We can't stop there

I stumbled across this very confronting image recently and the impact it had on me was immense. My initial feeling was of overwhelming desperation. Desperation that this situation can possibly exist in today’s modern and technologically advanced world.

This image should shake the very foundations every one of us live on, and wrench us into action to change and help and stop it, but it doesn’t. Unbelievably this is the reality of life on this planet. Millions of people don’t even have enough to eat or have clean water to drink. There is so much human suffering pretty much everywhere you look and the more fortunate seem immune to this suffering becoming ambivalent to the problem or crippled with the feeling of powerlessness to do anything to stop it. Or there is the convenient ‘survival of the fittest’ excuse that many (somehow) use; ‘those starving are simply not fit enough to survive’. But really, as appalling as this image is it doesn’t show the real issue, the real underlying cause of all the suffering and problems on the planet, which is the human condition. It just reveals one of the countless symptoms. Adding to the starvation and impoverishment is the depression, the rape, the unhappiness, the murder, the loneliness, the need for constant gratification through material luxuries, our inability to live nourishing and meaningful lives devoid of superficial reinforcement and distraction are all symptoms of the overall crisis that now pervades the world, the human condition.

The truly remarkable truth isin fact out-of-this-world, all hopes-and-dreams-fulfilling truth isthat the REAL answer to why all these problems exist is here! We can now understand the fundamental reason why all these atrocities occur and most importantly we can visualise a real and very possible future free of pain and suffering. Never before has this been possible. Biologist Jeremy Griffith has solved the human condition and it turns out that all the human-caused problems on earth come down to a deep psychological insecurity about our worth as individuals and as a species. And to crack the spell of this deep insecurity within us we had to be able to discover the explanation for why, when all the ideals that we humans want to live by of being caring, cooperative and selfless, are we seemingly unable to live like thathow can we humans be good worthwhile beings, when all the evidence seems to show that we are blights on the planet and only good at destroying it? But, as Jeremy says in his book The Great Exodus: ‘Part of that strategy of denial [that we use to cope with the human condition] was avoiding the true extent of our devastation of the world around us and within us. We had to, as we say, ‘put on a brave face’, ‘keep our chin up’, ‘stay positive’, ‘keep up appearances’. This delusion sustained us but it also blinded us to the extent of the devastation about us and within us … The truth is humanity had arrived at a situation where we desperately needed clear biological understanding of ourselves, understanding that would make sense of our divisive condition and liberate us from criticism, lift the psychological burden of guilt, give us meaning‘calm the infinite anguish’ as Camus said. There had to be a scientific, first-principle-based, biological reason for our divisive behaviour and finding it, finding ‘those first few principles that will…stitch up’, reconcile and ameliorate our estranged, alienated, damaged, ‘torn apart’ state was a matter of great urgency. (

This is why we in the World Transformation Movement and those supporting these breakthrough biological ideas do sobecause the first-principle-based biological reason for our destructive and indifferent behaviour has been found and we can therefore profoundly deal with the human condition and stop human suffering. The horrendous symptoms of our condition mentioned above should, as I say, shake the very foundations every one of us lives on and wrench us into action to change and help and stop. But we haven’t been able to stop, we haven’t been able to truly help or change in any kind of real way. We couldn’t explain all the human atrocities and if we tried it only made us feel suicidally depressed so we simply had to stop thinking about it, use massive amounts of denial to cope, that has been the reality of the human condition. And Jeremy Griffith’s work finally explains all of thatit explains the hypocrisy, explains our ambivalence, explains our selfishness. But we can’t get off the boat there, we can’t just acknowledge the atrocities on the planet and then just throw our hands up and say ‘that’s the human condition’.

We are conscious beings, we can now understand the human condition and recognise our inevitable deviation from all things soulful and selfless but WE MUST NOT STOP THERE!

Jeremy Griffith’s biological treatise takes us the whole way. It explains that humans actually come from an integrative, all-loving and completely selfless instinctive heritage and how we managed to develop that despite the selfish gene limitations. He also explains how, when and why consciousness emerged. The disruption to our instincts that our new conscious brain had and the resulting conflict and great catastrophe that is now the human condition. But we don’t stop here. As Jeremy’s books constantly remind us ‘the human condition is not unchangeable or immutable’, our job now, once we have verified the truth and power of this explanation in our own lives, is to take these understandings AND GET ON WITH REPAIRING THE WORLD!

Yes it sounds naïve and ridiculous and new-age-ish and preposterous. But it’s true! If we claimed all of these things without the basis of denial-free biological theory on the origins of consciousness and the human condition, then sure your scepticism would be justified and you would be right to dismiss this as nonsensebut it is grounded in science. It does explain the whole journey. It does have scientific support and expert after expert endorsing it. In fact it is all sense and no non-sense. So, I encourage you with all my heart to put your scepticism on hold and take the time to read these ideas and test them on your life because we can now stop human suffering and just in the nic of time. To quote Jeremy’s latest book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition


 “In short, the situation is now so dire the human race is, in fact, entering end play or end game, where the Earth cannot absorb any further devastation from the effects of our behaviour, nor the human body cope with any more debilitating stress, or, most particularly, our mind endure any more psychological distress, any more alienated psychosis and neurosis. Yes, the journalist Richard Neville was frighteningly accurate when, in summarising the desperate state of our species’ situation, he wrote that ‘The world is hurtling to catastrophe: from nuclear horrors, a wrecked ecosystem, 20 million dead each year from malnutrition, 600 million chronically hungry…All these crises are man made, their causes are psychological. The cures must come from this same source; which means the planet needs psychological maturity…fast. We are locked in a race between self destruction and self discovery’ (Good Weekend mag. Sydney Morning Herald, 14 Oct. 1986). Only ‘self discovery’reconciling, ameliorating, psychologically healing understanding of ourselvescould save us from ‘self destruction’.” (


 This book has been described as ‘the book that saves the world’ and nothing could be more true. So take up the challenge and you decide. Come and join the World Transformation Movement make these understandings available to all humans so the suffering can end and a new world begin where there is no shortage of anything, especially love, joy and freedom!


This Blog Post was written by Tess on March 8, 2014


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