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Freedom: Expanded Book 2Affirmations of the Transformed Lifeforce State

Section 3:15 Prue Watson (recorded December 2009)

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My name is Prue Watson and I’m 35 years old and I first got interested in this information when I was 16 years old. I was just going to talk a little bit about growing up because I feel like I do remember asking those real questions that children ask, about why the world isn’t ideal and why there are so many things that are wrong in the world. I remember hitting that point where I had been bumbling along growing up and then suddenly I wanted to understand why all these things were the way they were. Why could people be so mean and cruel? Why were parents getting divorced and that was making my friends so unhappy? Why were people being abused? Why was there rape and why was there war? Why were there all these things happening?

The next thing I remember is discovering that imperfection and non-ideality in myself. I had feelings for example of jealousy and resentment, and these were non-ideal things and that was incredibly difficult to try to understand in myself. Now that I understand the human condition and Resignation, which Jeremy Griffith explains in Part 3:8 of Freedom: Expanded Book 1, I know that what was going on was that I was trying to face down and ask these questions about the world and myself that there were no answers for. It is something that you do in your own head because no one talks about it and so it is incredibly silent and lonely. You end up resigning to the world of reality but that’s incredibly difficult to accept because I know that when I did resign, I gave up on absolutely everything real. But there’s no choice in that, you have to resign at that point. You can’t stay living trying to face that down in yourself and survive, you can’t. I remember it was quite vivid for me because I’m the eldest child and I have three younger sisters and they hadn’t resigned and here I was knowing that I was giving up on everything. They were still alive inside and I knew exactly what I was going to have to do was to block everything out that was really real, including them, and everything they felt and all the real questions. So I resigned and I knew that meant I was taking up a false, superficial, self-preoccupied existence, but nonetheless I did that.

The next thing I wanted to talk about was hearing the Adam Stork story when I was 16 and I remember that incredibly clearly. I was sitting there and listening to Jeremy Griffith explain the human condition to me and explain the Adam Stork story and I spent most of the time trying not to burst into tears because he was talking about things that no one else had been able to talk about and not only was he acknowledging the questions, he was explaining why adults couldn’t talk about those questions and he was explaining all the answers and it was just an amazing, amazing time to be hearing that, it was incredible. When you’re that age you’re so young and I don’t think I said anything probably in response but Jeremy Griffith was talking about everything that was really going on in my head.


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From there it was really excitingunderstanding so much about the world and understanding the human condition and being able to make sense of myself and everything around me. But I got back to living out my resigned life and that went on for probably six years.

The next experience that was quite significant for me was when I was at university and I was having a great time and doing very well at living out a superficial existence. One day it just dawned on me I suppose that I was going to live out this resigned life, I was going to do that completely with no problems at all and that was 100 percent what my mind was committed tobut I did also know that this information answered all the real questions. I knew that it solved the human condition and that means that it is going to be able to stop all the suffering. I realised that I had to make a decision then about whether I would continue to live out my selfish existence and deny the potential of this information. I really didn’t want to do that because I absolutely knew this information that Jeremy Griffith had synthesised did solve the human condition and I knew that it dealt with the crux issue on Earth and I knew that that meant that all the suffering could stop and so I decided to support this all-important information. I have included the following piece of writing (something that I wrote about 10 years ago), which summarises what I decided to do and explains where I got to in myself in terms of this information:

‘It’s very simple. I basically just know that I can’t face down or confront this informationI am born after two million years of the human condition and I’m buggered if I’m going to look into all of that upset inside me. And what I do is I just live for the future and the day that children can come into the world free of pain and sufferingand it makes my life so exciting and fulfilling to be in on this time in history. Humans, and men especially, are finally going to be free of the human condition and I can’t ask for anything better than that in my life. And I know that it is up to medo I want to work all my life out and heal myself and only end up crippling myself, or do I want the future to make it across the finishing line? And it is as simple as that. I mean of course many days I struggle mightily and I am up against my resigned self which doesn’t carebut I don’t want my resigned self in the way of the future. I also keep in my head the overviewwhich is the incredibly heroic story of humans and that the courage of every human that has lived is something to be so proud of. This information brings so much real love to humans it makes your heart tingle.’

And I suppose that’s something that always comes home to me when I watch the Introductory Videos and listen to Jeremy talking about the Adam Stork story. It really is the most amazing story and like Jeremy says the most heroic story is that of humans and what that little picture does is really incredible. I do know that because of this information we can build a new world that is free of pain and suffering and that’s the world that children are going to be able to come into.