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This is Freedom Essay 75


Monica Kodet’s Transformation


In Freedom Essay 55 Tony Gowing described the all-effective, all-satisfying and completely wonderful Transformed Way of Living that solving the human condition makes possible for all humans. Today we are presenting a further personal affirmation from a WTM Member of the wonder of the transformed life.


This F. Essay features Monica Kodet’s account of her transformation:



This video of Monica’s affirmation (and affirmations from other WTM Members) can also be viewed at​transformation/​#transformation-affirmations. The transcript of this video is provided below, and also appears in Freedom Expanded: Book 2 (alongside transcripts of the other affirmations).

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Before including the transcript of Monica’s presentation, this box contains a summary by Jeremy Griffith of the transforming situation humans are in.


Now that the great goal of the whole human journey of conscious thought and enquiry has been achieved and we have found understanding of our conflicted and distressed human condition (see F. Essay 5), all the old retaliatory, defensive and insecure upset behaviours of anger, egocentricity and alienation that we had to employ to cope while we couldn’t defend ourselves with understanding are no longer needed. They are obsoleted, brought to an end. In fact, with this knowledge of the human condition now found, it would be an act of total irresponsibility, indeed madness, to continue down that old, insecure, defensive and destructive competitive, selfish and aggressive road. The truth is, there is nothing in the way now of every human taking up a magnificent, unburdened, human-condition-free, cooperative, selfless and loving transformed life!


Most significantly, this new Transformed Lifeforce State (TLS) and its way of living is fundamentally different to all the previous ways in which we abandoned our upset life and lived instead in accordance with more cooperative and selfless principles. As is described in F. Essay 29, there has been a progression of increasingly dishonest, deluded and dangerous ways of adopting a more cooperative and selfless way of living from religion to socialism/​communism to New Ageism to feminism to environmentalism to politically correct post-modernism. As was explained in that essay, what was increasingly dishonest, deluded and dangerous about all these movements was that they weren’t just promoted as ways of restraining upset, but as actual solutions to the psychologically upset state of our human condition. As the Adam Stork story in F. Essay 5 is finally able to make clear, we humans had to be prepared to suffer becoming upset angry, egocentric and alienated while we searched for knowledge, ultimately for self-knowledge, the redeeming, reconciling and rehabilitating understanding of our ‘good and evil’ conflicted human condition. Therefore, dogmatic insistence on cooperative and selfless behaviour oppressed the freedom we needed to continue the upsetting search for knowledge. And to claim that dogmatic compliance with cooperative and selfless behaviour was the solution to upset behaviour was pseudo idealistic because real idealism depended on continuing the upsetting search for knowledge until we found the rehabilitating understanding of the human condition. Understanding not dogma was the answer; it was our species’ goal and destiny. However, once that relieving understanding of the human condition was found, as it now has been, this situation fundamentally changes. Suddenly it’s no longer pseudo idealistic to insist on cooperative and selfless behaviour, because the upsetting battle to find understanding of ourselves has been won. So while all previous forms of abandoning our upset life were fundamentally irresponsible and pseudo idealistic, abandoning our upset life is now not only legitimate, it is the only way to live. (F. Essay 39 presents a significant discussion by Jeremy on the immense danger of left-wing dogma, and how the legitimate transformation that understanding of the human condition makes possible is the only way to save Western civilisation, indeed save humanity. The differences between the Transformed Way of Living and all other previous ways of abandoning our upset life are also fully described in chapters 9:5 and 9:6 of FREEDOM.)


YES, THE IMMENSE EXCITEMENT AND RELIEF OF BEING EFFECTIVELY FREE OF THE HUMAN CONDITION the joy and happiness of being liberated from the burden of our insecurities, self-preoccupations and devious strategising; the awesome meaning and power of finally being genuinely aligned with the truth and actually participating in the magic true world; the wonderful empathy and equality of goodness and fellowship that understanding of the human condition now allows us to feel for our fellow humans; the freedom now to effectively focus on repairing the world; and, above all, the radiant aliveness from the optimism that comes with knowing our species’ march through hell has finally ended and that a human-condition-free new world is coming CAN NOW TRANSFORM EVERY HUMAN AND THUS THE WORLD.


From being a human-condition oppressed and depressed alienated person, you and all other humans can now be TRANSFORMED into redeemed, liberated-from-the-human-condition, exhilarated, ecstatic, enthralled-with-existence, empowered, world-transforming LIFEFORCES. This exhilarated, ecstatic, enthralled-with-existence aspect is the ‘Life’ in ‘Lifeforce’, while the empowered, world-transforming aspect is the ‘force’ in ‘Lifeforce’, so LIFEFORCE covers both the personal benefit and the benefit to the world in one word. Such is the Transformed Lifeforce State or TLS!


F. Essay 17 explains how everyone’s lives can now be immediately transformed, while ‘The 4 key Transformation presentations’ on our website’s Transformation page provide a step-by-step description of the transformation process.



The transcript of Monica Kodet’s transformation


My name is Monica Kodet. I’ve been a Founding Member of the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT (WTM) for 15 years [at the time of filming], since I was 23.


These explanations do confront us with the extent of our upset and our current superficial, artificial, empty lives, but the whole point of them and the completely liberating and significant thing about them is that we can finally see the totally necessary, beautiful, courageous and meaningful story behind it all now and our own place in that. [See F. Essay 5 for the explanation of the human condition Monica is referring to.] And then we can see that the need for our superficial, egocentric existence has been made redundant and that we are in fact free of it to take up an all-fulfilling, all-exciting and meaningful life of supporting something that can really save the world getting these explanations out to future generations.


It feels awkward talking about personal details which become so irrelevant in the scale of what you discover as you digest this material, but in thinking about what I would say today, my own life is the starkest example and evidence to me of the desperate need for the ability to fully understand ourselves; the liberating and transforming power of these explanations; and the danger that lies in new age/pseudo idealistic movements in their claims to solve the world’s problems [see F. Essay 29 & F. Essay 39]. I’ve heard people say that they think the state of the world is improving, which is a pretty frightening statement given the terrifying atrocities being committed and the undeniable levels of stress in the world, and I presume it’s because of the rise of these new age movements and things like people wanting to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet, etc. [See F. Essay 51: ‘Endgame for the human race’ for a presentation of the real situation humanity is now in.] Such movements have been necessary in countering the destructive effects of our behaviour, but they are the complete opposite of what’s needed to truly save ourselves and our planet.


From the age of about 16 to 23 I became increasingly paralysed by my own self-doubt over my ability to operate in the world. I carried massive shame and self-hate surrounding that, feeling completely useless and worthless in the world. The most help I got from anyone apart from my mum, three close friends and children, was from a taxi driver who articulated for me how I felt, when he said, ‘There is no room or place for shy people in this world’. I think the worst thing about it was that there was this thing that was happening to me that I couldn’t talk about, understand or explain and no one else could help me with it or wanted to know about it and it was all spinning out of control. It was really frightening and the only thing I could do was to keep trying to pretend it wasn’t happening and so I would just disappear inside myself and I became more and more crippled by it and disconnected from myself and the world around me. It was hell on Earth, especially as I wanted to participate in life so much but I was like the walking dead. I was so numb and so uncaring about anyone or anything around me. I became completely self-absorbed, preoccupied with searching for answers, I guess, and driven by the need to heal myself and find the soul I so lacked in myself.


I pretty much searched the world and exhausted every option I think and the realisation that there was nothing out there was indescribable. I had to look seriously to myself to do something about it and literally six weeks before I got my hands on Beyond The Human Condition by Jeremy Griffith [Jeremy’s 1991 book], on my way home from overseas, I learnt meditation in a Buddhist temple in Thailand. I applied myself to meditation intensely until I transcended the crippling and depressing effects of my insecurities, to the point where I actually managed to forget about them! I became artificially confident and had all sorts of grand delusions, like I was actually a soulful, selfless person. It scares me when I think about it, given how much I was struggling just weeks before, but that’s the power of denial for you and thank God for it because it allowed me to cope and got me to the very thing I was searching for!


A friend gave me a copy of Beyond The Human Condition by Jeremy Griffith when I returned from my 12-month trip overseas. I absolutely devoured it in one sitting and I knew instantly that I had found the answers to everything I and everyone else needed to know about the world and myself. I was amazed by its ability to explain our fundamental goodness in concrete terms and so relieved that someone was finally breaking the silence and being honest about the extent of the horror and pain in the world.


I had to see through my own delusions though, and I had been seduced by the seemingly powerful effect that meditation had had on me. Bear in mind however, that I had to practice it very regularly in order to maintain its effect, so you can see that it’s a management tool that transcends your pain but doesn’t actually deal with it or solve it. There are lots of spiritual type movements out there claiming to lead us to enlightenment but, in fact, they are dedicated to shutting down your brain and extinguishing your ego, rather than fulfilling it. The whole point of being a conscious human of having a brain is that we have to and need to understand ourselves, as well as the world we live in. In essence, these movements are about escaping from our condition, rather than thinking about and dealing with it. Instead of leading humanity to peace, they are leading us away from it. It’s scary that people are being seduced by these claims because the truth and the crucial need for the truth gets buried under all our denial, delusion and artificiality that we’ve needed to cope with our situation.


I guess that’s why I wanted to share my story because I know very deeply in my bones that it’s ONLY the honesty of these explanations that saved my life and if I had the benefit of knowing back then at 16 what I know now, those eight years of trauma and compounding upset wouldn’t have occurred. As Jeremy has written, ‘What happened in our lives was not the problem so much as our inability to understand why it was happening’ (Beyond The Human Condition, Jeremy Griffith, 1991, p.78 of 203). I know that it’s only the honesty of these explanations that can give children the answers they need to stay alive inside themselves and that is what will save this planet. Children can see through all our delusions and fake happiness through to our upset and they can see and feel their own upset and it’s only acknowledgment and full compassionate explanation of our madness and non-ideal state that can really reassure and love them and let them know that it’s their world that is the true and real world. The fact is that if at that point when that adolescent is trying at the peak of their thinking ability to make sense of it all it gets the answers it needs, that changes and reverses EVERYTHING! It ends the need for denial and alienation from ourselves, each other and the real world and it breaks the cycle of pain and destruction. It allows real healing of our planet to take place. Humanity is free and can return to its all-loving, all-sensitive world. Soul and intellect have been reconciled. How amazing is that!


The trouble is that we are completely committed to avoiding the subject of self and denying the horror of our universal psychosis, so much so that we can’t let ourselves see it [see F. Essay 15 on the so-called ‘deaf effect’ and Plato’s cave allegory]. That is why we struggle so mightily to embrace these explanations and recognise the solution, and that’s what keeps us enslaved to our artificial, superficial and egocentric existence, when we don’t need to be anymore. We’ve heard people say ‘Yeah this explanation makes sense, but so what?’, ‘How does that affect me?’ or ‘I’m perfectly happy over here thanks’. These explanations are enormously confronting and do go into our ‘no-go-zone’ but they do so because they can and do bring so much love to every human and humanity as a whole. And that is what brings about profound change to our situation. Initially I felt massively confronted and exposed by the truth of my own dishonesty in the delusion that I had taken up to cope; and by the fact that I wasn’t selfless and soulful but massively alienated and selfish. But the thing is I can now love what I had to do to cope with my particular equation under the duress of the human condition, and not be ashamed at all of who I am, because I can understand the very good reason for my upset. I am enormously upset but the point is I don’t need to worry about my worth as a person anymore. It’s all been taken care of by these explanations. And it was really important for me to understand and learn that I couldn’t use this information to look into my personal pain or confront the extent of my upset and that it was actually completely unnecessary. So the fact that I can love myself now, in effect through these explanations, is the very thing that unlocks our universal psychosis and releases the hold our upset state has over us and the need we feel to live it out. It dissolves all the insecurity surrounding our massively upset state and is the very thing that frees us from our self-confined, artificial worlds and the need to keep convincing ourselves that we love it, when the truth is we never wanted to take up that existence in the first place we were forced into it and we have had no idea what real happiness feels like under the duress of the human condition.


But with these explanations, our human-conditioned existence is over and now real life and true happiness is available for every single human, whether we realise it or not.

The best thing about the LIBERATED & TRANSFORMED LIFEFORCE STATE for me is that I am still the upset person I was but I don’t feel the need anymore to fix my upset state and all the energy that went into defending and proving my self worth is now freed up and can be put behind an all-effective solution to the world’s and my own problems! These explanations love us so incredibly much, like love you have never known or experienced before and it was realising and accepting that the macro truth of the Adam Stork story [see F. Essay 5] and that the process of Resignation [see F. Essay 41] applies to me personally that liberated me and allowed me to really access the compassion this information brings and its power to TRANSFORM the world. All you want to do from there is support its ability to do that in whatever way you can and that is what you get to live off the enormous excitement and meaning of knowing that if we just look after this information it will solve every problem that plagues this planet at an individual and global level. You are liberated to become a force for life! I don’t think anyone other than humanity’s true, denial-free thinkers have ever experienced the gift of being free to live for something other than themselves, let alone something as awesome as this. Every man can legitimately do this now for the very first time in human history and that is so incredibly exciting.


These ideas are so simple and obviously true, as Jeremy has explained. It’s only our cleverly disguised denial that complicates it and prevents us from really understanding it at first, but if you do keep persisting and following the logic in front of you, it will erode your denial for you. For me, it’s like a thick dark fog gradually lifting and ever-clearing, enabling me to see the birds, the trees, the sun and the sky for the very first time. It is endlessly fascinating and everything takes on new meaning, or actually has meaning for the first time as things are explained to you not from a position of needing to deny the greater truths in life but being able to safely access them now. This most incredible meaningful world opens up. The real world becomes visible for the very first time and that has a profound impact on your life. It has completely changed how I viewed the world and my emotions surrounding that. I’ve moved from a completely victimized position to an objective position. I basically disliked my father before I came across these explanations and blamed him for my problems. But being able to understand his role and responsibility as a man in this world dissolved my anger into compassion and a respect for him, and men in general, that I would never have imagined possible [see F. Essay 31 for the brief explanation of men’s role under the duress of the human condition].


If you do persist with this information and explanation of how the TRANSFORMED STATE works, everything will be here for you and you will discover the beauty and power of its simplicity and its ability to look after you. You will then discover that you are free of your self-confined existence. Free to live and enjoy the incredibly exciting gift of supporting the WTM!


Image of rising sun created by Genevieve Salter


Something that expresses the inexpressible for me, and that’s why I love it so much, is this picture that [WTM Member] Genevieve Salter drew [see F. Essay 71 for Genevieve’s affirmation], and that the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT and FREEDOM posters are based on, with herself, this little girl, who is standing tiny and free with her arms raised in awe and excitement over the blazing beauty, scale and magnificence of the sun before her a symbol of the freedom and potential that these explanations allow for all humans and all of our planet.

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Watch Jeremy Griffith present the breakthrough redeeming explanation of the human condition in F. Essay 5, or read chapter 1 of FREEDOM. You can also read much more on the transformation made possible by the explanation of the human condition in Part 3 of Transform Your Life And Save The World, or chapter 9 of FREEDOM.


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