Video & Transcript of Angela Ryan on why
she started the WTM Ballarat Centre


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Hi, I’m Angela and I am from Ballarat, Victoria [Australia]. I’m originally from the United States, and grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to Australia in 2001. I went to university at Penn State University, a great universitythey’re a very big, good research university. It was there that I got a Bachelor of Science degree in Rehabilitation and Human Services (RHS), and in that degree I was able to take courses in psychology, anthropology and rehabilitation science. It was a really good degree to have and I used that to work with people who are disadvantaged, or working with children was one of my favourite jobs, and working with troubled youth in the United States, and I just learned so much from those roles.

I really connected with wanting to seek knowledge and truth, but it wasn’t until just recently, having finished my law degree, that I stopped studying and needed to seek a different type of job that I found Jeremy Griffith’s book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition. I was going for a drive with my husband and there was a bookstore that I really love and it was there on the shelf, and I thought, “I need to read this book. FREEDOM, it’s got a great nameit’s the book that saves the world!” I had to read it.

The biggest explanation in the book that resonates with me is the fact that we all are coming from loving instincts and not savage instincts. That for me almost solved immediately the turmoil I was feeling in myself because what I innately knew as a person, as a human, that we’re all loving and we are actually good, became proven and apparent in the book that Jeremy had written. So that changed my life; that changed me almost immediatelythat knowledge that I don’t come from savage instincts was such a relief. And from there I just want to read as much as I can, and understand as much as I can, because it’s just the best information in the world.

I just can’t believe my luck to be honest. Everybody that I’ve met in the WTM are so amazing and so patient and compassionate and we’re all able to talk to each other. It’s just so great to be yourself. I feel like when you talk to anybody from the WTM who understands the information you just feel like we can talk, that it’s fine to be yourself. There’s no fakeness, there’s no you know dramas, it’s not competitive, aggressive, or anything like that. It’s just a great group and I’m amazed at how well they pursued this beautiful information and just getting it out into the world.

The purpose of me opening up a centre in Ballarat is because I feel like I understood the information. It’s not really well known yet, but I believe it will become very well known in a short amount of time, and I just want to be there for anyone in this area who reads the book and wants someone to talk to about it. As this information gets out and people start reading and start understanding it, they’ll obviously have questions and it’s really good to have someone, somewhere close to them to talk about this information with. I'm really lucky because we’re really close to Melbourne, and the Melbourne WTM team is fantastic, but it’s also good to have regional Victoria involved so there’s another centre for people to connect with.