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    Definitely not bored at all by your posts Roz. Not sure about a name prior to finding the information other than it wasn’t much fun, I suppose confused, alone and lost would cover it. I did have a feeling from a young age that there was something important that I’d be a part of and I’d nearly given up when luckily I was introduced to this by a friend. When you don’t fit in the question “is it me” or rather the statement “it must be me” does go through your mind on a daily basis. Anyway thank god we can understand it all now and you never need think again of calling the “nice young men in their clean white coats” (I think we’re about the same age so assume you’ll get this)

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    Dear Roz,

    Firstly I am really enjoying reading your forum posts, the relief at finding some truth in the world is pouring out of you!

    I also have a partner who is not enthusiastic about the information but has seen some value in it. She is a teacher and found the explanation of resignation very helpful in understanding her teenage students. She says to me regularly that the bits and pieces she’s read make sense but she thinks that solving the Human Condition in an insurmountable problem. The real reason however is that the whole issue of the Human Condition has historically been off limits once a person resigns.

    Roz, the biggest problem “Ship at Sea’s” face is not appreciating the extent of the deaf effect in resigned humans and the confronting nature of the information which is why your husband “still doesn’t want to look at any ‘Jeremy’ stuff or look at videos”. When someone resigns it is a 100% complete commitment to never again look at the issue of the Human Condition in themselves or the world because it is just absolutely terrifying. Where as a “Ship at sea” feels a huge relief because at last they’ve understood what has been driving them mad all of their life, you feel understood and know that you have found a home in this truth where the torment can subside. I still clearly remember the day I read the Adam Stork story for the first time and saying to myself “This is it” because I knew I was searching for something I just wasn’t quite sure what it was and the feeling of relief was completely over whelming. All I wanted to do was tell everyone but aside from one or two people I was generally received with a blank look and stunned silence. That was 20 years ago but now we are slowly making in roads and working day and night to break down the walls of the resigned world.
    Anyway the reason for telling you all this is that it’s important to be patient with people. It’s the job of people who can hear this truth to demonstrate to others that it is at last now safe to look at the issue of the Human Condition and the only reason that’s possible is because we can understand it. And the best way to demonstrate that is to relax in it and be a living example which it sounds like you’re doing perfectly judging by this “but me reading Jeremys texts and knowing everything has made such me difference to me I am hoping that he sees what a difference it has made to me and start to enquire himself!”
    I relate very much to your line of “I get why he is like he is” because once you understand what’s going on it’s so much easier to cope with it rather than get frustrated by it. Not only can you cope but you can be truly empathetic to someone else’s situation. Once they know that you’re “on their side” it allows the relationship to gain traction at a deeper level which hopefully can grow. I love that you say that the information has “transformed my marriage!” because It’s fair to say that without this information it would have been almost impossible for me to have a relationship at all.

    All the best


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)