Fascinating new videos of Jeremy Griffith discussing his book ‘IS IT TO BE’ with scientists and commentators

As part of the promotional campaign for Jeremy Griffith’s latest book and summa masterpiece, IS IT TO BE Terminal Alienation or Transformation for the Human Race? we have recently filmed two videos with Jeremy discussing IS IT TO BE… which is very exciting!


The first video is of Jeremy being interviewed about IS IT TO BE by Australian journalist, commentator and broadcaster, Brian Carlton, and the second, filmed via skype, is a discussion with Dr David Chivers, a Cambridge anthropologist and former president of the Primate Society of Great Britain.


For a feast of engaging discussion about, as Professor Harry Prosen says, ‘the book that saves the world’, you can watch the full videos (as well as Professor Harry Prosen’s Introductory Video to IS IT TO BE) at <>. (Note: In 2016 IS IT TO BE was recast for general release under its current title FREEDOM: The End of The Human Condition


The following is a conversation, that is truly extraordinary, between Jeremy and Brian Carlton that took place during a break in the filming of the interview.

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