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This is inspirational WTM Email 38


Jeremy’s children’s book, A Perfect Life!


When Franklin Mukakanga, Stefan Rössler and Sam Akritidis were here in Sydney in February 2017 launching their respective WTM Centres, a number of recordings were made of discussions between them and Sydney WTM members, which you can view on our website under the heading, ‘Candid discussions that took place during the visit from the Zambian, Austrian and Melbourne WTM Centres’.


You will see there that the concluding video is a brief, entertaining talk, in which Jeremy describes a little book he’s designed for children titled A Perfect Life, which you can view here:



A Perfect Life is a humorous take on the thought-provoking question of how did our distant innocent, all-cooperative and all-loving forebears cope with all the brutal must-reproduce-your-genes, natural-selection-derived competition and aggression in the natural world around them? Jeremy provides the answer to this question in paragraph 840 of FREEDOM. Referring to ‘Mr Crocodile’, dressed in ‘armour’ and with a mouthful of ferocious teeth designed to kill, Jeremy explains that ’In more innocent times, we were magnanimous towards the sometimes divisive behaviour that occurs in nature, such as in our animal friends, because we could feel and see the greater truth that love is universal; that it is the one fabulously wonderful, great force in the world. Again, this was before the upset state of the human condition became so developed that our shame killed off this awareness.’


For more of Jeremy’s ‘John Lennon-like’, wonderfully imaginative drawings and artwork, including the drawings of A Perfect Life, go to


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(Note, Wednesday’s explanatory emails and Friday’s inspirational emails are numbered in order of appearance, so one is odd and the other even numbered.)


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These emails were composed during 2017 by Jeremy Griffith, Damon Isherwood,
Fiona Cullen-Ward & Brony FitzGerald at the Sydney WTM Centre.



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  1. Brony on May 28, 2017 at 6:56 am

    This is such a delightful story. What a truly beautiful new world this understanding of the human condition brings about for all humans, and animals! This is yet another example of the purity of Jeremy Griffith’s soul that was able to delve the depths of the human condition and bring out the reconciling truth about our species. And here Jeremy is just playing around imagining the ‘perfect life’ all on Earth. Adults and children alike rejoice in the beauty of having our soul’s loving happy world alive again.

  2. Bruce Saul on May 26, 2017 at 7:20 pm

    When I fortunately stumbled upon Jeremy’s work 23 years ago, just prior to the birth of my first child, my first concern was for the next generation which my daughter was to be part of. ‘Beyond the Human Condition’ arrived in the mail and after my wife had gone to bed I sat down and started reading . Affected by the ‘deaf effect’, I had to thumb back through the book to clarify understanding as the ‘deaf effect’ pulled at my mind, but at around 2 in the morning the ‘truth’ shone through so brightly I was shocked by the liberated feeling and actually woke by my wife in my exuberance. Even then I thought, why me, how can I understand this as I am a resignated adult, but finally I just excepted that there must have been something in my upbringing that allowed me to ‘see’ when the truth arrived. For 20 years I have waited and hoped for a book for children because that’s what I wanted for my children and indeed all children because the change, ‘Freedom’, will be generational as the layers of alienation are peeled back. Once again to the Foundation thank you for your undying commitment to humanity.