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This is Freedom Essay 69


Anthony Landahl’s Transformation


In Freedom Essay 55 Tony Gowing described the all-effective, all-satisfying and completely wonderful Transformed Way of Living that solving the human condition makes possible for all humans. Today we are presenting a further personal affirmation from a WTM Member of the wonder of the transformed life.


This F. Essay features Anthony Landahl’s account of his transformation:



This video of Anthony’s affirmation (and affirmations from other WTM Members) can also be viewed at​#transformation-affirmations. The transcript of this video is provided below, and also appears in Freedom Expanded: Book 2 (alongside transcripts of the other affirmations).

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Before including the transcript of Anthony’s presentation, this box contains a summary by Jeremy Griffith of the transforming situation humans are in.


Now that the great goal of the whole human journey of conscious thought and enquiry has been achieved and we have found understanding of our conflicted and distressed human condition (see F. Essay 5), all the old retaliatory, defensive and insecure upset behaviours of anger, egocentricity and alienation that we had to employ to cope while we couldn’t defend ourselves with understanding are no longer needed. They are obsoleted, brought to an end. In fact, with this knowledge of the human condition now found, it would be an act of total irresponsibility, indeed madness, to continue down that old, insecure, defensive and destructive competitive, selfish and aggressive road. The truth is, there is nothing in the way now of every human taking up a magnificent, unburdened, human-condition-free, cooperative, selfless and loving transformed life!


Most significantly, this new Transformed Lifeforce State (TLS) and its way of living is fundamentally different to all the previous ways in which we abandoned our upset life and lived instead in accordance with more cooperative and selfless principles. As is described in F. Essay 29, there has been a progression of increasingly dishonest, deluded and dangerous ways of adopting a more cooperative and selfless way of living from religion to socialism/​communism to New Ageism to feminism to environmentalism to politically correct post-modernism. As was explained in that essay, what was increasingly dishonest, deluded and dangerous about all these movements was that they weren’t just promoted as ways of restraining upset, but as actual solutions to the psychologically upset state of our human condition. As the Adam Stork story in F. Essay 5 is finally able to make clear, we humans had to be prepared to suffer becoming upset angry, egocentric and alienated while we searched for knowledge, ultimately for self-knowledge, the redeeming, reconciling and rehabilitating understanding of our ‘good and evil’ conflicted human condition. Therefore, dogmatic insistence on cooperative and selfless behaviour oppressed the freedom we needed to continue the upsetting search for knowledge. And to claim that dogmatic compliance with cooperative and selfless behaviour was the solution to upset behaviour was pseudo idealistic because real idealism depended on continuing the upsetting search for knowledge until we found the rehabilitating understanding of the human condition. Understanding not dogma was the answer; it was our species’ goal and destiny. However, once that relieving understanding of the human condition was found, as it now has been, this situation fundamentally changes. Suddenly it’s no longer pseudo idealistic to insist on cooperative and selfless behaviour, because the upsetting battle to find understanding of ourselves has been won. So while all previous forms of abandoning our upset life were fundamentally irresponsible and pseudo idealistic, abandoning our upset life is now not only legitimate, it is the only way to live. (F. Essay 39 presents a significant discussion by Jeremy on the immense danger of left-wing dogma, and how the legitimate transformation that understanding of the human condition makes possible is the only way to save Western civilisation, indeed save humanity. The differences between the Transformed Way of Living and all other previous ways of abandoning our upset life are also fully described in chapters 9:5 and 9:6 of FREEDOM.)


YES, THE IMMENSE EXCITEMENT AND RELIEF OF BEING EFFECTIVELY FREE OF THE HUMAN CONDITION the joy and happiness of being liberated from the burden of our insecurities, self-preoccupations and devious strategising; the awesome meaning and power of finally being genuinely aligned with the truth and actually participating in the magic true world; the wonderful empathy and equality of goodness and fellowship that understanding of the human condition now allows us to feel for our fellow humans; the freedom now to effectively focus on repairing the world; and, above all, the radiant aliveness from the optimism that comes with knowing our species’ march through hell has finally ended and that a human-condition-free new world is coming CAN NOW TRANSFORM EVERY HUMAN AND THUS THE WORLD.


From being a human-condition oppressed and depressed alienated person, you and all other humans can now be TRANSFORMED into redeemed, liberated-from-the-human-condition, exhilarated, ecstatic, enthralled-with-existence, empowered, world-transforming LIFEFORCES. This exhilarated, ecstatic, enthralled-with-existence aspect is the ‘Life’ in ‘Lifeforce’, while the empowered, world-transforming aspect is the ‘force’ in ‘Lifeforce’, so LIFEFORCE covers both the personal benefit and the benefit to the world in one word. Such is the Transformed Lifeforce State or TLS!


F. Essay 17 explains how everyone’s lives can now be immediately transformed, while ‘The 4 key Transformation presentations’ on our website’s Transformation page provide a step-by-step description of the transformation process.



The transcript of Anthony Landahl’s transformation


My name is Anthony Landahl, I’m 35 years old [at the time of filming] and I’ve been part of the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT (WTM) for the best part of my adult life. I grew up in Sydney, and had a pretty typical Australian upbringing, went to school, played sport etc. You know the plans grow up, meet a wife, get a job, have kids etc. On the surface this is all fine and can be seen as pretty typical of a lot of family life. I wasn’t personally searching for answers or particularly philosophical either.


Everyone can read and test this explanation of the human condition by Jeremy Griffith themselves to see if it’s true [see F. Essay 5]. My experience is that once you go on that journey you realise this information and explanation of the human condition is true, it is the culmination of humanity’s search for knowledge, so it certainly shouldn’t be dismissed lightly. In fact what you start discovering is that it’s an incredible time in history and there is an exciting future for humans that we can all access.


This information goes to the core in all of us of what it means to be a human and to the heart of understanding ourselves individually and collectively. So just step back and consider that there might be an explanation to all of the suffering, selfishness, loneliness, depression, greed, pain and day-to-day personal battles and difficulties we humans front up to.


I’d firstly like to talk from a broader macro perspective, and then give a more personal account about what this understanding of the human condition has done for my life.


So firstly, what does it mean for us, this explanation of the human condition?


It means collectively, with the search to find the greater dignifying understanding of self, the need to validate ourselves, or if we go back to the Adam Stork story that Jeremy presents in F. Essay 5 and chapters 1 & 3 of FREEDOM, the need to fly off course, is over. Our insecurity about our self worth that developed two million years ago has been dignified, explained and truly validated by the information. Hunger for self-validation is rested with a fundamental understanding of ourselves. So it means individually the burden of the human condition is lifted and all that anger, egocentricity and alienation in all of us can subside. We can leave the self-worth-focused, self-preoccupied-with-proving-I-am-good wasteland behind now. We have had to live how we have lived, it was unavoidable as Jeremy has explained, but now we TRANSFORM from living without understanding of our fundamental worth to living with the truth about our condition explained and dignified. [See F. Essay 17 about the Transformation that understanding makes possible.] So it’s a massive paradigm shift in thought and brings about a massive change to the world and to ourselves in the way we can live.


Adam Stork



Eventually, because of this understanding, children won’t have to resign [Resignation being a psychological process that is explained in F. Essay 41]. But for us who have been born into this world still afflicted by the human condition and who had no choice but to resign and go out and assist in this search for knowledge, what happens initially is we try to bring the resigned world, our resigned life into the truthful, denial-free world that is made possible by understanding of the human condition. In effect, when we first hear this explanation we continue to live in that insecure, self-preoccupied with proving our self worth, resigned state of denial, whilst simultaneously trying to live with this truth up. It’s what we have called the ‘Mexican Standoff’, where you live in a ‘no man’s land’, where you can’t deny the truth of the explanation but you can’t let go of your resigned ways in effect, you continue to live in denial of the truth about yourself.


But that is not the way to respond to this information it’s about seeing, accepting and then knowing the truth about this understanding in ourselves and the world, breaking our own denial if you like, not being a victim of our defensive reactions to the truth and instead taking up this TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE STATE. And the way to do that is simple. There is no need to face down or overly confront yourself with this information, no need to hold on to our redundant resigned ways anymore. Just support this dignifying explanation of the human condition and ourselves and live for what is possible now and just leave that resigned, self-centred, preoccupied-with-self-validation state that’s now redundant (because it’s been explained and dignified) behind. Live where the human journey is at. Participate in the truthful world again by living for the future generations when children won’t have to resign. [F. Essay 17 explains the Transformation that this information makes possible; while F. Essay 18 features a discussion in which Jeremy Griffith explains the ‘Mexican Standoff’, and how to adopt the Transformed Way of Living.]


I’m going to talk a little bit more personally now. It’s taken me a number of years to absorb this information. I’ve personally wrestled with the ‘Mexican Standoff’, a state where you know this information is true, but you’re holding onto your resigned life that we’re so habituated to, our own strategies to life. So what I want to talk about now is what for me has opened up this whole TRANSFORMED STATE, and that was understanding and accepting and knowing in myself what it really is to be a resigned human, accepting what it is to live a life in denial of the human condition and the soul’s truthful world.


The first time I came across the concept of Resignation, or of being resigned, was in Jeremy’s writing on the human condition. It was a concept I’d never heard about at school, or ever come across before. You get on with life just accepting it for what it is and from time to time you might look at things from a slightly deeper perspective, but you never get any real answers and so you just get on with life. Then, when I understood this explanation of the human condition it was a big step for me to firstly understand, then accept Resignation and say, ‘I am resigned and I’m living in denial of the human condition. I’m angry, I’m egocentric, I’m alienated from the soul’s world, in fact I died inside myself when I resigned, and I took up a strategy to cope with life based on validating myself’. That was all incredibly difficult to get my head around and accept in my core, not just intellectually. It at times has been an extremely exposing and confronting journey. Honestly, we are so in denial of the human condition and the soul’s truthful world, we don’t even know what we are in denial of anymore. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with our lives, we just block out the horror of what’s going on in the world and day-to-day in our lives. But when you can finally understand, accept and know what it means to be resigned, it’s incredibly relieving and exciting and it opens up the unbridled potential of this information.


Through the understandings that Jeremy has presented I can understand that like us all, I was born into the world expecting it to be soulful and ideal, but it’s not. We are born into a divisive world that we can’t reconcile with the ideals. So eventually we stop trying to reconcile the two states, we stop asking those questions about the wrongness of the world that we ask as children, questions that adults couldn’t answer and instead just said, ‘Oh that’s just life, you’ll understand one day.’ But because we couldn’t reconcile it (the divisive world with the ideals) and there were no answers, we let go of our truthful/​soulful child’s view of the world in our adolescence and resigned to the adult world and left that truthful/soulful world behind.


Jeremy has explained to me, and through these explanations I can understand myself, that because of my particular upbringing and because of my intellect and sensitivity, at Resignation I could see the horror of the human condition in the world and in me, and I made a very deep philosophical decision at that point that I would never go back there emotionally, that means I never wanted to look at or face down the human condition in the world and myself again. Practically, I decided I did not want to participate in or be a part of the horror of the world. At that point of Resignation the little boy left the soul’s world behind and died inside of me....[struggling to speak].....this is the hard bit.........​Resignation was a really awful time for me. I was physically sick with glandular fever for about three months.........​I couldn’t get out of bed and my sister used to come home after school and lie next to me.........​it’s hard to reconnect with that actual moment, and the depth of it, but I can feel and know the truth of it in terms of never wanting to look into the deeper issues of life again and not wanting to participate in life from that point on. The way my life’s been lived since that time is a testament to this, and I reckon everyone has a similar story of sorts to that.


So since that moment of Resignation I went into denial of the existence of the human condition, blocked out the soul’s world, and everything I’ve ever done since has been driven by those deep decisions I made then about how I’m going to live my life, and then I developed a strategy for validating my life based around this. I developed an ego-centred win system to feel good about myself, prove my worth, relieve my insecurity about ‘am I good or bad?’, as in the Adam Stork story. I’d side with the ‘down and outers’, but wasn’t one of them, I’d side with soul, but wasn’t soulful, I was smart but disowned my IQ, I tried to ‘out-bloke’ everyone and it goes on and on in all of us.


All my energy from that moment of Resignation was dedicated to and preoccupied with maintaining this resigned life, to feeling better about myself. The way I talk, the way I walk and dress, everything I do. Our lives become a tangled, insecure mess. But it was my way of coping and validating myself, of giving me self-esteem and I loved it and it looked after me. And everyone takes up some strategy at Resignation to validate themselves, whether it be to be a winner at all costs, become part of a born-again movement, or drop out of the battle of life, or whatever. The meaning of life becomes competitive, self-focused and preoccupying.


So with the explanation of the human condition I can now understand, know and feel what it means to be resigned. That’s who I am and I can see why my life’s been what it’s been. That’s what’s been driving me and how I coped with resigned life. I can shake hands with this part of me now, see it, love it, but not be a victim of it. I can see how embattled, heroic, tired, exhausted, preoccupying and beautiful the human journey is I can know what the Adam Stork story is for me. And that for me is the TRANSFORMATION. Seeing and accepting and knowing what it is to be resigned. Knowing and understanding what happened to me at Resignation, what’s driven me since and that I have lived a life in denial of the human condition and the truthful world is incredibly relieving. And with the human condition reconciled, explained and defended you will see we can leave it (our resigned life) behind now. It’s a revelation and the denial-free, soulful/​truthful world opens up again.


Even though I’m resigned and always will be, I can be a part of the truthful, denial-free world again now by supporting it, with my old resigned way of life able to be left behind in a defended, dignified and loved state. I can participate in something so beautiful and meaningful, it’s amazing. This information fulfils me and all of us. The WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT is something to live for now and participate in.


Understanding all of this also allows me to see the difference between someone who resigned like myself and someone who didn’t resign. Someone that didn’t have to go into denial to cope, who could live with the human condition up-front, not buried. An unresigned brain or a denial-free thinker or what traditionally was called a prophet, can confront and walk around in the realm of the human condition, can think truthfully and honestly and is not in denial of the human condition or the truthful, soul’s world. And there has been a handful of humans throughout time who have done this: Abraham, Moses, Christ and more recently Sir Laurens van der Post, Sir James Darling and Jeremy Griffith [see F. Essay 45 on unresigned thinkers]. It’s not personal, it’s just part of the human story and just plain facts.


This means that the truthful, soulful, denial-free world and where these explanations came from can be made sense of and, in fact, still exists, and the resigned world can also be made sense of. There is a whole world that we don’t even know exists in our estranged denial. But it exists. The denial-free, truthful world has always been there. Children and the unresigned, denial-free people have access to that and can live there and we can too now again. It’s real and tangible and that world can come alive again in all of us and in ourselves.


Without this information I would have been just living out my strategy to life. Or with this information I could live in the ‘Mexican Standoff’, which we talked about before which I have done for many years, just living constantly in and out of exposure, defending my current state of denial. Or by understanding and accepting and knowing I am resigned and that I can leave that resigned life behind now brings so much peace and resolution to all of our bones. We can truly live again.


You know at base in our day-to-day lives, I know myself, and all of us at different times and moments get a glimpse of, just how selfish or egocentric or angry we are and how unhappy our life has become, or how messy our life has become and without this information we can’t cope with that, we just block that out, we soldier on, we get on with life in denial, under the duress of the human condition if you like, using whatever strategy we could grab onto in order to validate our lives and feel better about ourselves.


But in taking up the TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE STATE this all dissolves, the need to live for self dissolves. Day-to-day having to live out our resigned strategy, trying to validate ourselves, trying to get a win, trying to out-do the next person, all that insecurity goes with understanding our resigned life that we have led. Your life becomes incredibly meaningful and happy. You understand where humanity has been, you understand where you’ve been and you also see the future and the possibility of a world that is free of the human condition. You are living for something that is so much greater than any resigned life could ever imagine to offer. And it doesn’t mean how we have been living has been wrong: as Jeremy has explained, we had to march into hell for a heavenly cause. That’s the beauty of all this information, it’s all explained. It dignifies where we’ve been and how we’ve lived.


This information explains the whole human story. The human condition exists, it is real, and now, with this explanation here, the TRANSFORMED STATE is here for all humans to take up, regardless of who you are, where you were born, what particular way you coped with your life, whether you were born-again to religion, or a businessman, or born in the back blocks of any country in the world, this is for everyone.


We may not always hold the clarity as clearly from one day to the next we are coming from two million years of that resigned way of living, and our own personal way of coping and block out and denial so for me that resigned state will always be there, but it’s about not living for that anymore. It’s about understanding that, understanding the human journey, understanding where we’ve been and understanding that that’s over. So it’s about living for the future and for what this information can offer the future and what it can do for the world and its potential.


Freedom Poster


You do feel like you just pop up in front of that sun in the FREEDOM poster and you just want to help where you can with this project and I just want to help get this to everyone where I can now.

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Watch Jeremy Griffith present the breakthrough redeeming explanation of the human condition in F. Essay 5, or read chapter 1 of FREEDOM. You can also read much more on the transformation made possible by the explanation of the human condition in Part 3 of Transform Your Life And Save The World, or chapter 9 of FREEDOM.


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