Transcript of Olof Osterman’s video on why
he started the WTM Sweden Centre


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Olof Osterman speaking to camera


Hi! My name is Olof, I’m 27 years old and I work as an accountant in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m very excited to be starting the Swedish World Transformation Movement Centre.

This Centre is based around the book, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith which explains and solves the human condition. The explanation is based on there being a conflict between our instincts and our intellect, and answers the question positively of our goodness or meaningfulness as a species.

I came into contact with this information after typing into Google the words ‘freedom and the human condition’ because I was so desperate to be free of it and to understand what was going on in the world. While I didn’t think much of life’s deep questions during my late teenage years, shortly thereafter, at 21, I found myself re-engaging those questions I had when I was younger and felt that I couldn’t give up on finding answers to them. The main question for me was always ‘why were people acting so strange’ and at 21 that question had come to involve myself too.

But when I found the explanation in Jeremy’s book I knew immediately that everything was solved and the world was saved. It saved my life and now after living with it for some three years, I feel very happy to be starting a WTM Centre here in Sweden where we can live with these understandings to help everyone around here.

The conflict between the instincts and the intellect only arose because we didn’t have the understanding we needed, but now that we do, the conflict is put to an end and the world is saved. This book actually ends the basic conflict that’s been oppressing human life and leaves us with an optimistic and free future where we can understand our place in the world to go forward with.

So I encourage anyone and everyone to get involved with the information or simply just check it out. You’ve got the main website,, where you can find the book free to download and other introductory media, which is a good place to visit to get acquainted with the information. So please check it out and if you want to get in contact with the Swedish Centre an email link is provided at this webpage.