the development of order of matter (negative entropy); the real biology behind our species’ behaviour; how the process of love indoctrination led to the emergence of human consciousness; and what studies in anthropology, and primatology—especially bonobos—reveal about our species’ cooperative past.

    • Oscar

      I get fascinated with the ‘Love Indoctrination’ thesis. I’m surprised that more animal species haven’t succeeded in this process. It must have been a narrow window of opportunity for Bonobos and they seem to have nailed it!

      • Conrad

        i agree Oscar. it’s incredible to think about how the level of consciousness of an animal species can basically be determined by how social they are. With the prime example in the animal kingdom being the bonobos. The bonobos spend a very long time in infancy, under maternal care, which allows them to be much more “love indoctrinated” than other species. When you think about the very short infancies of some other animals (zebras, giraffes etc), it’s clear why bonobos were able to be more “love-indoctrinated” than other animal species. And of course, the love-indoctrination process also occurred in our primate forebears, and, over a significant amount of time, actually liberated consciousness!

      • Malie

        Yeah me too, really loving learning about it all especially the primates, all the pics in the book too are just incredible. What about Kanzi?! His intelligence is somethin else. And Matata and her love for Kanzi makes me melt

    • Susy

      It IS absolutely amazing what love-indoctrination brought about that’s for sure! What a delicate but mighty journey the human species was on up until that point, this is from para 699, ‘In summary, it was the process of nurturing love-indoctrination that not only gave our species its instinctive orientation to behaving cooperatively—our moral soul—it also liberated consciousness in our forebears.” WOW! And it’s equally amazing to read about the stages our conscious brain then went on through the 2 million years of the human condition as described in Chap 8 of Freedom. Now our upset is finally explained and defended we no longer need to live in denial and can finally hear the explanation of all these once-forbidden subjects. To think of being taught all this as you grow up is just SO GOOD!! What a golden path the future has laid before it and it’s on the back of every single human effort for millions and millions of years!

    • Tommy

      The science underpinning these ideas as you say are absolutely fascinating! This list of commendations for Jeremy Griffith’s treatise are well worth looking through too that are towards the end of the homepage, there are many thought leaders and scientists among them from all range of disciplines.


    • Roger

      I just wanted to say thank you to the awesome WTM Admin for creating this forum because it wasn’t until I read about the Development of Order of Mater / Integrative Meaning that all the disciplines of science finally had a relevance / made sense to me.
      It is still so exciting to think / see that one of the governing laws of physics gives direction to all the development of life / mater on earth and that there IS direction / meaning.
      To finally understand that chemistry under the influence of physics lead to biology and primates then the creation of a conscious mind … WOOOOW
      AND NOW we have the understanding that unlocks our conscious mind. Thank you Jeremy for your work its been a life changer for me and is obviously the best information I’ve ever read or watched or listened to.

Viewing 4 reply threads