Transcript of Pete Sadler’s video on why
he started the WTM New Zealand Centre


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Hi, my name is Pete Sadler and I’m very excited to be opening a new centre for the World Transformation Movement in New Zealand. I’ve been a WTM member for many years having first heard about Jeremy and his work in 1992 when Jeremy came to New Zealand for the launch of his earlier book Beyond The Human Condition. I read an article in the New Zealand Herald and thought, ‘I’ve gotta read this book’, so I went to the local book shop and ordered a copy. I was extremely excited when it arrived and set about reading it. Once I started reading I just couldn’t put it down, it all rang so true to me. I also had the great pleasure of meeting Jeremy when he came to Auckland in 1995, and my wife Mary and I took Jeremy for a bit of a tour around some of New Zealand’s more natural sights. I have a folder given to me at that time by another WTM supporter from New Zealand (who is actually a former All Black rugby player) that is packed full of information on Jeremy’s early life and thinking and I have treasured it ever since. When I read FREEDOM, although I expected, having read many of Jeremy’s previous books, to be presented with lots of honesty and understanding, I was completely blown away by the undeniable truths Jeremy has given us all. It absolutely fills me with overwhelming hope for us and everything that lives on this awesome planet. I cannot express strongly enough how extremely grateful I am to Jeremy and all at the WTM. I strongly urge everyone to visit the WTM website at and learn more about these amazing insights, or you can contact me at