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  • JOHN

    Thank you for describing my life to the very core of my existence for the last 42 troubled years. To put it into words is difficult, I feel as though the wind has been taken out of me so utterly floored am I to feel finally understood. It’s like I’ve been wandering this earth completely perplexed and mortified at everything in and on it (including myself) and feeling like I am literally the only person who feels like this. It’s like I’ve been alone my whole life, until today. I can’t even believe I’m writing such a thing. It’s very very overwhelming to me to be able to consider that this is not so, I can’t even imagine my life not feeling like that. “Thank you” does not even begin to express my gratitude right now. Perhaps I could discuss this on the email if here is not the place?

  • WTM Admin
    WTM Admin

    Thank you for your very appreciative and heartfelt post John. It’s wonderful to hear affirmations of the power of this information to bring such incredible relief to the lives of humans. All of us who have this biological understanding can now band together to support it and help stop all the suffering on Earth and we can all look forward to an immensely exciting future. But you are right, it is ‘very very overwhelming’ to have been living in the cave of denial for so long and suddenly be exposed to the light. So a lot of patience is required during this transition. But we are here to help in whatever way we can. You are more than welcome to keep using the Forum to post your thoughts but please also feel free to email us any time, or there are other ways that you can interact with us which you’ll find if you go to the World Transformation Movement page at Thank you again John. All our best wishes to you.

  • mol

    What a great post John! I think the information is so relieving and beautiful it really does just take the weight right off your shoulders! Thank goodness someone has finally been truthful, and what a simple truth it is! It explains every human situation. I have found through my own experience, it has helped me through all of my tough times in life. Especially as a teenager going through resignation. I still resigned, but understanding why and how made the world of difference to me. No greater gift could be given and I am grateful for being exposed to this information so young. Now it’s time to give it to others!

  • AliceW

    What beautiful words from John and Mol and I concur! like to send the biggest most sincerest thank you ever to Jeremy Griffith and the WTM! Freedom truly is the book that saves humans and therefore the world

  • Susy

    What wonderful comments and I agree whole-heartedly as will the whole world when they hear about these breakthrough biological ideas. It’s hard to believe after so long that human behaviour is finally explained and defended in such complete biological terms but it really is. And it can be overwhelming as we adjust to finally being able to understand the human condition, to stand outside Plato’s ‘cave’ and into the bright light of the new paradigm that has arrived now — but the more you continue on your journey with this information, the more you absorb it, the more freedom and excitement and purpose you feel. The transformation of our species is on, we get the truth up and we move on as Jeremy says! It’s absolutely wonderous. This is a beautiful quote from Freedom para 1258 that applies to every single human on the planet now: “Yes, the gateway is wide open and sunlight is now streaming into our world. We can all break out of our chrysalis, our human-condition-afflicted straitjacket, where we have been constrained, letting the wings of our great potential unfold in the sunshine of relieving understanding to reveal the fabulously beautiful creatures we really are.”

  • Sam

    John, all I can say is, the bloody war is over.

    Take the longest shower you have ever had, and when you’re feeling better, I’ll be here with the arms spread out to give you a big man-hug.

    Look after yourself, and just spend as much time immersed in everything on this website, because there is nothing else like it anywhere else in the world.

    Don’t be afraid to contact the WTM either, they’re just the most incredible people that work there. No frills honest genuine people, the most selfless on earth.

  • wsmann

    I don’t think the war is over. Maybe just beginning. This time the “logistics” are ideas and conviction. The sunlight is available but most do not want to bask. I am glad that John felt some relief. What is next?

  • Roger

    Hi Wsmann,
    I’m not sure if you’re talking literally about war or of war as an analogy for the conflict of the Human Condition, however either way I thought John’s connection to what is now available was amazing too … and a great example of ‘whats next’.
    If wars are an expression of our combined upset (either the mental or physical conflict), then the relief and defusing compassionate healing and exciting understanding that this informations makes possible is the ultimate answer to it.
    I think ‘what’s next’ is a sweeping ‘overwhelming’ excitement that the quest to understand ourselves is finally over … AND through simple support ‘soon from one end of the horizon to the other will appear an army in its millions to do battle with human suffering and its weapon will be understand’.
    I’m ready to do all the sun baking in the world !!!!!!!!!!

  • Roger

    Hi guys,

    I thought this might be something that is relevant to everyone because I’m sure you can all relate to being a bit flooded / overwhelmed with work and the general pressures of life etc.

    So I’ve been a bit disconnected but despite how well I’ve come to know this information, one of my favourite ways to bring this understanding back into the front of my mind and get excited about how it has transformed my life and will transform the world, is to watch the 1 hr Introduction talk Jeremy gives.

    So if you want to tap back into whats really happening on this planet and get excited about our future … click that link below.

  • Willow

    Wow, I’ve just come across this thread and just loved reading everything that’s been said about the power of Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition to transform our lives from living in the horror of the cave’s darkness to living in sunshine, free of the chains of insecurity, alienation, anger and egocentricity. Thank you! There’s a wonderful drawing of Jeremy’s that sums it all up – it simply says ‘We are free’ with the image of an incredibly happy person. I just saw it in Freedom Essay 17, which has the most exciting title – ‘How understanding the human condition can immediately transform your and every other humans’ life and save the world’. Like everything Jeremy writes it is a must-read – here’s a link:

  • Elise

    Hi John, I know you wrote this post ages ago but the title ‘With Gratitude’ caught my eye as it is exactly what I feel for Jeremy Griffith, the WTM and the world saving information that finally explains the mystery of us humans and brings such beautiful compassionate understanding to who we are. John I hope you have continued to absorb the understanding of the human condition because I can tell you from my own experience that this is everything you have ever dreamed of. I know that this information will end all of the horrific suffering in the world caused by destructive (yet understood) resigned humans like myself, and now through supporting the WTM I get to contribute to ending all of that suffering. I could never imagine being offered a life of such meaning. So thank you again for you words which I sincerely and humbly reiterate, WITH GRATITUDE.

  • Zia

    Hi John, I’ve just been browsing the forum and saw Elise’s reply and reading your words was very special. Thank you for posting them here, the power of this information and what it does for humans is so incredible and complete. It’s amazing to think that in time thanks to this information there will be generations of humans born that will never have to go through what we have had to, never have to live not knowing why and never have to feel alone inside ever again. As WTM member Tony Gowing says in the Wonderful Transformation Counsel (WTC) document on this website ‘we will be totally at home wherever we go’. It is indescribable to feel completely understood as a human, but gratitude is such a perfect word you have chosen. I can’t imagine my life or the world without this information, and to live for it to transform the world gives life such meaning and purpose. The human race can now finally come home all together thanks to Jeremy Griffith and the information in FREEDOM, of which I am in continuous awe, gratitude and ever growing appreciation of.
    Thank you again for starting this forum thread and for your words.

  • SarahC

    I totally agree that ‘with gratitude’ caught my eye too and reading back over the comments I felt compelled to share how understanding this information has truly changed my life. I am no longer living in a place with the blinds pulled down but instead living my life in the sunshine. The loneliness, the worries for my children’s future, the lack of a sense of purpose that I have felt in the past are no longer a concern to me because I know that the human condition has been solved and we are free and my life is now incredibly exciting and meaningful. I have known about this explanation for a long time however it was only recently that I started really immersing myself in it. I was reading more essays, watching more videos and listening to more pod casts. I then came to the realisation that I know enough about this information to know it is true and if it has had such a positive impact on my life then I really have to share it with others. I am loving every minute that I spend thinking about a human condition free world and connecting with others who also support and understand this information. I am filled with immense gratitude that I have found this information in my life time.

  • Ari

    Thanks Sarah. Word for word perfect and exactly how I feel. Indescribable joy and relief and gratitude.