World Transformation Movement Style Guide

For Books, Publications & Major Documents



With computer technology that, for example, makes it easy to change font styles and sizes, a whole new re-design of the conventions in book layout and presentation becomes possible. For example, it is now possible to include the source of quotes in small text with the quote instead of in a bibliography at the end of a document. This means the reader can immediately see when, where and by whom the quote was made.

This complete rethink of the conventions in document design and layout is what Jeremy Griffith has introduced for our WTM presentations, and the benefits it brings we think are clearly apparent in all our documents. For this reason we wanted the public as well as our own staff to know what this new thinking is, hence this WTM Style Guide.

Because of the formatting limitations in HTML, the Style Guide can only be presented in PDF format, which can be accessed by choosing either A4 or US Letter size.