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  • MartyR

    Hi all

    I still can’t quite grasp what is so frightening about understanding the human condition? Why are we so fearful to know the truth about ourselves I.e that we are fundamentally good? I have known fear of the past and I think it has affected my life significantly, but I’m not sure how this particular revelation does that. I’d appreciate someone explaining this is more depth. Thanks.

  • Tommy

    You’re spot on Marty, this information does explain we are upset but fundamentally good and that golden truth opens up a whole new world for humans free of any condemnation or guilt or insecurity. There aren’t any truths now that condemn or hurt us now we can understand the human condition. Our fear of the human condition is really a thing of the past, when we didn’t have understanding. It certainly does take time to adjust to having the ‘lights on’ which is a process to be respected, but I’m with you, let’s live in world of knowledge this explanation opens up!