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Leo Jones, Founder of WTM Hertfordshire


Hi everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my short video. I’m Leo, I’m 38 years old and I’m a father to two children, Hugo and Zack, and I’m from Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.

For my career, I’ve always worked in the field of customer services in the aviation industry and that’s been working directly with customers on the front-line trying to resolve issues and then towards the later part of my career in a number of senior management roles within the business. And I think for me work in such a pressured industry to give excellent customer service has always kind of supported my ever growing want, desire and needs to understand people more, understand myself, understand humans. And I’ve always had a massive interest in human behaviour for my entire life. But it wasn’t until we lost the baby, I started to have a failed relationship, failed friendships and felt that something was kind of missing within my life. My ego was no longer supporting me and I knew that I needed to do something; and it was at that point in my life I entered psychotherapy. That lasted for around seven years and then for three years I started studying it on a professional basis with the aim to help other people on their journey of self-discovery.

For me my internal journey here took me to a place of spirituality; the kind of deeper understanding as to what love is, how humans connect, but also the big understanding that actually there is something much bigger at play in the universe that brings people together, that connects us that that we were just unaware of. But what that didn’t do for me, that nine years, I was still missing something. None of that was explaining the ‘why’. You know, ‘why can humans be so awful to each other?’; ‘why are people so competitive and aggressive to each other?’; ‘why are there so many failed relationships, marriage break ups?’. And for me a big question was why were there so many men in the UK committing suicide; why are people deeply unhappy?

It was actually at this point that I reconnected with a great friend of mine Roz Bachl, and Roz introduced me to the amazing work of Jeremy Griffith, and the ultimate book which is FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition. Instantly I knew that this was the right step for me. I knew it was my next step of personal growth to understanding the ‘why’why humans are behaving the way that they are now.

To my astonishment this book has answered absolutely everything for me with a biological and scientific explanation about the human behaviour. I’ve now got no more questions; everything is so much clearer. Just by reading this book and reaching out for support my relationships both in business and personal are so much better, and continuing to get better. I’m waking up every day with a spring in my step knowing that every day is going to have meaning to it. Every day has got purpose; and every day is just kind of widening my experiences of how great life is.

This book is an absolute must-read. It can be downloaded free of charge at, or if you prefer a hardcopy of the book you can purchase it from Amazon. We’ve also just got an ‘app’ out as well, so go into the App Store and look for World Transformation Movement, where you can, free of charge, have podcasts and essays that will really take you into the detail of the great work by Jeremy Griffith.

I cannot explain more how this book and the great team at the World Transformation Movement are supporting my growth, and how my life is being transformed from it. This information is absolutely critical and I really hope that you invest time in reading this, asking questions and we very much hope to hear from you very soon.

Thank you for listening.