A brilliant new video on the homepage, and... introducing the WTM FORUM!


A powerful new video series by WTM Member Tony Gowing now features at the top of our homepage. The first short video is titled ‘What exactly is this all about?’, and in it Tony uses the ‘Up River’ analogy to introduce new visitors to this most difficult, but at the same time most important, of all subjects — the human condition.


Access the video, transcript and further introductory videos here.


'What exactly is this all about?' video

AND... you asked for a forum — so here it is!

Many of our members and subscribers have said they'd love to have a place where they can talk about Jeremy Griffith's explanation of the human condition — so we've created a forum where you can chat with others who are also learning about and wanting to discuss these insights.

The forum will be just like any other forum you might participate in, with topics and threads created by yourself or others to be discussed by the WTM's public community. You can be a 'fly on the wall' and simply watch from the sidelines, or you can join in and contribute to lively, informative and inspiring conversations.

A moderator will jump in to offer any helpful advice, but otherwise it's your forum! So get talking!

Enter the Forum


The WTM Forums

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This Blog Post was written by WTM Admin on November 10, 2016


Please note, we encourage constructive discussion about this information and so reserve the right to moderate or decline posts that we feel are not relevant or inappropriate. In particular, with the subject of the human condition being so confronting, malice can easily occur, and where comments are deemed to be motivated not by objectivity but by malice, they will be declined. It has to be appreciated that the possibility of malice toward this subject matter is very real, and we have a responsibility to manage that as best we can.