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      Welcome to the Transformation forum! This is the place to discuss the exciting and liberating new way of living that is now possible through these understandings. We don’t think there can be any better place to start this topic than the following description by WTM member Tony Gowing of the transformation that is now possible for every human (his full description appears in paragraph 1256 of FREEDOM):

      ‘When Tony Gowing was once asked to describe the main ‘selling point’ of FREEDOM, he replied, ‘It is the complete 100 percent turn around in any and every dire situation the world is now in—as Jeremy has often said, “one minute the world is hurtling on a one-way track to destruction, the next minute there is so much love and freedom that every problem and difficulty is solved”. If you look at any of the problems in the world with any degree of honesty—anybody’s personal situation, the refugee crisis, the relationship between men and women, the environment, the economy, mental health, etc, etc—they are each in a depressingly dark state, but with this understanding of the human condition they are all completely turned around into the most glorious, happy and light-filled situation imaginable. This understanding brings an end to all the pain, all the suffering, all the insecurity, all the unsureness, all the darkness; it turns every single one of those situations into an absolutely wonderfully secure, knowing, excited, relieved and happy—downright incandescent with joy—state…I [now] know what the meaning of life is; I know that there is, in fact, tremendous purpose and meaning underlying everything in the world; that every little spec of dust follows a fantastic path of order, integration and love. I know now about humans and that they have been on this most wonderful journey of love and courage, which has taken such a toll on our species and our planet. I know now why we are the way we are, and why the world has been so mean and full of pain, and why there can now be a wondrous change of heart in every single human—that I and every human can right now make the change from being completely consumed by an incredibly insecure, mad, terrified and obsessively egocentric and selfish mindset, to a completely 100 percent secure person living out an all-meaningful, wildly exciting existence dedicated to helping make this change from darkness and pain to brilliant light and an all-understanding state of freedom from the human condition…Everything can now be fixed and brought back to life.’

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      Yes! I loved humanism when I was in my teens but the problem with traditional atheism is it doesn’t offer any real answers or a better alternative to the religious paradigms, so it doesn’t break the chains of our superstitious upbringing. So, many people become agnostic in the hope that there is something better out there. And that something better is the illuminating truth provided here. I’m seeing the need for a children’s picture book to present the main points in an easy to access way.

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