The WTM Launches Two New Websites! and

Hot off the press news! The World Transformation Movement has just relaunched its original website:, with fabulous new features and content, AND an entirely new, special website:, to introduce Jeremy Griffith’s summa masterpiece, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition to the world.

It’s all very exciting, as the WTM has been striving to present the definitive presentation of Jeremy’s biological explanation of the human condition and description of how it transforms the human race, and now, finally, that has been achieved!

As outlined on the home page, FREEDOM replaces the special edition: IS IT TO BE Terminal Alienation or Transformation For The Human Race? which was produced in 2014 for the scientific community.

The new features of the websites include:

New FREEDOM website viewed on a mobile device
  • A new interactive facility where everyone can join in the discussion as others have already done in these videos. You can register your interest to participate in these free webinars and we will notify you once they begin.

  • New simplified website navigation

  • Full responsiveness to allow you to easily browse the website on all mobile devices‑so that regardless of where you are in the world, if you have access to the internet you will be able to easily access this world-saving information.

(Note that all content on the FREEDOM website is also available on the WTM website.)

So make sure you get clicking and discover all the new content and improved functionality of the WTM website and don’t forget to head over and check out the sensational new FREEDOM website!!

New FREEDOM website viewed on an Ipad
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This Blog Post was written by WTM Admin on April 15, 2015


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