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    Let’s all start to live in the Sunshine and open our eyes and everyone else’s hearts to this ‘holy grail of insights’

    Amen to that Nicoletta!



    Hard to argue your logic RJ. You are absolutely correct and I share the view that the information generally needs to be presented honesty and brutally.

    My comments above, we solely in the context of a strategy to keep those who have ‘dipped their toes in the water’ so to speak connected to the information while their brain makes room for the size and scale of the life changing understandings.

    And I was thinking primarily in the context of close family and friends that many of us struggle to make any real inroads with.

    It’s a resigned brains strategy for a resigned brain world but by no means is it tried and tested.

    Love your post mate. Perfectly said.



    Ahhh, the need to keep it short and sharp so they don’t lose interest.

    This ones very tricky and I don’t think there is a golden rule or formula yet (hopefully one day).

    The problem is people are so well trained in their sub-conscious to not even entertain the topic and that makes it bloody hard.

    In my experience it helps to not over emphasise the importance of the information (i.e. it’s life saving and rehabilitating role) because that is too much for the resigned brain to absorb.

    I know that’s resigned brain thinking and strategising but we are talking about how to ‘trick’ the resigned brain into at least giving this a chance. In theory, once that brain is a little less resigned, then it should be easier to keep them interested (I know easier said than done).

    So the challenge is how to get their attention, keep them interested but not scare them off until they get to 1st base.

    Furthermore, and as unfortunate as this is, I think it easier to grasp the attention of someone who is searching for answers (i.e. bewildered at human behaviour, recently hurt, seeking meaning) rather than someone who has adopted the ‘feel good’ pretend way of life.

    I don’t think it can be done in one line but here’s my go at it.

    ‘The human condition relates to the tendency for human beings to be aggressive, selfish and divisive when in fact our societal and religions ideals are to be caring, loving and selfless.’Solving the human condition has been humanities most important and greatest task to prevent our own self destruction.

    Current levels of conflict, poverty, suicide, depression etc. are clear evidence that we need ‘understanding’ and subsequently healing from what we now know is a psychological state of ‘upset’ (without understanding our species purpose and meaning – we shut it out of our minds and became upset or angry).

    We are fortunate in Australia, that this riddle has been solved by the most brilliant Australian biologist, Jeremy Griffiths. Jeremy has devoted his life to studying anthropology, religion, biology and science and discovered ‘our true meaning’ that we all so desperately crave.

    The findings of Jeremy’s research solve every question of every topic on earth but first require an individual to break free of their religious or other inhibitions, open up their mind to the greatest of all life gifts – the complete understanding of our role, purpose and meaning of our life on earth’

    That’s the best I can do guys. It felt great writing it.

    To the heroes at WTM Sydney – Thank you for everything you’re doing for us on a daily basis.
    Lots of Love and Thank you.

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    The criticism you’re referring to Darko was ‘pre-understanding’ because post understanding, the conflict disappears.

    It was an internal conflict we had to have but it is no longer necessary.

    Explanation = understanding = meaning = resolution = forgiveness = light = selflessness = love (unconditional) = ‘no need for validation’ = TRUTH!

    RJ explained it brilliantly above that when one truly understands the cause of the human condition it leads to reconciliation between the instinct and the intellect and allows the process of self-healing (i.e. the subsiding of our ‘upset’).

    This was the point I was trying to make in my first post above. That this process can take some time – as it did for me many years!

    I just wanted you to know that I had much greater reservations and resistance to the information but I can honestly say to you that I AM FREE OF THE BURDEN OF GUILT, I AM FREE OF THE CONFLICT, I AM FREE OF FEELING BAD, I AM FREE. For the first time in my life I am free.

    You’ve grasped some very important concepts which is amazing and brilliant Darko.

    Patience and open minded perseverence is the key my friend. Good luck and hope to talk again.

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    Thanks Sarah. Word for word perfect and exactly how I feel. Indescribable joy and relief and gratitude.

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    PS. One more thing Darko.

    In relation to your question:
    ‘So could you explain to me how to apply the knowledge about the conflict between mind vs instinct in this situation? I honestly can’t. The knowledge that some 2 million years ago this conflict started does not help me currently?

    The conflict between the instinct and the intellect was an inevitable one when we developed a conscious mind and went on our search for knowledge. That conflict is the underlying cause of our (humanities) condition, i.e. our ability to be immensely good but also to be immensely bad). The Adam Stork story is brilliant in shining light on this dilemma of our species.

    When you read more of freedom you will understand that this conflict was beyond our control. It is not our fault that this happened and in fact it was necessary to carry out this journey in darkness, to find understanding. This journey was painful but heroic and fully explains our imperfect behaviour.

    The critical point Darko is that the information liberates us from the guilt and ‘feeling bad’ as you put it because we are not bad, we are good! We are explained and not condemned. We, you included, are the true heroes of life on earth.

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    Hi Darko.

    Well done for being so honest in your questions which I can totally relate to as a 48 year old Father of 4!

    Darko, the first thing I would say to you, is don’t be in a rush! I can detect some excitement in your post but also some reservation.

    That’s perfect. That’s exactly how you should feel but please finish reading Freedom. Read it carefully and slowly. It sounds to me like you will get to the end and want to read it again.

    You can’t connect the dots until at least some of the information makes sense.

    Darko my story is that I was first exposed to this information by my brother more than 10 years ago, when he asked me to read Jeremy’s book ‘A Species in Denial’. I read the whole book, all 500 and something pages of book and thought it was a terrible book.

    I told my brother this and proceeded to criticise the book and Jeremy’s method and technique of writing. I remember saying to my brother ‘After reading the whole book I still don’t even know what the human condition is!

    After about a year, I thought I’ll read the book again. I’ll give it another chance with a clear head. In reality Darko, what I did is let go of all of my pre-existing conditioning and learnings. I had to let go. For example we were brought up in a Greek Orthodox household so my first attempt at absorbing any information that put into question religious beliefs – was destined to fail.

    So the 2nd time round, I opened up my mind to ‘learning’. I opened up my mind to information. To possibilities.

    That’s all.

    Well OMG!!! I got to page 27 and there was a whole page easily and clearly describing what the HC is. I couldn’t believe it. I was blown away. How could this be the same book? I read the rest of the book and it was easy to read and made sense.

    I now know this to be due to a number of reasons:

    Firstly, Darko we don’t know this but our sub conscience worked out long ago, that we had to block out any ideas or discussion about our condition. I.e. Are we good or bad, because we had no way to explain it. If we can’t explain it then we must not think about it.

    Jeremy explains that this is the basis of Plato’s writing regarding our reluctance to leave the cave. We had to stay in the cave, i.e. in denial of our ‘upset state’ until such time as we could explain it.

    The only problem for you now is that you just need more time to read, understand, digest, question and accept the ‘truth’ as Jeremy describes it so your sub conscience is scared to step out of the cave.

    It took me 5 more years to step out of the cave after re-reading ‘A species in denial’ so I know as well as anyone how fearful this is. You’re probably reading this and saying ‘but I don’t feel scared – I just want answers’ – well that’s what I was thinking anyway.

    Be brave my friend and fear nothing. You have the opportunity to learn more truths in a single book than you would if you lived 10 successive lifetimes.

    The other problem with the information, when you are first expose to it is the concept of ‘the deaf effect’. Boy was I deaf the first time I read the book. It was like there was a brick wall made of 10 skins of brickwork which had to be broken down skin by skin. I was very lucky because I had a patient and loving brother who persisted.

    It is the unconditional selfless love that brought me out of the cave Darko. Nothing else.

    The reason you feel bad is because you don’t have understanding. When you have understanding you will feel excitement and joy beyond words. You will forever be a better Father, husband, friend, brother, neighbour and so on.

    You are already a human hero. A legend and survivor.

    I wish you well on this journey my friend. I am excited for you and here if you need me.

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    I don’t know if this was an epiphany moment or not Erpa, but let me tell you what happened to me a couple of weeks ago.
    I was having a shit morning at work dealing with problem after problem and was feeling really down and out. Something got into my head and said get on the wtm website and read – so I did.
    I started reading one of the freedom essays and whatever it was that I was reading (I don’t even know) resonated so openly and strongly with me, that I knew I was reading the truth. The truth about us! The truth about life! The truth about everything!
    So I started giggling at my desk. Then I started laughing loudly and uncontrollably. This went on for 3 or 4 minutes and I couldn’t stop. I realised the magnitude of what I was reading
    I then went back into the resigned world and performed my functions and duties in a state of ecstacy.
    I’m a traditional masculine ‘Alpha male’ adult Father and husband who started giggling.
    For the first time in my life I felt connected to the truth.
    What else can I say. True story.
    Hope we can talk soon.

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    What a great thread. Thanks everyone for contributing.
    Fascinating and informative reading.
    Isn’t it amazing that something like religion, can be both so critically important, for our search for knowledge, and then so dogmatic and unnecessary (somewhat of a hindrance) now that we’ve found understanding.
    I think its always important to remind ourselves, that was see as a problem today, is likely to have been absolutely necessary during the search and therefore vital.
    As I have said in another thread, I was confronted by the battle of the sexes explanation explanation until I realised that my behaviour as a man during the search was ‘explained’ and not ‘condemned’.
    I’ve never felt so liberated being able to be honest and truthful, to the best of my ability as a resigned adult, without having to ‘win’ an argument or discussion.

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    Hmmm. I’m not sure what you mean about the concept of ‘choice’ MJ but I’ll have a go.

    We appear to be the only beings on this planet that moved from an instinctive state to a totally intellectual state of managing our affairs over a million years ago. Whilst some animals, i.e. dolphins, chimpanzees etc. have higher levels of intelligence than others, they still primarily manage their affairs instinctively.

    It seems reasonable then that choice is something that develops more in the intellectual world rather than the instinctive one where your behaviour is pre-determined by your instincts which are formed over many many years of behavious that maintains the survival of the particular species.

    I.e. Adam Stork flew the same path his ancestors flew for ever because that flight path kept the species alive. Same with the Salmon in Canada who go up the river to breed, lay eggs and die because that keeps the species alive (i.e. the survival of the group is what the instinct drives).

    In the case of humans, the way I understand it, with intellect comes choice and that’s that. Whilst to a degree as a whole, we had no choice in striving to solve the riddle i.e. ‘what is our purpose, why do we fight, why are we aggressive, egocentric and angry’ we do of course as individuals have choice in our day to day existence.

    We exercise that choice for the most part freely, i.e. whether to get out of bed, make a coffee, go to work, say hello etc. This choice or decision making is at a conscious level and we could choose to do good or not to good.

    The problem for us, as a species, was we didn’t know whether we are meant to be good (i.e. are we from a good, sound ethical base) or are we beasts (survival of the fittest). Not knowing this, impacted on our ability to manage ourselves and the planet and therefore resulted in record levels of sickness across the globe (poverty, environmental destruction, wars, suicide, greed, corruption).

    But now…….. well now we have understanding. WE HAVE UNDERSTANDING. HALLELUJAH!!!

    With understanding comes meaning. With meaning comes compassion. With compassion comes equal love for each and every hero of earth current, past and future. Understanding our species journey, behaviour and purpose is the only thing that can save this planet and it’s arrived. Give it a chance. Read it and watch the videos. We are saved. Lots of love to the whole of the forum.
    Thank God for Jeremy and his choice to devote his life to save the world.

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    Hey Marty. You’re probably right. It is an over generalisation.

    Jeremy’s reference to the left will generate some resistance from those on the left who are severely resigned. But if that’s the liberating truth, i.e. that the left is more dangerous than the right, until the end game – then so be it.

    The truth is the truth and when we’re confronted with it, and we don’t like what it says – we fight back.

    I was very confronted with the battle between the sexes and the ‘all forms of sex are abuse’ of the innocence of woman part of the information. But then you scratch a little deeper and realise that even that was a necessary sacrifice and step in the process to survive and make it to this day.

    All woman are heroes. All men are heroes.

    At the end of the day, the explanation of our condition means that our future is one without a left or right side of politics.

    Every human will be equal. Our torment and search will be over. We will be free from the guilt. Loved and nurtured and so the new world begins.

    No more left and right. Just the truth.

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    Thanks Willow. Wow!

    ‘our thick blocks of denial start to erode, the veil begins to lift, the blinds come off, the plugs come out of our ears and before you know it what was once just a series of black dots on a page become the most important and beautiful, prescious and meaningful words we’ve ever and will ever read’

    I’m speechless. That paragraph is amazing and perfect.

    Truly inspirational.

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    Just noticed I got a mention by RJ. Thanks RJ, even if it was nearly a year ago.
    I’m surprised this thread doesn’t have more momentum. This is a brilliant topic and one I’m sure we’re all grappling with.
    It’s so hard to have an existing group of friends who you’ve shared most of your resigned life with but who you know, will not get this.

    I’ve been grappling with that and as harsh as it sounds, you only have a certain amount of hours to spend with other people so we have to choose who we spend our time and energy with wisely to get maximum effect. In that context I’ve started introducing the wtm and information to some colleagues and friends and with each one I think about what strategy to employ. Unfortunately the deaf effect is so strong (I know this from experience as RJ reproduced my post above), there is no easy way around this.

    Gotta say I love the people that read the material once and jump onboard straight away – that’s amazing.

    Anyway, I break the ice with people like this.

    ‘I’ve come across an Australian biologist, Jeremy Griffiths who has spent most of his life researching the origins of life, human evolution, anthropolgy, science, biology and religion. Jeremy’s work and research explains (through the the stages of evolution we’ve encountered) how an inevitable battle between our instinct and intellect has resulted in humanities ‘upset’ state. Jeremy’s explanation of this battle solves our dilemma, explains the true meaning of life and opens the door for true and meaningful happiness like no other’.

    It’s trial and error but gee I love reading that back to myself!

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    Wow absolutely fascinating.

    Erpa, I’m so happy that you came across this information when you did.

    I’m a 48 year old male with a wife, 4 kids and a world of responsibility and I get completely lost in the artificial world of fame, fortune and glory.

    I hope you continue to stay connected to this material.

    You need to think of humanity as somewhat ‘sick’ or as Jeremy describes it, in a state of psychosis.

    The actions around us are a symptom of an illness that is now 1.5 million years old.

    It was as necessary as it was tragic – but here we all are the cross roads.

    You appear to be one of the very few people who are able to read and understand the material very quickly which is absolutely brilliant for you (and for others).

    We are all amazing, heroes of our time and through the WTM we can talk to each other and rejoice at the opportunity to steer the ship back on course.

    I loved your posts and hope to be able to read some more some time soon.

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    Response to Normans post of 14 April.

    Sorry Norman, I didn’t even realised you posted.

    I actually went and saw Jordan Peterson (JP) when he came to Melbourne and I am a big fan. He is a brilliant intellectual who puts the left back in their box and for good reason. The radical left is dangerous for humanity!

    I hear you re: facts and I am the same way inclined – which is why it took me many years before I could actually hear, read and see Jeremy’s work.

    The difference between JP and Jeremy, is the JP tells you to live a meaningful life as better than the alternative but he doesn’t really tell you why (other than you will feel good about yourself and therefore it’s better than feeling bad).

    The problem with that is that it is not enough. Why should I be good? What purpose does it serve?

    Jeremy’s explanation basically explains that it is our natural orientation to do so. Our instinctive orientation is to be selfless, loving and cooperative (from our Bonobo evolutionary days). That’s the way Bonobos behave and all of the available evidence suggests that is where we evolved from.

    Furthermore, that living the way we have been, as explained and necessary as it was, has lead us to this crisis point (i.e. depression, suicide, poverty, conflict).

    Being good, is your natural purpose and at this point in time, will most likely help save the planet and our species. What more reasons for being good could anybody want?

    The only way to test Jeremy’s explanation is to apply it to your life. I know my comments can come across as shallow (i.e. just stick at it and it will make sense) but that’s only because that’s what worked for me. I encourage you and everyone to read and re-read the material. Find the time and if you’re like me, and most of the people at WTM the rewards are beyond words.

    The answers, reasoning and facts come from reading it over and over until one day you find you can’t put it down.

    Once it makes sense and your at peace with yourself, you can ring peace to everyone else you love and care for.

    Would love to chat with you further one day.

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