Freedom Expanded: Book 2—Questions & Answers

Section 1:3 Commendation from former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association

Before taking questions, and to support the assertion that what is to be presented is the all-liberating and all-TRANSFORMING breakthrough understanding of the human condition that science has at last made possible, I would like to include an evaluation of the significance of this explanation of the human condition that was given by Professor Harry Prosen, one of the world’s leading psychiatrists.

Firstly, however, to context Professor Prosen’s association with these understandings, I should give a very brief description of the World Transformation Movement, and also briefly introduce myself. In 1983, almost 30 years ago now in 2011, I established what is now called the World Transformation Movement (WTM), basically because no one was addressing what I could see was the all-important issue of the human condition. The WTM is a non-profit organisation with the aims, as our Memorandum of Association states, of ‘understanding the human condition’ and ‘ameliorating the human condition’. The WTM is based in Sydney where we have a long-standing foundation membership of some 50 individuals supporting the activities of the WTM on a full time basis.


A group photograph of the founding members of the WTM, cheering with arms outstretched, 2008.

Founding members of the World Transformation Movement, Sydney, December 2008



A collage of the front covers of 14 books published by Jeremy Griffith (1983-2020) with WTM banner above.

Published writings by Jeremy Griffith
(All these publications are freely available on the WTM website to be read or printed.)


Since the establishment of the WTM I have written many books and publications about the human condition, the best known of which is my 2003 book A Species In Denial, which has become a bestseller in Australia and New Zealand. In 2004 the WTM began an undertaking to make a documentary about the human condition. The detailed proposal I wrote for the documentary, which contains all the concepts that appear in Freedom Expanded: Book 1, received commendations from over 100 of the world’s leading scientists and thinkers, including the physicist Professor Stephen Hawking and Nobel Laureate Professor Charles Townes. (These commendations can be viewed at <>). Professor Prosen was one of those scientists who responded enthusiastically to the documentary proposal when it was sent to him in 2004, and he has since visited the WTM in Australia.

Harry Prosen is a professor of psychiatry who has worked in the field for over 50 years, including chairing two departments of psychiatry and serving as president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association. Professor Prosen was recently appointed one of 500 Specially Selected Distinguished Life Fellows of the American Psychiatric Association. He is also psychiatric consultant to the Bonobo Species Preservation Society. In fact, to listen to a brief 2012 radio interview of Professor Prosen talking about his amazing psychiatric work with bonobos, click on Professor Prosen’s photo on his Wikipedia page. What follows is what Professor Prosen said via Skype to WTM Patron Tim Macartney-Snape in the introduction to the biology that is presented in Part 2:2 of Freedom Expanded: Book 1.


Professor Harry Prosen, Former President, Canadian Psychiatric Association


Professor Prosen:

‘Thank you Tim, it’s nice to be with you all in Australia. I have been a student of psychiatry for many years. What I have to tell you is that I have no doubt this biological explanation of Jeremy Griffith’s of the human condition is the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race. I cannot urge you strongly enough to listen to what Jeremy Griffith has to explain. My message is as simple as that. This is all so exciting; I’m quite overwhelmed to be here on Earth when these answers are finally found. Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you.’


Jeremy Griffith:

Yes, this is the most ‘exciting’ moment in human history when, through the advances that have been made in science, the human condition can at last be explained and, as a result, ‘the psychological rehabilitation of the human race’ can beginthe time when all humans can be TRANSFORMED from living in what has in truth been an extremely human-condition-afflicted, struggling-to-keep-going, in fact effectively dead existence, to instead revelling in a state of immense human-condition-free excitement and happinessthe time when all humans are going to enter a TRANSFORMED existence where they will be, as Beethoven’s symphony anticipated, ‘drunk with fire’, overwhelmed with excitement.


From this point on this transcript of the 2011 ‘Jeremy Answers Questions’ video will progress via a series of questions and answers.